How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend In Bed? 6 Best Positions!

Have you ever laid awkwardly with your lover in bed and pondered, “How to cuddle with your boyfriend in bed?” I’ll be sharing with you different tips as you read along, my friends.

Cuddling in bed with your boyfriend feels like being on cloud nine. It is like you can stay in there, leave all your worries behind, and be comfortable. However, there can also be times where you feel tenser than happy.

How to cuddle with your boyfriend in bed

This feeling mostly suffices when it is your first time being with your lover in bed, and you do not know how to cuddle.

Thus, today we will be exploring the different cuddling positions you can try with your boyfriend.

Let us succumb to the kingdom of love, where cuddles and kisses are enchantments toward happily ever after.


Tips To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend In Bed

Imagine it is a rainy day. As the sky release pitter-patter of rains, the surrounding becomes colder and colder. This scenario makes you want to be with someone and share a cup of coffee. Or maybe, it makes you want to crave the warm feeling of wrapping your hands around somebody’s shoulders.

Snuggling and being all comfortable with somebody can brighten your gloomy day and warm your heart. It can send millions of butterflies in your stomach and hundreds of indescribable sensations on every inch of your synapse.

But what is the best way to do it? Well, there is no rule when it comes to cuddling, but there are certain positions you can note to ensure the best experience.


Tip #1. Try the spooning

The spooning is the creme de la creme when it comes to the cuddling position. Have you ever tried laying sideward and hugging your pillow? Well, spooning is something like that.

To do the spooning, ask your boyfriend to be a “giant spoon,” and you will be a “tiny spoon.” However, you can also be the other one if you feel like it.

Anyways, both of you must lay on the bed and face a similar way. Afterward, the tiny spoon will rest behind the giant spoon.

For the both of you to be comfortable, the person who is the “tiny spoon” must place their head against the other person’s chest and their back against the person’s tummy.

The person who is the “giant spoon” will then wrap their hands around the tiny spoon’s belly.


Tip #2. Try the half-spooning

Although spooning works best for most couples, sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Furthermore, spooning also prevents women from glimpsing the handsome face of their boyfriends and vice versa.

If you feel this way as well, why not try the half-spooning? To accomplish this position, you and your partner must face one another.

Afterward, place your head on your boyfriend’s arms and put your arm on his chest. Then, you can caress his chest as well.


Tip #3. Try the honeymoon cuddle

When you and your boyfriend are in your honeymoon period, the most romantic cuddling position you two can try is the honeymoon cuddle. The honeymoon cuddle is for the couple who crave the warmth of one another almost every second.

To do this, you two must face one another and intertwine your legs. Afterward, you two must hug one another.

Note that this position allows you to be much closer to one another. Thus, make sure you brushed your teeth before cuddling.

Just kidding, make sure to listen to your boyfriend’s heartbeat because you can hear it when you are doing this position.


Tip #4. Try the butt cuddle

If you wonder how to cuddle with your boyfriend in bed in the most unexpected way, you should try the butt cuddle.

To accomplish this funny yet sweet position, you and your boyfriend must face the opposite way.

Afterward, move a bit closer to one another until your butts and lower backs touch.

Again, though, make sure not to be too close. Just ensure that you can feel the cheeks of one’s butt.

To elevate your cuddles, you can also perform footsie if you feel like it.


Tip #5. Try laying your head on his butt

Another random yet sweet cuddle position is using his butt as padding.

However, you must ensure not to put too much weight when doing this so he will feel comfortable too.

If you want to make this cuddling position more romantic, you can also try laying your head on his lap.

In that way, you can get a glimpse of his beautiful face and maybe steal a kiss or more.


Tip #6. Try leg hug

If you want to cuddle with your boyfriend but are also too tired to exert too much physical contact, then you can try a leg hug.

This position will allow you and your boyfriend to be lovey-dovey while saving quality space for one another.

To achieve this position, you must be comfortable and place your leg above your boyfriend’s leg.

Take note not to put too much weight on your leg so he will feel comfortable as well.


Wrapping Up!

To be in bed cuddling with your favorite person is the best place one could ever be in this world.

By learning how to cuddle with your boyfriend in bed, you will be able to spend quality time with him in the best way possible.

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