How To Crochet A Dallas Cowboy Blanket In 4 Easy Steps

In this article, you will learn how to crochet a Dallas cowboy blanket. For any fans out there, the iconic colors of blue, white, and grey are unmistakable in American football.

This blanket features a pixelated blue star gracing the middle, with the “cowboys”‘ text below.

how to crochet a dallas cowboy blanket


The Dallas Cowboys Legacy

It’s always a good thing to know why the football team is such a big deal for Americans. The Dallas Cowboys, after the collapse of the All-America Football Conference, was the first successful team in the NFL.

Owed to their head coach Tom Landry in the 1960s, the heyday of professional football was forthcoming then. The big break didn’t come until the team’s sixth season in the Cotton bowl back in 1965. Thus began, in 1966, a winning streak of 20 seasons.

The team boasts five Super Bowl participation, bagging two wins during Super Bowl VI in 1972 and Super Bowl XII in 1978. No one would have foreseen the players marking themselves in the Football Hall of Fame, many years later.

The Dallas Cowboys bred football heavyweights like Roger Staubach (quarterback), Tony Dorsett (running back), Rayfield Wright (tackle), and Mel Renfro (defensive back). The team’s popularity pushed forth in 1976 as Murchison, its owner, built a stadium in Irving, Texas. 

Americans would recall the team’s undying fame in the 1970s and 1980s, brought further into the spotlight by the well-loved Cowboy Dallas cheerleading teamAfter handing the team from owner to owner, Jimmy Johnson replaced the original coach.

In his retirement, Landry cemented himself in history, ranking third with the most number of victories, totaling 270 wins. At present, Jason Garrett is Dallas Cowboys’ 8th head coach, proclaimed in 2011.

Falling behind him is coach Wade Phillips (2007), Dave Campo (2000), Chan Gailey (1998), and Barry Switzer (1994)—who replaced Johnson and led the team to victory at the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Materials Needed

You will need balls of yarn, the brand chosen to your liking. The colors are explicitly stated: dark blue, white, and grey.

Prepare 3 balls of dark blue yarn, 2 balls of white yarn, and 6 balls of grey yarn. In case you mess up, have at least an extra ball of yarn for each as extra.

As for the brand, since the crochet hooks might be conflicting, you can change the hooks and choose the brand of yarn yourself. In doing so, you will have to adjust the tightness of the stitches to match the printed pattern.

For the crochet stitches to be visible a mile away, opt for lighter shades of color. Additionally, if you want the blanket to stand out as a decoration, make sure the shades you choose lay in contrast where you place it.

Against furniture, earth colors work best around the blanket. 


  • Crochet hooks (6 mm)
  • Measuring tape
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers


As you look for a pattern on the internet, aim for a 70×60 grid. Each square will act as your guide for a 47″×40″ blanket, and you will refer to them regularly to avoid mistakes.

After gathering the materials, read the instructions below to start crocheting. 


Guide On How To Crochet A Dallas Cowboy Blanket


Step #1. Look for a pattern

The internet has free images of the Dallas Cowboy star and all you need to do is print it out. After doing this, create a 60×60 grid with a ruler and pencil.

Mark the color for each pixel and assign a number for the rows and columns. 


Step #2. Crochet each square

The crocheting process is pretty straightforward—you need to perform a C2C for each square, which uses up about 1″ of the yarn. Working your way horizontally or vertically is the easiest process.

As you finish each square, mark the square on a separate piece of paper as “finished” with a check or an X mark. 


Step #3. Add borders

Use fur yarn for the border to let the pattern stand out. The color must be closely related to the base colors of the pattern. Adding borders give the blanket a clean look, but be careful not to make the border too thick. 

At the corners, you can add tassels. Again, the colors should match the base so as not to look out of place. A substitute for the tassel is the pom-pom, frayed at the edges or loose and hanging. 


What are the stitches I can use for edging?

The stitches below can be a substitute for the usual stitch for edging. Any of the four options will result in a different look:


  • Crab Stitch
  • Herringbone Half Double Crochet
  • Slip Stitch
  • Single Crochet (SC)


How can I decorate my blanket?

If the design feels lackluster, there are many trinkets you can put on the blanket to make it more appealing.

Beads and flowers are go-to attachable decorations. 



If you’re an avid sports fan, learning how to crochet a Dallas Cowboy blanket is a fun project to do. On a winter night, you can wrap it around you to keep you warm. All year long, you can hang it on a wall to profess your love for the football team.