How To Crochet A Circle Blanket In 3 Easy Steps

It’s not complicated to learn how to crochet a circle blanket because it’s only three steps. You only need to know how to make a slipknot, chain stitch, and double crochet. We’ll also mention some tips on how to make the perfect circle blanket. 

And if your crochet circle won’t lay flat, this article will answer it for you. Do you also happen to be interested in other unique blanket shapes? Check out our guide on how to crochet a star blanket!

how to crochet a circle blanket


How Do You Crochet A Circle Blanket?


1. Start a loop

When crocheting other blankets, you’ll start by making a slip knot for the hook and then work on your starting loop. After you have four stitches, place the hook through the stitch next to the slip knot. Use the hook to catch and pull the working yarn on the other side through the chain stitch and loop on the hook.

Loop the hook and find the center hole. You can do this by pulling your work gently and checking the center. However, be careful not to confuse the center hole with the stitches that appear with the joined ends of the bunch.


2. Make your chain stitches

The number of chain stitches you’ll need will depend on the blanket’s row height. You can chain three stitches for this circular blanket since you will work the pattern with a double crochet. You will have an easier time working the double crochet stitches by using the center hole you found in the first step as an anchor. 

Yarn over and insert the hook in the hole. Pull the yarn from the other side to reveal three loops on the hook. Pull the yarn through the first two loops and again through the last two. After you have ten stitches around the center, you can proceed to step three. 


3. Finish the blanket

Insert your hook into the stitch of the chain you made in the beginning and yarn over. Pull the yarn through this stitch and on the hook’s loop. Repeat the process to join the ends, depending on the blanket pattern’s specifications. 

This method should apply to different circular blanket designs. However, remember that every pattern affects the final look of the circle blanket. If you still find this beginner three-step guide still complicated, there’s an even easier method to crochet a circle blanket below. 


How Do You Crochet A Circle For Beginners?

Circles are understandably intimidating to crochet, but did you know that there’s an easier way than the method above? 

  1. Make a single long chain using chain stitches, and roll this chain to form a circle
  2. Find the distance from the center to the outside
  3. Undo the circle and tie the extra yarn ends from the spiral onto the chain’s starting point
  4. Roll the chain into a circle again and weave the strings onto the stitch of each row from center to edge
  5. Tie off the yarn ends  or the end of the chain if you’re happy with the circle size

How Do You Crochet A Perfect Circle?

One of the reasons why it can be frustrating to crochet a circle is because it can be stubborn and won’t lay flat. To crochet the perfect circle that will lie flat, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a slip knot and two chain stitches
  2. Work single crochet stitches into the second chain of your hook and join the end with a slip stitch
  3. The second round is working two single crochet stitches on each stitch you made
  4. The third round is working two single crochet stitches on the next stitch so that the round will have the number of stitches thrice on your first round
  5. Slip stitch the third round to the first stitch and work a single crochet stitch into the next stitch
  6. The following stitch will have the same number of stitch, while the next stitch will have two single crochet stitches
  7. Repeat around the circle and join the round to the first stitch
  8. Once you achieved the size you want, you can edge it with your preferred stitch

Why Won’t My Crochet Circle Lay Flat?

You must ensure that the hook is ideal for the yarn weight when working on a crochet circle. Furthermore, the circle may curl if the number of stitches is too few or too many. A hack to crochet a circle that will lay flat is if you always join each round with a slip stitch. 

You can also start with six stitches and increase with the same number if you’re making a single crochet circle. Then, double this number or start with twelve stitches for a double crochet circle. And finally, start with eight stitches and increase with the same number on every round if you’re using half double crochet for the circle. 


A circular blanket is not a complicated project to try, even as a beginner.  In conclusion, one can learn how to crochet a circle blanket if you can make a slip knot and double crochet stitches. You can also start with a single long chain and turn it into a spiral for a more straightforward circular project. 

However, always keep our tips in mind to keep your circle from ruffling. Did you find this guide helpful? Please show us your crochet circle in the comments!