How To Craft A Bed? 6 Easy Steps To Do!

My friends, are you wondering how to craft a bed? Well, you’re just in the right place; you’ll understand how as you read further.

And I know that for decades, you’re making your bed. The question here is whether or not you’re doing it right.

how to craft a bed

I doubt so. Anyway, you’re not required to be an expert with this.

You need to know some vital considerations so you get a good night of sleep.

Are you excited to know what these things are?

Without further ado, let’s start!


Things To Consider To Craft A Bed

My friends, you’ll definitely know how to craft a bed.

Just consider the things below:


#1. Bed layers

My friends, you have two options when it comes to the layers of your bed.

Here are the following:


Mattress pad

My friends, don’t think that you’re required to have this. It’s optional.

But then, many of you may have thought that a mattress pad is a must.

Anyway, opt for the best brand to ensure your mattress gives you a soft and comfortable feel.

I tell you, though. The main purpose of this thing is for the protection of your bed’s fabric.

Just come to think of all the things that the sheets and eventually your mattress seep through without a mattress pad.

Your sweat, for instance, is sure to result in stains. And you don’t want that to happen, don’t you?

With this pad, you’re sure that the surface will preserve its clean look.


Dust ruffle

If you’re not familiar with a dust ruffle, it’s placed around your bed’s box spring.

Its purpose is for keeping it concealed, so you won’t see what’s below your bed.

Anyway, this thing is just the same as a bed skirt.

And this is the ruffled version, from the name suggests.


#2. Bottom sheet

More often than not, it comes with elastic all around or at the edges, for that matter.

And when it comes to folding, you would most likely find fitted sheets a nuisance.

Then again, this thing is crucial as it provides you with a comfortable and clean sleeping surface.


#3. Top sheet

It’s the next layer you can find in your bed.

Make sure that its pattern and color complement the fitted sheet.

Anyway, you always have the option to get individual items to decide which is which and mix and match.


#4. Blanket

Not everyone is a blanket person.

For that matter, you may or may not have a blanket; it usually depends on the preference and the season, of course.

My friends, you can always put it between the top layer and the top sheet.

Or another option is you can leave it folded at the bed’s end.

You also have the choice to keep your blanket in a basket.


#5. Top layer

You have many options when it comes to the top layer of your bed.

Quilt, duvet, or comforter are perfect choices, depending upon your wants.

Here’s what you should take note of:

The quilt and comforter need to be cleaned professionally.

A duvet cover, on the other hand, is easier to maintain.

Lastly, a duvet can be a machined wash; it can cover your quilt with a breeze.


#6. Pillows

My friends, when it comes to pillows, the rule is to follow odd numbers.

It means that you may have 3, 5, or 7 pillows on your bed.

Given that you just need a pillow or two when you sleep make sure to have a storage place when you did use these.

Perhaps, you can have a bedside trunk or table.


Steps To Craft A Bed

Here are the ways on how to craft your bed:


Step #1. Clearing your bed

Make sure to clear the bed. It means that you should begin with a clean surface.

Put the top sheet, blankets, pillows aside; don’t put these on the ground.


Step #2. Putting the fitted sheet

Know where the long and short sides of the sheet.

It will help if you fit all the corners of the sheet on your mattress.

Fix if there are wrinkles on your sheet. Then, see to it that the elastic is fitting on the four corners.


Step #3. Putting the top sheet

It’s time for draping the top sheet up the mattress, then tuck it under.


Step #4. Placing the comforter or duvet

My friends, you can place either of these things above the sheets.

That’s all you have to do, my friends.


Step #5. Fluffing the pillows

Make sure your pillows stand in their best form.

Press each pillow on the middle, so it’s fluffed.

Place it on the top; organize well.


Step #6. Adding finishing touches

It’s quite bare if you just put the pillows you use.

So, you can stack another pillow.

Or perhaps, place some Euro shams in it, depending upon you.


It’s A Wrap!

That’s all there is, my friends.

Now, you’re done!

The steps above are the ways on how to craft a bed.

Hopefully, everything is a breeze for you.

Have a great day, and enjoy your day!

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