How To Cover Windows Without Curtains? 8 Best Ways!

How to cover windows without curtains? It’s easy; you can either put some plants, use stencil glass, and a whole lot more.

Curtains are the most commonly used items to cover the windows. But how about you don’t want curtains while still wanting to cover those windows up?

How to cover windows without curtains

Well, guess what? There are so many ways to cover up your window, like how I did with mine.

Some windows don’t need to be hanged by curtains, but you can still have almost the same privacy.

For example, in your living room, you don’t want to hide anything, so a little privacy wouldn’t hurt.

Here are some creative ideas to cover them up.


Ways To Cover Windows Without Curtain

How to cover windows without curtains?

Well, here are some ideas to both develop your room’s appearance while covering your window up.


#1. Bottles

If you have a hobby of collecting various colored empty bottles, it’s time to show them off.

You can place a table or something to put the bottles on underneath the window sill and decoratively place the bottles.

My grandmother does this to her home. She often places many colored bottles on the window sill.

Sometimes, she puts something in them like jelly balls, pebbles, sand from the beach, seashells, and a whole lot more.

Her house has a vintage feel, so if yours have too, maybe this one will suit you.


#2. Tall planters

Well, if you love raising plants in your home, this is a great way to showcase them. You can either place the plant inside or outside the house.

Plants like sabre fig, macho fern, birds of paradise, an olive tree, or a rubber plant may decorate and cover those windows beautifully.

My aunt loves plants. She has many of it placed inside her house. May I be in the living room, the dining, even in her bedroom!

She has those cute succulents and tall ferns covering her window sill and decorating her entire house with green and white.

If your house has the same theme, then you might want to add plants to your house chores list.


#3. Hanging herb garden

It is the same with having plants inside your house; the only difference with the former is you hang them.

You usually hang plants outside your porch or your garden, but you can also do it inside your room.

You can hang many types of plants like English ivy, baby’s tears, burro’s tail, or a simple spider plant.

My aunt has this variety of herbs lined up her countertop; you can see herbs like basil, bay, chervil, chives, parsley, and more.

So if you want fresh herbs when cooking, you can make use of your window sill in the kitchen to grow these up.

Not only did you cover your problem with the window, but you’ve provided fresh food for your family too.


#4. Faux stained windows

Faux stained windows are a creative way to cover a glass window. You can paint it, have many designs and even tell a story with it.

This type of window is usually found in churches and in big homes that usually have a history.

But it does not require you to have a story on your own, but you can always paint with what you love.

I have a few of these at my home since I love crafting, and that includes painting. I have this above my door when you come into our home.

Several visitors have noticed it and complimented it so if you have talent in painting, try this one instead.


#5. Gallery glass

Gallery glass is the same as faux glass, which you could paint the glass with.

You can have it professionally made, or you can make one yourself.

Again, if you love arts and crafts, this one is for you. You can purchase the paints from Amazon since they have a wide variety of choices.


#6. Lace material

Laces come in different patterns, shapes, colors, and designs.

White-colored laces are most commonly used in covering windows.

You can buy these in a fabric or a tailoring shop near you, but you could also order one online.


#7. Contact paper

Contact paper has been used in many different ways, like lining drawers and stuff.

It has a sticky back and a smooth front which you can use in covering your windows.

It comes in various designs and styles so you can choose which one will suit you the most.

It is available in the department or hardware store also online.


#8. Shutters and blinds

If you’re not a fan of curtains, but you want privacy over your windows.

Adding shutters or blinds could ease up your mind.



Shutters are sturdier compared to blinds since these are attached to the window frame itself.


  • Unique
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance


  • Expensive
  • More window space
  • Heavy



While blinds are more popular, window dressing and a bit cheaper than the shutters when bought.


  • Wide range of designs
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable


  • Less sturdy
  • More maintenance
  • Damaged by UV



Now you know how to cover windows without curtains; I hope you found which style suits you best.

There is more than one way to solve a problem, especially when it comes to decorating; you just have to unlock a few creative outside-of-the-box thinking.