How To Cover Up Tattoos For Wedding: 3 Best Ways

There are three best ways how to cover up tattoos for wedding effectively. This article will talk about the proper techniques for using cosmetics, patches, and clothes to hide your ink. 

You will also know why you might need to hide your tattoos when attending a wedding. Remember that some ceremonies are conservative, that even skin and certain parts of the body should be hidden.

how to cover up tattoos for wedding

If your outfit shows your neckline or shoulder too much for comfort, here is a guide on how to wear a shawl for a wedding. It might also work to cover a small tattoo in these regions. 


How Do You Cover Up Tattoos For A Wedding?



  • Experiment to find the perfect combination of foundation, concealer, and setting powder for hiding tattoos with makeup
  • Be familiar with how colors can cancel each other
  • Use a setting powder or hairspray after using cosmetics to fix them into place
  • Depending on the size and type of tattoos you have, you may need more layers or products to hide them effectively
  • Choose a full-coverage waterproof makeup product to ensure that it will last well, especially if the wedding is outdoors where you’re more exposed to the elements 
  • When using a product for the first time, don’t forget to do a patch test to avoid reactions from chemicals 
  • Find the right formula that works for your skin as people vary with how powders or creams work with their skin
  • If you’re not familiar with cosmetics, don’t hesitate to ask an experienced friend or family
  • Do retouches throughout the day rather than layering too much product, which can be noticeable, especially in photos
  • Have someone help you with covering the tattoos with makeup if it’s in a hard-to-reach area
  • Consider investing in an airbrush makeup applied by an experienced makeup artist 



  • If you have small tattoos or you only need them covered for a short period, you can buy tattoo cover patches
  • Some brides just don’t want their tattoos showing up in the wedding ceremony, so they can consider stick-on patches instead of makeup
  • Tattoo cover patches are only ideal for a short period because they might peel off; however, they are easy to use because you only need the one that matches your skin tone then stick them on 
  • If you have a larger tattoo, you need to consider makeup or clothing instead because the patch might be too obvious
  • For tattoos that are only peaking on your wedding outfit, patches can be a fantastic option



  • If makeup is not an option for you to cover up tattoos for the wedding, the next best thing is to wear strategic coverups and clothes
  • Clothing is ideal for big tattoos compared to patches, and you also don’t need to worry about potential product transfer to your clothes
  • You also don’t need to be extra careful all day compared to concealing your tattoos with makeup that may rub off
  • Wedding guests can opt for long-sleeved dresses or suits; some accessories like shawls or scarfs should also effectively hide tattoos on the chest, neck, and shoulders depending on the size of the ink
  • Smaller tattoos can also be hidden by jewelry; women can opt for layered necklaces or wider bracelets
  • You can also have your hair styled in a way that will cover your tattoos, especially those on the nape, neck, or shoulders


How Do You Hide Arm Tattoos For A Wedding?


Wear sleeves

Arm tattoos can be hidden with long or short sleeves, depending on how much skin they cover. Brides have various gorgeous sleeved dresses to choose from, while grooms should hide their arm tattoos much easier since they often wear suits or long-sleeved buttoned shirts. 

If your wedding dress is sleeveless, read how to add sleeves to a wedding dress. You can also wear a bolero or a bridal jacket to your dress to cover your arm tattoos. 


Apply makeup on the arm tattoos

Prepare your arm tattoos with a primer, then use a color corrector before the foundation. Next, blend the right shade of foundation into your arms, then follow up with a concealer for full coverage. 

Set the covered tattoos with translucent powder before following it with setting spray. Remember to use quality products to avoid an accidental self-tan at the wedding. 


Do You Have To Cover Up Tattoos At Weddings?

The answer to whether you must cover up tattoos at a wedding depends on various things. Some couples might be more conservative than others, and it’s best not to showcase tattoos. 

If your tattoos are especially eye-catching, you also don’t want to look like you’re trying to upstage the bride or groom. Furthermore, some tattoos might be offensive, unintentional, or not, and you must not inspire a conflict with others on this special occasion. 

If you’re a tattooed bride or groom, the choice is yours if you want to showcase your ink. Some prefer a cleaner look, while others prefer to express themselves at their wedding. 



And that’s it! We just found out how to cover up tattoos for wedding by using the right combination of makeup products, the right color patch, or strategic clothing pieces. 

You don’t want the makeup or patch to be noticeable, while you shouldn’t look eye-catching with the clothes you’re wearing. Furthermore, there are various factors to consider on whether you must conceal your ink or not. 


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