How To Cover Up A Wall Heater? 6 Amazing Ways!

Are you wondering about how to cover up a wall heater? There are many ways to hide your heaters, such as using curtains, the closet, a screen, and cabinets. To keep warm your freezing home, you’ll use a wall heater.

However, its obnoxious style may obliterate your complete new interior appearance and decor. Although the radiator provides comfort in dire circumstances, it is an eyesore. 

how to cover up a wall heater

Once you place your wall heater, we’ve brought together several terrific suggestions for hiding an unsightly wall heater in this article. The incredible thing is that you may hide and conceal these heaters without purchasing expensive by employing various tactics. We’ll teach you how to hide wall heaters without shifting or modifying them using easy techniques. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Ways To Cover Up A Wall Heater

To make a difference in a space using wall heaters, just use below tips and tactics. Those are Simple projects; however, get expert assistance if you don’t understand how to cover up a wall heater?


#1. Use curtains

Curtains are an easy method to conceal wall heaters. Use the drape as a separator that also serves to brighten the room. But before that, estimate the length of your walls so you can acquire the proper specifications for a curtain that will effectively conceal your heater. Let some space between the curtain and the radiator not get in touch with that. Next, including the ceilings, install hooks for hanging the curtains. 

The curtain will conserve you a ton of cash and take very little time to install, offering them excellent for individuals who need something done quickly. You may even switch around the curtain patterns and colors if you become tired of the one you’re using. Although, it might not be the best choice for such crowded rooms. Curtains should be avoided since they might spark a catastrophe.


#2. Use screens 

Screens are yet another option for concealing your wall heaters. These screens will indeed assist you in beautifying your walls and enhancing the area’s overall appearance. A typical diving screen or a towering freestanding shutter are also options. With these individual displays, you won’t have trouble shifting them anytime you need to access the heaters. The nice part about picking screens is that you can paint them in whatever color you like. You may also apply wallpaper until they make this section more appealing.


#3. Make a fireplace 

 You may hide your electric and gas radiator by converting that into a fireplace. It not only hides the unsightly radiator but also adds a fashionable element. All you want is a mantle to transform your wall heater into a fireplace. Evaluate the length and width of your existing heater before purchasing one. Then, buy a mantelpiece that fits your precise measurements. Put the mantle all surrounding radiator next. Install fireplace decorating gadgets besides the machine to create a realistic fireplace impression.


#4. Apply heat-resistant paint

May not have the time or resources to build or buy a cabinet? Therefore your most outstanding characteristic will become the heater painting concept. Make sure you use heat-resistant paint when designing near your wall-mounted electric heater. Whenever the heater is turned on, it stops the paint from peeling. Choose a color that complements the rest of your home’s decor as well as the color of your hot water system. You may also adorn your wall heater with a light color and a false framework to hide its unsightly appearance.


#5. Build a wood cover

A great option to cover a wall heater is to make one out of wood. Not only would the wooden heater covering conceal your propane space heater or electric heater, but it would also add to the aesthetic of your space. To begin, gather some reclaimed timber and use it to construct a heating cover. Then, to make it appealing, paint it to fit your existing house design. If the hot water tank isn’t tall enough, you may build a stool for additional seats. You may also use it to showcase pictures or other decorative things. Find out how to make a wood cover.


#6. Create a storage cabinet

Building a wood cabinet is another excellent option to conceal an electric or gas wall heater. Ensure that the cabinet is just a few feet longer than your heater in all ways. Make shutter-style doors for your heater to keep it from scorching or obstructing heat. Maintain the cabinet door unlocked if you’re using the heater.  You can simply conceal your heater by installing cupboards in the diner or unused cellar. Based on your preferences and cost, steel or wood cabinets might function. You may choose between hidden or standalone cabinets to change the design of the walls.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all get a better understanding of how to cover up a wall heater. Above, we have described some fantastic ways to hide your ugly wall heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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