How to Convert Your Rocker Recliner Into a Regular Recliner

Have you ever wanted to convert your rocker recliner into a regular recliner? Well, now you can! This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so. It’s easy and only takes about an hour or two.


convert your rocker recliner into a regular recliner

Steps on Converting a Rocker Recliner Into a Regular Recliner

Step 1. First, remove the back and armrests. The process is as easy as loosening a few screws with an Allen wrench or hex key (depending on your model) and pulling them out of their sockets to release the fabric from its frame.

Unscrew any additional bolts that may be holding it in place before gently tugging the fabric out.

Step 2. Next, place a towel over the back of the chair and slowly pull it off to expose more of the bolts underneath. Some seats will have upholstery on both sides while others only cover one side; if you’re lucky enough to own one with two layers remove them both for this step.

Unscrew all of the bolts you see and take off any fabric that might be holding it in place.

Step 3. Lastly, replace your old armrests with new ones by lining up the screw holes on both arms over their respective position on the chair’s frame and tightening them down until they’re snug.

Screw back into place all of those bolt heads that were left exposed and replace the fabric onto each side.

It’s as easy as that – just a few minutes of work plus some elbow grease, and you’ll be rocking again in no time!


What is the Difference Between a Wall Recliner and a Rocking Recliner?

Wall recliners are simply chairs with backs that you lean against a wall. Rocking recliner seats have an extra set of springs on the back panel, which levers them forward and backward to create rocking motions when seated in them. To convert your rocker recliner into a regular chair, all you need is some elbow grease!


Can you manually recline a power recliner?

Many recliners come with manual levers that adjust how far back the chair goes. This can be done for either a wall or rocker recliner and is usually necessary if you’re not doing your work from home.


How do you fix a Recliner That Won’t Recline?

It’s the worst. You call in a handyman, only to find out they can’t come for another few days and you have no place to sleep. Here are some tips that may help get your recliner back into working condition:

Step 1. Remove the chair from its base or remove any vertical obstructions near it

Step 2. Check the chair’s power supply and if necessary, replace any fuses or breakers.

Step 3. If you’re still having trouble with your recliner, contact a professional technician. They will be able to identify the problem more easily than you can through trial and error.


How do you fix a pull Cord on a Recliner?

Step 1. If you’re having trouble with the cord, check to make sure it’s not caught in a tight space.

Step 2. Check connections and reattach any loose cables or wires.

Step 3. If necessary, replace all of the wirings inside your chair and then test that everything is working properly before putting the arms back on. This process is not as difficult or complicated as it sounds.

Step 4. If you’re still having trouble, contact a professional recliner repair technician for advice and assistance. They will be able to identify the problem more easily than you can through trial and error.


Why won’t my Electric Recliner go Down?

Tip 1. If the power cord is plugged in, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Tip 2. Try flipping a switch or pushing on wires to see if you can start the chair’s reclining mechanism manually. You may also want to check for any loose cables that are connected inside your recliner as well.

Tip 3. If the power cord is not plugged in, make sure it’s connected to an electrical outlet that has electricity.

Tip 4. Some electric recliners have a backup battery system installed as well so you may want to check your chair for any low or dead batteries and replace them if necessary.


How do I stop my Rocker Recliner From Rocking?

Step 1. If you’re reclining in a manual rocker recliner, make sure the glides are installed correctly and won’t slip. If they come off or need to be tightened up, use pliers to tighten them back into place.

Step 2. In an electric chair with a swivel base, make sure the glides are installed correctly and won’t slip. If they come off or need to be tightened up, use pliers to tighten them back into place.

Step 3. In a manual rocker recliner with a swivel base, you can detach the levers from where they’re attached along the side of your chair by removing screws with a screwdriver. This will allow you to rotate the levers under your chair so they’re no longer accessible, and therefore unable to be pulled when rocking back in forth.

Step 4. If your rocker recliner swivels from side to side instead of just up and down, or if it’s also an electric swivel rocker recliner, you can prevent it from rocking by covering the lever with a rubber band.

Step 5. In any type of manual rocker recliner without levers to disable them, use pliers or your hands to hold one side of the chair’s base up as you slide the other end back and forth over carpeting so that it won’t slip.

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