How To Convert Sorelle Crib To Full Size Bed? 4 Basic Steps!

Do you know how to convert Sorelle crib to full size bed? It’s effortless!

Just unscrew the bolts, attach the rails, secure tightness, then you are done.

how to convert Sorelle crib to full size bed

Converting a Sorelle crib to a full size bed will take you an hour for maximum to achieve that remarkable transformation.

If anyone can save a lot through a wise option, why not? In this world full of demands, security becomes a priority.

And you can do that by way of saving. “Am I depriving my child of some sort of quality?”, you may ask.

Absolutely no! Dear friend, what you are actually doing is teaching your child to be practical at all times.

A “long-term” crib doesn’t mean you’re cheap.

It just proves the quality of the product you have chosen and the cleverness of your choosing.

It’s time to proceed to the real thing. So put your smile on and just keep on scrolling.


Steps To Convert Sorelle Crib To Full Size Bed

Is your cute little one growing bigger and taller now?

If you bought a Sorelle convertible crib that would just be a minor problem, given that the Sorelle cribs come in different designs and models.

Thee transformation process will vary. However, it doesn’t differ that much.

And general instruction for all models may apply.

In this section, you will be presented with the simple steps how to convert Sorelle crib to full size bed.


Step #1. Remove the rails of the crib

Remove each bolt that secures the side panel and the footboard or front frame of the crib together.

From the convertible crib package you bought, the manufacturer usually provides Allen keys for specific bolts.

Utilize these.

If there is none, you have to take note of the bolt size and find your way to the market to get the Allen key that fits the size.

If you are a beginner with this hardware job, insert the Allen key to the head of the screw and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it.

If you are done, keep the bolts in a secure kit.

Then set aside the side panels along with the rails.


Step #2. Attach the adaptors

It is to be noted that before you can proceed to transform the crib you have.

It is a must that you buy additional parts from the manufacturer.

Adaptors are usually not included in the convertible crib package that you purchased.

Some models do not need these parts.

Such models include Regal 4 in 1 crib and Sherri 4 in 1 crib.

If you have any of these models, you may skip this step.

For the rest, we can assume that they need the adaptors to achieve an exemplary transformation.

How will you attach the adaptors?

Simply fit them to both of the sides of the back and front frame by the Allen bolt.

The holes where you will insert the Allen bots are already there, so this will be easy for you to do.

For beginners, remember to rotate the Allen key in a clockwise direction to tighten the bolts.

There are lots of convertible crib models from Sorelle.

The most important thing here is that you have to be aware of what model you do have.

Maybe, it’s also fun for you to have an idea about some of the models they have.


Berkley Espresso 4 in 1 Panel Crib 335-E

This convertible crib is called 4 in 1.

Since, it can function in 4 ways namely as a crib, a toddler bed, a daybed, or even a full size bed.

It is made of solid wood chosen for it to last.

If you have this model, be aware that the rails for the full-size bed transformation are not included in the convertible kit.

This means that you have to buy the rail separately.


Sorelle 1050 crib

This crib is distinguished by the drawers built along with it.

But guess what?

It is unbelievably convertible!

Just like the Berkley Espresso, this convertible crib kit does not involve the rails.

So, you need to get one from the manufacturer.


Step #3. Attach the side panels

If you have observed, the side panels have hooks at both ends.

The process will be easy.

Just attach one side of the hook at a time until the front and back frame gets connected.

To tighten the hooks, simply push it down the lower part of the adaptor – if the model requires to have so.

If you got a model which doesn’t need an adaptor then, you could hook the side panels on the legs of the front and back frame.


Step #4. Install the slats

Using the screws, fasten each slat on the side panel with the use of a screwdriver.

The slats usually come with two holes ready for the screws.

Tighten up everything, and secure the sturdiness of the bed frame.

Now you can place a mattress that fits the size of the bed frame.

Decorate it according to what your child wants, then you are done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how to convert Sorelle crib to full size bed.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated

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