How to Convert a Stationary Chair into a Swivel Chair

There are many different chairs on the market today, and it can be difficult to find one that is perfect for your needs. If you want a chair that will not only be comfortable but also allow for easy movement, then read on! We will show how to convert a stationary chair into a swivel chair in just 5 simple steps.

how to convert a stationary chair into a swivel chair

Steps on Converting a Stationary Chair into a Swivel Chair

Step One: Remove the back of your chair by removing all screws with a screwdriver.

Step Two: Slide in a swivel wheel from an old office chair or another type of stationary furniture. Note how it fits against the edge and how you will need to drill holes for this piece if using new hardware. You may want to use a drill press to make sure you avoid any accidents.

Step Three: Drill the holes for your new hardware using an electric drill and appropriate bit size, as well as pre-drilling holes if necessary based on how large your screws are going to be. Then, put in all of the bolts with nuts one by one tightly securing everything into place before moving onto step four.

Step Four: Put back together – now that we have drilled our hole, it should be pretty easy to reattach the back of your chair by simply screwing in each bolt until they reach their original position (or close enough). Make sure you pull up hard when attaching these pieces so there is no play or gaps between them! We also recommend using a wrench for this step.

Step Five: Enjoy your new swivel chair! Now that it’s done, you can enjoy how much easier it is to move around and how great the room suddenly feels with a little bit of added motion in there.

How Does a Swivel Fitting Work?

A swivel fitting is a piece of hardware that connects to the bottom of one or more pieces of furniture and allows them to rotate 360 degrees. They are typically used on chairs, tables, shelves, workbenches, and other items which have multiple legs (such as picture frames) so they can be moved around easily without lifting them from their base.

A typical example would be in an office where employees need to move desks frequently for meetings – swivel fittings make this much easier!

What Are Some Advantages?

It’s easy and quick to use instead of picking up heavy furniture every time you want a change in your room layout. Furniture with these types of connectors also encourages more movement and activity in the workplace, improving health.

You can also change how furniture is positioned to use every inch of your space effectively – swivel fittings are great for freeing up wall sockets or maximizing floor space.

If you’re designing a custom home office setup with mannequins, shelves, etc., these connectors will make it much easier to reconfigure them as needed without having to worry about putting things back into place!

A Few Tips:

To find out if your chair has these types of connections on its legs, take off one leg completely (if possible) and turn it around back onto the seat cushion. A “swivel” connector should have two projections that extend past the back of the leg.

If there are two projections, you should be able to screw them together and create a swivel connection with ease.

You can also unscrew one bolt on an existing “swivel” connector from another chair or stool to see how it works!

What is the Function of Swivel Chair?

Swivel chairs are great for those who work from home, as they allow you to turn and face the direction that is best suited for how you want to position your body.

If someone has a laptop or other stationary device on their lap while in the chair, many swivels will have an adjustment option so it can be adjusted accordingly. This helps with posture and back support when working at sitting desks!

Working professionals should consider adding one of these mobile options into their workspace if possible…it’s worth every penny!

How do you Make a Swivel?

There are a few different ways to make your chair into a swivel! If you own an upholstered or fabric-covered seat, the easiest way is with Velcro. You can buy it at any local store that sells office supplies and cut two pieces of velcro (one for each side) to fit how wide your bottom is and how wide your seat is. This will attach to the bottom of the chair, where you can stick velcro on top of it for a nice soundless hold!

Another option would be attaching casters or wheels; this way you won’t need to worry about messing with fabric at all!

Attach casters by screwing them into the base of each leg of your chair–they should come off easily if they’re not too tight. You’ll want to make sure that whatever type of caster/wheel set up has been chosen slides smoothly across floors without being too squeaky. If either happens, try reattaching screws until it feels right!

Lastly, if neither Velcro nor attachments work then there’s always the option of just using a different chair.

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