How to Convert a Regular Recliner Chair Into a Swivel Recliner

One of the best ways to make your home feel like a luxury resort is by upgrading your living room or family room with a recliner. There are many different styles and models available, but how do you know which one will work best for you?

This blog post will teach how to convert a regular recliner chair into a swivel recliner – so that it can be used in any direction!


Steps on Converting a Regular Recliner Chair to a Swivel Recliner

You’ll need an adjustable wrench and pliers for this project. Make sure you have at least two hours before beginning this process!

Step One: Begin by pulling the recliner’s lever to release it from its current position and remove any pillows that may be on top of it.

Step Two: Locate the back hinge pin on your chair, which should be near one of the armrests. Use pliers to unscrew this area by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.

Step Three: As you unscrew the hinge pin, make sure to pull up on it with your pliers. This will ensure that any metal pieces are pulled away from one another and don’t get stuck in tight spaces. If this happens, use the adjustable wrench to loosen things up a bit so they can be removed more easily.

Step Four: Once the hinge pin is removed, you’ll need to lift on one end of your chair and place it onto its side. The front portion with the arms should be facing upward while everything else is facing downward.

This will ensure that both pieces are free from each other for a few moments. If they don’t easily separate, you’ll need to use your hands and gently pry the two pieces apart.

Step Five: Once it’s separated, go ahead and remove any additional screws in the area until all of them are gone. This will allow for easy removal of old fabric or swivel chair parts. To do this one at a time, you’ll need to place your hands on the top of one side and use your weight to pull it away from the other.

Step Six: Once all screws have been removed, then go ahead and remove any fabric or swivel chair parts that are still there. They should come out in one piece if they haven’t already fallen out when you removed the screws.

Step Seven: Once it’s just bare metal, go ahead and turn your attention to how you want to restuff it. It doesn’t matter what type of filling is used as long as there is enough to fill up the void left by old stuffing and cover any holes that might be present in the new fabric.


How to Replace Patio Swivel Chair Base

The patio swivel chair base is how the armchair rotates 360 degrees on its axis. A person can purchase outdoor furniture and want to change how it moves, or they may find that their current seat does not rotate at all. The first step in changing how your chair moves are by removing any coverings from the metal base.


The next step is to identify how the new swivel chair will move. There are three types of bases that people may consider purchasing: the ball bearing, gear-driven or cone and cup bearings. The type they need depends on how much weight they want it to be able to support as well as how resistant they desire it to be.

After choosing how they want the chair to move, it is time for people to purchase mounting hardware and a base. Some may choose an arm mount, while others might prefer attaching the swivel directly onto their existing furniture frame. Once this has been done then permanent installation can occur in less than an hour by using the appropriate screws and bolts.


How to Prevent Wear and Tear on a Recliner Chair

When people are sitting in their recliners, they should take care not to drink or eat anything that could drip onto the upholstery. This is really important because liquids can stain furniture over time if they’re allowed to dry out first before being cleaned.

How to prevent wear and tear on a recliner chair by not eating or drinking anything while sitting in it.


What Kind of Reclining Chair is Right for Me?

The first decision that needs to be made when choosing the right type of recliner is how much time you’ll spend seated in your chair each day.

How to figure out how much time a person will spend seated in their recliner each day:

Then there’s the question of how you’ll use your chair. For example, if you’re looking for an easy way to access and sit down on the ground, then a “lounger” type may be best. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to sit in front of your TV and get up without having to stand all the time, then an “easy rise” type may be best.

Lounger chair types are better for people who spend less than three hours sitting down while easy rise chairs might be good for people who spend more than three hours sitting down.

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