How To Convert A Pressure Washer Into Sewer Jetter? 5 Easy Ways!

Have you ever wondered about how to convert a pressure washer into sewer jetter? No more worries, you have arrived at the right place. You first need to choose a jetter kit from any famous store; adding specific conversion kits to a power washer may be transformed into a sewage jetter and utilized to make sewer clean without causing any problems effectively. 

First of all, you need to attach the power washer hose to pressure, pull out the sprayer from the power washer, and secure its ball valve instead, now connect the jumper nozzle to your ball valve and connect the hose to another end of your jetter hose. 

how to convert a pressure washer into sewer jetter

By connecting a nozzle mainly intended to clean sewage lines and drains pressure washers, sewer jetter may be converted into different kinds. 

Let’s get more about it!


What Is Sewer Jetter?

Before we start creating a sewer out of your power washer, let’s go over the basics and define what a jetter is. The process goes more smoothly since you will better grasp how things function.

If we’re talking about a hydro jetter, you will know that it’s an excessive water drain cleansing motor utilizing high-pressure water, so it’s sure to wash away and eliminate clogs in drainage systems. Its main component is a large-capacity pump that generates water pressure. 

Then there are some things to consider. Sewer Jetter hose fittings exist in various shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose. A sewage Jetter’s other parts include a hose and a hose spool. You might also have a water container. Rather than depending on a garden hose or faucet, most larger-scale jetters feature a water supply, such as a water container.

The similarities between a jetter and a power washer – especially the usage of large-pressure water, a pump, hoses, motor, and a slew of hoses – make this simple to transform a power washer into the sewer jetter.


Ways To Convert A Pressure Washer Into Sewer Jetter

So now you understand what such a sewer is and how it varies from a power washer, let’s look at how to make your power washer into a different sort of cleaning equipment. With a few tools, you could turn the power washer into a sewage jetter. However, the man is most likely familiar with pressure washers and sewage jetters. So, for those who aren’t as knowledgeable, we’ll go over how to use it and the preventative measures that must be taken. Here are the ways on how to convert a pressure washer into sewer jetter:


#1. Get a sewer kit

To create a sewage jetter out of a power washer, you’ll need a couple of modification kits. Depending on your line of work, machine, and drainage system, the kits may differ. You will also need a jetter hose, a nozzle, ball valves, a jumper hose, and a hose reel. These are all essential kits you need to complete the conversion process.


#2. Remove the components of the pressure washer

When we’re finished cleaning a surface, we usually remove all pressure washer components and store them safely in our warehouse. Except for the spray gun, the initial stage is to integrate all parts to their proper locations. Attach one end of the Horsepower nozzle to the power washer while leaving the other unconnected.


#3. Connect ball valve

The ball nozzle must now be connected to the open end of your Horsepower hose. Choose a ball valve with a connector method to make your job easier and more convenient. A switch on a ball valve allows you to turn on and off the waterways. Read how to adjust unloader valve on pressure washer.


#4. Connect with jumper hose

Attach its other open end of the hose of the jumper to the stocking of your jetter at this stage. This hose is often longer than a standard hose and must be wrapped on an appropriate wheel. Check to see that your hose is correctly reeled and stored.

Attach the nozzle to the bottom of your jumper hose, which will go into your drainage pipe and eliminate all obstructions. A jumper hose cannot be used with a spray gun, and you must make sure it stays running during the cleaning operation. A pump, hoses, engine, and a slew of nozzles – make it simple to transform a power washer into the sewer jetter.  The water flow may be controlled by adjusting the ball valve’s switch. Know how to repair pressure washer hose.


#5. Test your sewer jetter

Your device is now ready to use, and you must verify that all of the components are performing as expected. Warm it up, turn off the water, and insert the jumper nozzle into the drainage pipe. Continue to insert it until all obstructions and dirt have been removed. When you’re through with your task, gently remove the hose, preparing to turn off the water supply before removing the last end.


It’s A Wrap!

We are glad that you have learned well about the ways on how to convert a pressure washer into sewer jetter. It’s not a complex transformation, but if you buy a kit that does not match your model, it becomes trouble for you. All you need is to carefully read the steps mentioned above in converting the pressure washer into a jetter. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us!

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