How To Convert A Graco Crib To A Toddlers Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

How to convert a Graco crib to a toddlers bed?

Have you ever been curious about the thought of converting your baby’s own Graco crib into a toddler’s bed?

Graco is one of the most trusted and recognized companies out there, specializing in making baby gear and essentials for more than decades.

They have wide options of quality products.

Graco also has proven that their gears would last you for a long time.

To prove to you that it will last long enough, they choose the best materials for making their products.

For example, is their crib which also has many functions that you can use according to your child’s comfort.

If you have one of their cribs and your baby is growing too fast than expected, they offer you a wide variety of convertible or DIY beds.

Pick what your preferred type is, and if that doesn’t work for the process, we can help you out with that problem.


Steps To Convert A Graco Crib A Toddlers Bed

Have you ever owned a Graco crib that has only been displayed for a long time already because it cannot be used by your toddlers anymore?

Worry not because we have found some simple solutions that you might want to follow to get the job done without hassle.

Cribs are essential when it comes to letting your infants sleep without having to worry about them falling.

They were developed during the year 1620 to ensure babies will have a safe sleep and will not climb out and go anywhere.

As of the technology today, many brands created their varieties and versions of cribs to choose from, ranging from manual to automatic.

They got it all.

Today, many are still inventing new types of it with added functions to make sleeping for toddlers easier and safe.

Graco is a business that we are familiar with that sells these kinds of beds.

But, they are one of the most trusted and safest brands when it comes to baby gear.

They offer a wide variety of cribs that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Also, they offer toddler beds that are suitable for your kids when they are growing and already big enough to not sleep in the crib anymore.

But what if you’re on a tight budget and can’t purchase one for your kids?

Don’t worry because we have prepared easy methods to help you get it done quickly.

So, how to convert a Graco crib to a toddlers bed?

Here are the steps you should follow:


Step#1. Removing everything

Once you are all set, it is now time for us to start removing everything that covers the crib.

Remove the sheets and mattress from the Graco crib to start the process.

It will aid in completing the task in a matter of minutes.

Now that you are finished removing all of the things placed in the insides.

It is time to remove all rail stops from the bottom of each track using a screwdriver.

You might observe a little plastic cylinder around the top half corner of block brakes, which mimics Phillip – heads screws.

Pull out all of the rail stops from the brakes once you’ve finished unscrewing them all.

Then, leave them aside for a time since you may need them for future use.


Step#2. Lowering the drop–side

After you’ve removed everything from the crib, carefully lower the drop-side.

Make sure that when you are doing this, slowly move parts as they may hurt you.

The drop-side will come off the rail when it descends below the region where the block brakes were once placed.

Remove the drop-side completely once everything has been set and removed.

Take note that even if this is a toddler or baby’s crib, make sure to be cautious enough to avoid possible danger from happening.

Remember that some parts are of choking hazard.

So make sure that keeping your children away from the working area when you are doing this.

Many incidents about this have already happened.

So, we want you and your child to stay safe at all times, especially at this time of the year.


Step#3. Lowering the mattress stretcher

Lastly, set the stretcher to the lowest position possible, if necessary.

To do this, remove all bolts that are attached to the stretcher itself by using an Allen wrench to take it out.

Then align all holes into the metal tabs of the stretcher with the holes that have the lowest number in the legs.

Once done, reinsert all bolts removed earlier, attach them again using a wrench, and fasten them tightly.

Then you’ll want to put back all of the removed stuff earlier onto the bed to design it according to your preference.

Your product’s quality stays the same if you clean them regularly, and to help you with that, this article includes steps on how to clean a Graco mattress.

Thank you for coming this far!



Now that we’ve covered the topic of “how to convert a Graco crib to a toddlers bed,”

I hope you’ve figured out how to turn your crib into a bed.

As a result, your child will be able to sleep more quickly as they develop.

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