How To Convert A Crib Into A Full Size Bed. 2 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to convert a crib into a full size bed?

All you have to do is follow the instructions by the manufacturer, which are sealed with your package.

how to convert a crib into a full size bed

Perhaps, you are one of those who don’t know that cribs can be converted to a full-size bed.

Hey friend! We are now in the modern era.

There are these so-called “convertible cribs” that can transition from a cute bed to either toddler or full-size bed.

Oftentimes it is wise to buy such beds so that parents may not experience a hard time buying another bed for their grown-up kid.

Having purchased convertible cribs will lessen the effort and cost of every parent.

You will find the answer to this inquiry if you keep on scrolling.


Steps To Convert A Crib Into A Full-Size Bed

Before we answer our question about how to convert a crib into a full size bed, we must consider some important truths.

One of which is the choice of converting the crib into a full-size bed instead of converting it to a toddler bed.

You may ask, “Is this choice really convenient?” I must say, absolutely yes.

Imagine if you convert the crib into a toddler bed, the day will surely come that you have to purchased or make your kid a full-size bed.

You see, it will just double your effort and cost.

So I assure you, dear friend, you are making the right decision!

Another one is to make sure that you have bought a convertible crib.

Maybe one day, you just decided to convert that crib to a full-size bed, but in the first place, it isn’t convertible.

That would be frustrating. However, that is still possible, but it will cost you to exert a double effort.

So, if you purchased a convertible crib, make sure that you also purchase its convertible crib conversion kit.

If you did not do such and find the kid after a year or two of your date of purchase, it would be a tough task. Believe me!


Step #1. Ensure the appropriate parts

This is a required step since we cannot convert the crib we have if we don’t have the matching parts for its conversion to a full-size bed.

It would be easy if you already purchased the kit the day you bought the convertible crib.

Actually, if you did that, this step can just be neglected.

But, oftentimes, we are buying in rush or we do consider our available budget as of the moment, and misfortunes are often present in purchasing.

As a result, we have to decide not to take parts that we need in the future and take what is really needed right now.

So if you belong to this group, it’s alright. We’ve all been, and maybe still.

Usually, the headboard and the full-size bed we need are present in the crib, but the rails and slats are often found in the kit.

If you do not have the kit, you may surf the internet or go to the nearest hardware store from your house and search for the appropriate rails and slats that you need.

It is to be noted that the sizes and instructions – that if you bought a convertible crib – are found in the user manual of the product.

So, don’t lose that thing! The bolts or screws are also sealed with the product.

Of course, never forget the mattress! Buy the type of mattress that fits with the length and width of your bed frame.

But one question may arise, and that is, “do I need to buy a box spring?”

Honey, you don’t have to. That will make your kids struggle when they go into bed.


Step #2. Assembling proper

In this article, you will be provided straightforward steps to successfully convert that cute crib you have to an elegant full-size bed.


Prepare the headboard and footboard

Use the 2 longer sides of the crib for your headboard and footboard.

First, you will have to unscrew the footboard and the headboard part of the crib.

The key usually goes with the package, so better use it.

Then set aside.


Connecting everything

You may have ordered the appropriate rail and slats for your desired full-size bed.

Oftentimes, if you order the rails, it comes with the slats as well.

However, if it doesn’t look like that, you can order both individually.

Either way is wise for me because, if you order rails with slats and if one of them doesn’t suit your standards, buying it would be a bad decision.

If you do it individually, you may have the opportunity to really take a look at the product.

Note that the rails may come with hooks or screws, so the choice is yours to buy which one is more convenient for you.

Just screw or hook the rails perpendicular to the two boards.

After that, put on the mattress then you’re done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to convert a crib into a full size bed.

Dear friend, thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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