How To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress? In 6 Easy Steps

Moving into a new house with your old mattress is good, but how to compress a memory foam mattress?

You cannot carry a memory foam mattress with you just like that, knowing that air makes it expand.

how to compress a memory foam mattress

It is going to be heavy and very bulky.

One thing more, it can be space-consuming when you are transferring items.

A memory foam mattress is very comfortable and cozy for someone who likes to sleep and rest.

One of the best mattresses that you can purchase at a reasonable price.

It is a top-grade mattress.

Are you fond of mattresses that apply good pressure and react quickly to your weight for support?

Then you go for this one. As long as the quality is still good and comfortable yet, please bring it to the new house.


Steps To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress lasts for a very long time. It is one sturdy and long-lasting mattress.

You will be thrilled with this one. I bet that you love your old memory foam mattress because it is very comfortable.

Would it be nice to bring it to the new place where you will be living the next time around?

Just compress the memory foam mattress to be more practical when you are transferring things out.

With that, I will help you understand how you should compress it without damaging it.

Here are the steps on how to compress a memory foam mattress:


Step #1. Prepare the materials

If you do have these in your house, you no longer need to shop for them but then if you do not, look for them.

You will need a plastic bag for your mattress, ratchet straps for security, and duct tape.

Another is a small bag for vacuuming, and of course, a vacuum cleaner which is the most important among all.

Finally, a box where you can put in your memory foam mattress after compressing it to be travel-friendly in size.

A helping hand would be a great idea so that it won’t be hard for you.


Step #2. Prepare you mattress

Knowing that you will compress it out, you should first prepare it to make sure it would properly work.

You will need to remove all the mattress beddings or what is placed right on top of your memory foam mattress.

But then you must leave the mattress protector on; this also includes your pillows, sheets, mattress pad, etc.

I sure do know that you can identify which is which.

Just remember not to include the protector.


Step #3. Put the mattress in the bag

Here comes where you will need a friend or two. When putting the mattress into the bag, knowing it is heavy.

Slide it in the mattress bag, staring from a side of it, raise the other end, and slowly slide it inside the bag.

You have to be very careful when sliding it in.

Another thing that you make sure of is that it fits in the mattress and not too big.

After that, zip up the mattress bag, and you can put in duct tapes to make sure it is sealed tightly.

Transfer it to the floor for it to be ready for the following steps.


Step #4. Attach the valve

The valve is on the vacuum bag that you will need to cut out. You will have to leave some spaces around it.

Also, cut a hole in your mattress bag. It should be small but just right to push through the valve inside.

Slip in the valve in the vacuum bag, and you pull it through the hole and use duct tape near the spot.

You have to do it to make it airtight.


Step #5. Start to vacuum

This one is where your mattress needs to be laid flat on the floor. Since it has to be vacuumed, it must be equal.

Attach the hose of your vacuum to the valve.

You can seal it better with duct tape, so I suggest you do so.

Turn on the vacuum, and the mattress will slowly flatten. You can walk over it to make the process faster.


Step #6. Roll your mattress

Right here, you are done vacuuming, but that doesn’t mean you will now turn it off because you will still use it.

From the opposite side where your mattress has the valve, start rolling it up into the other end with the vacuum still on.

Curios why? As you fold all the air that is still there, it can be vacuumed out thoroughly and make sure it is out of air.

It would help if you slowly rolled it to make sure it is tighter.


Step #7. Tie your mattress up!

And now we are down to the last step of compressing your memory foam mattress and ready for transfer any time.

Using the straps, secure the mattress by putting it around and crank it up until it is tight.

You might want to add some padding in between your mattress and the straps to avoid certain damages to your bed.

Keep it horizontal to avoid damage, but then you can slowly slip in the mattress if you have your box.

Make sure it is also sealed. Use your duct tape and pack it up like you are packing a package.



As you start a new chapter, you can still have some old belongings that you love most.

That includes your favorite memory foam mattress.

All you have to do is to compress it out.

Good thing we answered, “How to compress a memory foam mattress?” at least you now know how to.

In a sense, if you are thinking about how it would expand, you can refer here to make sure.