A Beginner’s Guide on How to Collapse Bugaboo Fox Bassinet

It’s a never-ending battle trying to keep baby gear flat. How many times have you tried on How to Collapse Bugaboo Fox bassinet, only for it to spring back in place? How about when your little one was sick and you wanted to lay them down on the bed but they’re too big for the crib?

The problem is that standard bassinets are made from fabric stretched over a frame with slat bars inside. 

Bugaboo Fox Bassinet

This means that they will always be slightly curved until you do something about it! In this blog post, we’ll walk through how easy it is to make a bugaboo Fox bassinet flatter using just two things: water and gravity!


Steps on How to flatten a bugaboo Fox bassinet

While keeping one hand on the folded bassinet stroller, use the other hand to push down on the red button. The bassinet should start collapsing in and folding up.

You will then want to press the release tab which is located at either side of where you pushed down on the button. Once this has been released, fold outwards until it locks into place.

This may take a few times before you get used how it works so don’t be discouraged if one attempt fails as there are multiple steps involved if done correctly!

What are some customer service reviews of these products?

Graco has a very good reputation for making sturdy products that they stand behind, and their customer service is also excellent.


What is the difference between Bugaboo Buffalo and Fox?

Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Fox are very similar strollers except for the bassinet which is included with the Buffalo, but not with the Fox.


What else should parents consider when choosing between these two brands?

Graco’s stroller has many more color options available than Click Connect does, which may be important if you want something more gender neutral or don’t like certain colours. The Graco also can grow with your child while Click Connect has a fixed weight limit of 30 pounds or less.


What are the most common positive reviews?

Many customers like how lightweight this stroller frame can be, compared to what it will hold. Parents find it easy to manoeuvre through even smaller areas with ease as well . Other parents love how quick and easy the stroller is to assemble, as it comes mostly pre-assembled.


What is the difference between the Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2?

The Bugaboo Fox is a bassinet stroller. If you purchase the Bugaboo Fox, it comes with a carrycot and parent organizer. The second generation of this model now features an all-wheel suspension system as well as higher weight capacity having been extended from 30 to 40 pounds per seat.


How much does the bugaboo fox weigh?

It’s approximately 20 lbs in total which mean there isn’t any need for two separate items, thus saving on space and money!


How do I use my bassinet once my child has outgrown it?

You can easily turn your bassinet into a high chair – simply attach Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 Car Seat (sold separately) using LATCH connectors or vehicle seat belts to the bugaboo fox frame.


Steps on How to change the seat on a bugaboo Fox 2 bassinet

Step 1. Slide the bassinet seat back on each side of the frame to unlock it.

Step 2. Lift up and then pull outwards on both sides of the bassinet base.

Then, use your thumbs to push down while pulling upwards with one hand while at the same time pushing inwards towards yourself using your other hand on both lower corners until you hear a click sound .


How do I clean my bugaboo, Fox?

It’s best not to submerge any item fully when cleaning them – instead, wipe with warm soapy water or spot clean with wet wipes after removing fabric hoods.


How can I make my child feel safe when sleeping if they are still wobbly walkers?

There is no need for concern as the bassinet’s design is made to withstand a lot of movement, so your child will be safe and secure even if they are wobbly walkers.


Steps on How to adjust my Bugaboo fox straps?

The straps are adjusted by pulling the buckle strap ( located on each side of the seat ) in opposite directions.


How do I change the bassinet into a seat?

The bassinet is easily converted into a seat by simply removing the fabric hood and lifting up on the handle located in front of the backrest.


What are some tips to make my child feel secure in the bassinet?

Using pillows, blankets or plush toys may help your child feel more comfortable when sleeping. Be sure to put them in a position where they will not be rolled on by your child. If you choose to swaddle your baby, make sure that their blanket fits well and is tight enough so it cannot come undone.


What does the seat recline do? Does my Bugaboo Fox have this feature?

Bugaboo Fox has two settings for the backrest. The world is full of adventures and your child will want to explore them all! With its recline feature, Bugaboo Fox grows with your baby. You can change it from sitting up right to laying down flat.


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