How To Clean Your Deck Without Pressure Washer? 4 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to clean your deck without pressure washer? Just use baking soda, vinegar, oxygen bleach, and laundry detergent. With deck cleaning, expect further extending the life and protecting the deck. While power washing helps clean a home’s deck, it’s not that everybody has access to this device.

Indeed, decks are a great addition to your home for increasing outdoor beauty, and improving the home’s value.

If you ignore your deck in the coming years, it might result in an expensive home improvement job. But always follow the cautionary measures that help extend its life for 20 years, as this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Ways To Clean Your Deck Without Pressure Washer

Below are alternative ways how to clean your deck without pressure washer:


#1. Baking soda and vinegar

When cleaning a composite deck, use a safe deck cleaner but combine it with baking soda and vinegar, as this makes a perfect homemade cleaner removing clean stains from the deck surface. When you prepare for this deck cleaner, you get the option to use effective white vinegar or apple cider. Combine the ingredients in the bucket as you mix them up well, and rinse off the deck using a spray and hose nozzle. But before that, rinse off the deck using a cleaner works better to soften the fibers.

Dip a brush onto a bucket to remove dirt, debris, and grime on your patio. After washing each board, rinse the decking off thoroughly using fresh water. Rinse off a nozzle until you see the water comes out of the deck, thus ensuring the film won’t remain. In removing mildew stains or mold in the composite deck, combine two parts of vinegar alongside one amount of water and apply the solution to the area. Cover the surface first before sprinkling baking soda onto it as baking soda remains for twenty minutes. Scrub the surface with a brush, washing away any mildew or mold, thus rinsing it thoroughly.

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#2. Oxygen bleach

Get rid of the moldy spots or moss by mixing hot water and oxygen bleach inside a giant bucket. Dip the brush into a cleaning solution as you apply it to the stain. Allow the solution to remain, like five minutes.

See if the bubbling stops before scrubbing the surface using a scrub brush. Rinse off the key in the area using a garden hose while continuing onto the next stain. Please wait until you remove all stains and rinse them again using a garden hose. Remove the oxygen bleach residue from a wood deck; rinsing it several times is necessary. Please wait until the wood dries before you put the items back. Wet wood can gouge, and the chances of mold increase are more likely upon placing the heavy objects on the damp wood.

The combination of soda ash, natural Borax, Ajax, Oxiclean, and Oxy-Boost help eliminate grime and dirt. It is good to use laundry detergent when there’s no oxygen, but it has sodium percarbonate or perborate. Know that these are active ingredients mixed in oxygen bleach. You must remove dirt from a deck by mixing the water with oxygen bleach; apply it next to wood using a nylon brush. Then, maintain the wetness in the wood and let the cleaning solution stay still in the wood; before scrubbing it, clean the area, and rinse it off with fresh water removing the residues.


#3. Liquid dishwashing soap

Combine oxygen bleach and water until the powder fully dissolves, and place a dishwashing soap in liquid to create suds. Next is to use some broom onto the solution, brushing the combination throughout the deck. Brush the entire deck as you apply more pressure to those grime build-up or stubborn stains. Rinse it off with fresh water, thus removing soap residues.


#4 Potassium salts

Soap salts are useful as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and algaecides that perfectly eradicate mildew and mold from the wooden deck. Just purchase the ingredients needed for fatty acids and follow the instructions on the box. Mop it onto the deck’s coating and use a brush to apply the solution until you see it clean. When cleaning dirt and soap off a balcony, use a hose and coat it in a protective solution.


Tricks And Tips When Cleaning Deck Without Pressure Washer

Below are some tricks and tips when cleaning a deck without a pressure washer:

  • Use vinegar when trying to remove algae from your deck
  • Eradicate as you apply a concentrated enzymatic cleaner to remove pet stains
  • Use some laundry detergent when cleaning off oil and grease stains
  • Use oil cleaners when removing crayon stains
  • Use some degreasing agents when removing greasy oil or hydrocarbon stains
  • Use warm water forming as a solution for providing more better results
  • Apply concrete sealer to avoid debris and dirt on your deck.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean your deck without pressure washer using vinegar, baking soda, oxygen bleach, liquid dishwashing soap, and potassium salts. Follow the tricks and tips suggested when cleaning the deck with no pressure washer use!

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