How To Clean Wood Fence With Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean wood fence with pressure washer? Get off those mildews, algae, and scuff marks with a breeze. You can follow the steps that we will be discussing below. I guess you have a wood fence, and you want to clean it this day or the next few days. So, you want to know more about cleaning it properly and preventing and avoiding any damages. 

Various fences are introduced nowadays, such as vinyl, wood, chained linked, steel, aluminum, etc. They install it to secure privacy, safety, corral pets, and kids. But now, it also makes the house more comfortable to live in and pleasing appearance.

Most people are still using wood fences than the others, as it is easier to install and lasts up to 15 years. It’s a good deal for a wall at home. Wood fences last longer and extend up to 20 years longer if you adequately maintain them. The recommended period to clean your fence is once a year. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Clean Wood Fence With Pressure Washer

Cleaning the wood fences is time-consuming, as it must be thoroughly clean to refresh the wood and remove the mildew and other dirt built over time. I suggest cleaning your walls during calm weather, non-windy days, and direct sunlight. The sunlight may dry up the solution in the wood that you will apply, and a calm day will ensure that it won’t get back to your skin or face whenever you need to spray. Here are the steps on how to clean wood fence with pressure washer:


Step #1. Adjust the pressure washer

The pressure washer gives pressure to the water in the nozzle. To prevent your wood fence from warping or indented, you must adjust the washer’s pressure. First, adjust it t the low setting, use a 25-degree tip. It will be a trial and error for you, as you’re still looking for the proper pressure you need for the whole cleaning session. First, stand three feet away from the wall and rinse a small portion on your wood fence. Hold it firmly with your hands, and adjust the nozzle as you need. 


Step #2. Ready the pressure washer

If you already have a solution or fence cleaner, fill the board soap in the pressure washer. Make sure that your solution is appropriate to use in your wood fence as other cleaning agents may affect it with discoloration and bleach damage.  On the other hand, chlorine bleach can also harm the surroundings, such as plants near the fence, when it runoff with water. You might as well consider cleaning solutions with peroxide. Peroxide is known to have a  high performance in cleaning wood fences as well as it has no harsh ingredients. You may also be interested to know how to start a gas pressure washer.


Step #3. Apply cleaner

Now that your solution is ready to be splashed, you’ll have to apply the cleaner solution. Use the same tip you adjusted a while ago, and apply the bottom to the top cleaning solution. Again, make long strokes and frequently change the area while spraying. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to put soap in pressure washer.


Step #4. Scrub

You cannot remove some stains as quickly as we hoped. Scrubbing it will do. After applying the cleaner, scrub areas with mildews, molds, mud, and other dirt attached to the wall. This dirt will affect the fence’s appearance, and a clean surface needs a good cleaning. It may also be a good idea to read about how to use a pressure washer to remove mold and mildew.


Step #4. Leave it for a few minutes

After the scrubbing, you have to let the cleaning solution stay for a while to soften the other dirt. It may take up to less than three minutes or less. Do not let the cleaner dry up to the surface of the wood, as other solutions create white spots or lines that you’ll need to remove, which will cost your energy. 


Step #5. Flush the cleaner

Adjust the nozzle to 40 degrees and flush all the remaining cleaning solutions. Like how you applied the cleaner earlier, wash it from the bottom to the top. It will be a waste if you throw them away, so using them the second time and adjusting the nozzle with higher pressure will likely remove the dirt. 


Step #6. Rinse with water

After all the application, scrubbing the dirt, the last step in line is rinsing. Adjust your nozzle back to the 25-degree water pressure, and rinse it from the base to the top. Continue to flush with the same procedure until the solution a fully removed. You can always repeat the process until the wood fence is clean. If you want to clean your wood fence manually, you can substitute the water pressure with your garden hose. Apply the cleaner solution to the wood with a cloth or sponge. But, if you prefer to use a detergent, you can melt the powder into a bucket with water. Then, scrub the dirt, molds, or mud on the surface of the wood. Finally, rinse off the cleaning solution. You can also repeat the procedure until you’re satisfied with your work. 


It’s A Wrap!

Cleaning your wood fence is essential to maintain the appearance and extend t’s life. You can also paint your wood fence after you tend the wall. It will add color to your lawn or garden.  If it’s properly taken care of, people notice that it will likely prolong in more than 20 years but mostly depend on the specific area’s climate. That’s how to clean wood fence with pressure washer!

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