How To Clean Wood Burning Stove Glass? 5 Amazing Ways!

If you’re having trouble removing the spots from that glass surface, then let’s know how to clean wood burning stove glass and maintain your wood stove. Use a damp cloth, baking soda, vinegar, and use newspapers.

The heart of any space is a wood fire. The glass of your wood stove might get blocked with ash and debris after a lovely night of relishing the comfort it provides, which isn’t ideal, especially if you would like to brag about your wood-burning stove to friends and family.

how to clean wood burning stove glass

However, most of us have tried and failed to clean our wood stoves, with no amount of elbow grease capable of removing the unsightly black streaks that smear the glass. So, you’re wondering how to clean the glass on a wood stove. You can restore any wood stove to its former glory with only a few simple techniques.


Ways To Clean Wood Burning Stove Glass

Below we’ve listed a few ways how to clean wood burning stove glass:


#1. Use a damp cloth

If you stay on top of your wood-burning stove cleaning, it will always be more accessible. If you keep using your woodstove without cleaning the glass, it will become smokey that you won’t even be able to notice the fires. Simple elbow grease is typically ineffective at this level in removing the soot. However, if soot remains minimal, moist cloth can be your main line of defense.

Heat glass is also always simpler to clean than a cold surface, but it’s crucial to let it cool before cleaning it. You can begin as soon as it is cool sufficiently to feel. You may end up in the emergency room if you don’t. Just soak a towel in lukewarm water without detergent, using it as a wood-burning stove glass cleaning. After that, use your towel to massage the glass clockwise. To get rid of the soot, proceed to wash your towel periodically.


#2. Ashes-dipped newspaper

Whenever a moist towel isn’t removing it, most of us are tempted to stop on our quest to clean the wood stove glass top.. There is, however, another excellent approach to make those doors sparkling, even if it appears strange at first. Insert a sheet of newspaper into a mound of ashes once they’ve cooled. Then, using this ash-laden newspaper as a moist towel, wipe the glass in a gentle circular. This must release the tenacious soot and enable you to wash any remaining debris and grime with a damp towel. 


#3. Baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

Bicarbonate of soda is an excellent glass cleaner for pellet stoves. To get the greatest outcomes, make a fine paste with your baking soda and some water. Although ashes are typically an annoyance from our wood-burning stoves, many people are unaware that they may be converted into a precious wood stove cleaning. After that, the paste may be put on the glass. Allow this paste to perform its wonders for 10-15 min if you have stubborn stains.

Then, using a moist towel or newspaper, perform circular movements to release the soot. Once the worst is gone, completely erase the residue with a clean towel to reveal a gleaming glass surface. If you’re going to use bicarbonate of soda or baking soda, please remember that you must do a great deal of washing. This mixture successfully eliminates spots, but sometimes it can leave a hard white coating to remove.


#4. Vinegar

Vinegar is a simple solution for sooty wood stove doors, which we already have in our kitchen drawers. You don’t have to produce a paste or whatever with this, unlike the bicarbonate of soda. Simply soak your towel or sheet of newspapers in vinegar and eliminate the filth with your tried-and-true rotating hand movements. The most significant benefit of using vinegar is it doesn’t leave a white stain. All you’d have to do now is wash off any surplus with a damp towel, providing you with a shining wood-burning stove plate. You may also be interested to know about heart stone wood-burning stove


#5. A cleanser for stove glass

However, there are instances when you’ll need to call in the heavy guns to restore your wood-burning stove glass to sparkling – if soot and filth have built up! Burned-on debris can be challenging to remove. There must be, fortunately, a solution. Several wood-burning stove glass cleaning solutions are available in the marketplace. Commercial products are handy, as well as being harsh on stains.

Most come in a convenient spray bottle, which you can spray on your wood stove windows and wash away using a moist towel. If you decide to use a stovetop cleaning solution, read and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Furthermore, ensure sure any detergent waste on the stove is cleaned away. The last point you choose when you start your stove is for the home to be inundated with foul-smelling chemical fuels.


It’s A Wrap!

You’ll be able to enjoy your lovely fire in no moment with these tips and techniques on how to clean wood burning stove glass and light the ideal fire. Read the article carefully to understand it completely. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about what to put under wood stove and how to choose a wood stove.

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