How To Clean Windows With Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean windows with pressure washer? Ascertain first the glass panes as they should be good and set in the lowest setting; next is, add some cleaning solution, focus the wand on the window, and begin to rinse off the windows.

Doing so enables you to achieve dirt-free, streak-free, and ultra-clear windows. If you leave the windows not clean, it might only result in the worst experience.

How to clean windows with pressure washer

Even leaving them dusty and unclean can make things more difficult on your part. Windows will also accumulate grime, dirt, stains, and molds until they are harder to eradicate. That is when regular and proper windows maintenance is essential, as this is just an overview, so read on further!


Steps To Clean Windows With Pressure Washer

Clean your windows with a pressure washer to generate desirable and fast results. Use the powerful tool to position the wand through the windows attached to the 2nd floor of the house. Be extra careful, or else you’ll soon face dangers. Arrange it in the proper setting because excessive pressurized water causes misaligning or cracks in the windows. Below are some helpful steps to follow when cleaning windows with a pressure washer.


Step #1. Ensuring the glass panes and windows are good

Check the windows first before you decide to use the pressure washer. Check if no cracks are visible, or else the device might get worse in its shots and damage it. Highly brittle glass panes won’t need pointing the device on these. Manually clean these windows using a cleaning solution and a rag.

Pressure-washing windows in bad condition only make things worse. Repair them first so that you can skip the cleaning task. Proceed with cleaning the windows if you see them in good condition and if they need cleaning. Nonetheless, there are window types to find that can withstand pressurized water while some cannot. It’s, therefore, to look closely at the windows so you will not break them.


Step #2. Ensuring the device is set at its lowest setting

Some of the pressure washers are not compatible to use to clean windows. They have no option to release the low-pressure water. Thus, it makes sense to assess the washer first if it’s good to clean glass panels. An electric-powered washer is not likely to bring about lower PSI. Set the pressure setting between 1,200 and 2,000 PSI, but less or more than that is not good. The lower PSI may not remove the dirt and grime in the windows.

A higher PSI may also crack your windows, so be strict as you follow this step. Next is to test the water power as it comes out of your pressure washer. Aim it toward the ground and adjust it to reach the desired spray. Adjust its nozzle at a broader angle, like 250 or 400 nozzles.


Step #3. Adding some cleaning solution

Use soap intended for a pressure washer, and be sure you use one pure and safe for window frames and glass panes. Use a combination of vinegar, water, and Windex, so the windows are made more explicit. Ensure the ratio of the mixture is suitable to bring admirable cleaning results.


Step #4. Aiming the wand into the window

Start to activate the wand and the washer after adding the cleaning solution like a safe cleaning mixture and soap. Focus the rod on the windows and maintain a distance safely while you spray on water. Work to start at the glass pane edge and toward the center.


Step #5. Rinsing off the windows

Spray the windows using the said mixture and turn the pressure washer off. Change the wand’s tip into the default tip. Remove the cleaning solution needed and set its end around 25 and 40 degrees. Begin to spray the window top and down to it to eliminate the dirt and soap. Then, allow the windows to dry, and be sure you eliminate the solution and dirt from the windows.


Valuable Tips To Consider When Cleaning Windows With Pressure Washer

How to clean windows with pressure washer? Follow the suggestion to use a cleaning agent or soap when wanting to obtain the best results. Be sure the windows are in excellent condition, and try to use several drops of dish detergent. Seek someone’s help when washing the outside window, or it’s easy to reach the spot in the glass. Someone should stand on the ground level in all those washes from above, beginning at the top. That way, both sides are cleaned off correctly. Remove the dirt stuck into the grime spots or corners on the windows as they demand more washing hours than others. You may also be interested to know about best pressure washer detergents


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean windows with pressure washer. So, follow the steps to clean these areas the easy way possible thoroughly. It will be easier than ever because the steps are discussed already. It would help if you kept the tips to use soap or cleaning agents for the best results possible. A dish detergent would also be suitable for reaching the spot in the glass. You may also want to read about how to release pressure from pressure washer and how to use pressure washer more efficiently.

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