How To Clean Window With Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to clean window with pressure washer? If not yet, then we answered you here. The proper method to clean a window using a pressure washer is to add the window cleaner in the washer tank, attach the wide nozzle with a pressure washer, set it on the low heat setting, and start the process.

In case your window is too dirty, then you need to clean it. Cleaning your windows with a power washer will significantly speed up the procedure, so you won’t have to spend all day doing it!

how to clean window with pressure washer

Remember that if pressure washes the window incorrectly, it might cause cracks or fractures in the windowpane, so be careful before you begin. Cleaning a window with a pressure washer is a lovely idea and an effortless task. So, if you want to learn more, remain in touch with us at the end. Let’s check out this article to understand how to clean the window with a pressure washer step by step.


Steps To Clean Window With Pressure Washer

Are you looking for the answer on how to clean window with pressure washer? Here are the following:


Step #1. Add window cleaner in pressure washer

A particular type of soap intended to clean the windows is available for most pressure washers. For cleaning, you need to add warm water to the washer tank then put the best quality soap or detergent. Don’t worry if you don’t have this, and you can use any detergent or soap on your hand or any other thing you have. Then, remove the water tank’s cover and add the window cleanser using a funnel at the pointed mark. But if the window has any stubborn stains, then instead of using soapy water or detergent, use commercial cleansers to clean it. 


Step #2. Attach wide nozzle in a pressure washer

If the pressure washer nozzle is small, don’t clean the window with it. As it only damages your window, it produces cracks in it. It’s a great idea to choose a wider pressure washer nozzle and attach it at the end of the washer hose. If you are using the pressure washer for cleaning the window the first time, instead of directly using it on the window, do practice on some solid surface. 


Step #3. Set the pressure washer at low heat

After adding the window cleaner to the pressure washer tank, the next step is to set your pressure washer at the low heat setting. Excess heat damages the window pane. There is a dial on the top corner of the pressure washer; rotate it until it is set to the possible low heat setting. Keep in your mind, whenever you wash your window, always put the dial on the low heat mode to make the cleaning process out of any damage. 


Step #4. Wear eye protection

Wear your safety glasses, but don’t direct them to someone if the pressure washer is connected. It’s essential to be careful while operating a pressure washer since doing so wrong might affect the value. Wear closed-toed boots at all times, only in specific cases, and any spraying gets close to the shoes.


Step #5. Start cleaning the window

Once you are prepared to begin washing, move to the back slightly to reduce the washer nozzle pressure even further. There is a power button on one side of the pressure washer; press it, then rotate the nozzle from one side to another to cover your whole window. When you wash one window thoroughly, then move to the next one. As we know, the pressure washer may cause wear and tear to the wooden window trims, so be careful when you are cleaning these windows. 

It’s critical to complete this step fast because you allow the mixture to dry, which will result in the detergent or water solution on your window; if you let this sporty on the window for more time, it results in streaks on it. The best time to use a pressure washer is in the morning. You’ll be able to avoid the heat of the sun, and the soapy solution never dries so early before you wash it. Know how to clean windows with a pressure washer.


Step #6. Wash window with fresh water

After you you’ve soaked it, all of the windows underwater, and soap, give a proper wash using a standard garden hose (or even a pressure washer loaded with freshwater). When running a pressure washer, drain its container, clean it with a hose, and refill it with normal water. Maintain a similar broad nozzle as well as a slight pressure level. After you’ve cleaned the windows, let them evaporate under the outdoor sun! Whether you’re concerned regarding marks, clear the freshwater from the windows with a scraper and a clean towel as they dry. While washing, connect a filtration system to the garden hose unless you get groundwater (water rich in salts that can create coatings on all walls). By this method, the window should appear gleaming and spotless.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you learn how to clean window with pressure washer. Above, we have mentioned only six simple steps; you can wash your window yourself by using these steps. Thank you, friends, for staying with us! You may also want to read about how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer and how to clean wood deck with pressure washer.

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