How To Clean Wedding Veil Correctly In 3 Steps

It’s only three steps to learn how to clean wedding veil safely at home. This guide will also include tips on whitening a yellowed wedding veil, removing stains, and whether you can machine wash or dry clean a wedding veil without damaging it. 

You must be careful when cleaning or removing stains on a wedding veil because it’s usually made of delicate fabrics. The same goes with your wedding dress, so read where to get the wedding dress cleaned to avoid accidentally ruining it. 

how to clean wedding veil


How To Clean Wedding Veil At Home


Step 1. Prepare the wedding veil cleaning solution 

  • Check with the bridal shop on how to wash the wedding veil correctly, and if it needs to be taken to a professional cleaner; for most wedding veils, you can use a small amount of gentle fabric detergent
  • After you checked with the bridal shop, proceed on cleaning your veil
  • Prepare a tub with lukewarm water with a small amount of gentle fabric detergent; some swear on adding a bit of oxygen cleanser to the solution for cleaning the wedding veil, especially if it has spots and discoloration
  • Submerge the wedding veil onto the cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes
  • Move the veil several times into the water to help the solution penetrate the fabric fibers


Step 2. Wash the wedding veil by hand

  • After soaking and moving the wedding veil around the tub with the cleaning solution, give it several gentle squeezes and swish it to ensure that it will be washed well
  • Be careful not to tear the wedding veil when washing it by hand
  • Run the wedding veil under the cold water to begin rinsing it
  • Replace the tub with clean cold water and repeat the washing of the veil by hand
  • Continue swishing the veil with new water each time until the water runs clear 
  • Ensure that there are no soapy residues on the veil to finish rinsing 


Step 3. Dry the wedding veil

  • After rinsing, lay the wedding veil over a clean, white towel 
  • Fold the towel with the veil in the middle and press to absorb the excess liquid the veil has soaked
  • Repeat until no more liquid gets out of the veil
  • Drape the veil over a clothes hanger, then allow it to air-dry


How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Veil?

  1. Inspect the veil and assess its overall condition; older veils will turn brittle over time, and removing its stains risk it from getting holes
  2. Test a small spot of the veil with bleach; proceed with the stain removal if there are no reactions or discoloration on the veil material
  3. Prepare hot water with a bit of bleach; use the formula on the bleach label
  4. Fill a tub with warm water and pour the bleach solution into it; mix well
  5. Place the stained veil over a towel and place another towel over it; put the veil sandwich into the tub and push it into the bottom
  6. Allow the stained wedding veil to soak for 20 minutes before replacing the tub with cool water
  7. Rinse the veil inside the two towels by gently wringing it, then drain the tub 
  8. Put the veil over a white and dry towel flatly and put another towel over the veil
  9. Press to soak in the excess water and gently reshape the veil
  10. Hang the veil to air dry


How to Clean A Yellowed Wedding Veil?

Some bridal veils are vintage as they are their family’s heirloom. However, over time, these veils can turn yellow, so this is how you can whiten a yellowed wedding veil and restore it:


Lemon juice

Mix one cup of water with a tablespoon of lemon juice and prepare enough for soaking the veil entirely. Be gentle in washing the veil, then rinse it thoroughly. 



Mix a teaspoon of starch in boiling water. Use this solution for soaking the yellowed veil and rinse thoroughly. 


Consider a cleaner

If you feel that the vintage veil is too fragile for handling, it’s better to leave it to the experts to clean. Some may be restored with bleach and hot water at home, but if you’re unsure, find a cleaner in your area that specializes in handling vintage fabrics. 


Can You Wash A Veil In The Washing Machine?

Veils are often made with delicate fabrics and details like tulle and lace that can get ripped in the washing machine. Therefore, it’s best to hand wash the wedding veil because you can swish it gently. 


Can You Dry Clean A Veil?

Similar to some wedding dresses, you can dry clean a veil safely. This method is especially appropriate for those made with silk or satin, and professional dry cleaners often specialize in handling them. 


How Do You Soften A Wedding Veil?

A stiff veil can be softened by hanging it in the shower after you leave the hot water running to create steam. You can also use a portable steamer onto the veil as long as it’s about 6 inches away to avoid getting the veil wet. 

Read how to steam a wedding dress as the process is similar. 



And that’s it! We’ve just learned how to clean wedding veil by soaking it in gentle detergent and lukewarm water. 

Make sure that you rinse and dry it thoroughly as well. However, vintage veils should be handled with extra care as they might’ve turned brittle over time. 

Consider an expert when you’re unsure of how to handle delicate veils.

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