How To Clean Vomit From Mattress? In 8 Easy Steps!

Having a party at home with friends and family is all fun and games until someone vomits; how to clean vomit from mattress would all you’ll be asking.

All you have to do is to dress up, get drinks and have fun.

how to clean vomit from mattress

That’s how you enjoy the real party. Right after that, the party would get exciting as more people arrive.

Getting your family and friends drunk is a way where they couldn’t hide any secrets.

All the problems in the world somehow fade at the moment.

But imagine when you were playing truth or dare on your bed.

And one of your friends drank way too much alcohol that it caused him to throw up in your mattress.

Can you still imagine how fun it is?

Do not panic because you have it under control.

Just follow these steps, and you’ll know what to do when a friend of yours vomits on your mattress.


Steps To Clean Vomit From Mattress

Vomit is not so good when you can smell it, and even the looks are so disgusting.

It will be hell for you if you smell vomit in your room and even on your mattress. That’s worse.

As to how fast-absorbing your mattress is, you should do something immediately.

You don’t know what to do?

Keep reading, and you’ll find the answers to your questions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean vomit from mattress:


Step #1. Gather things to use

You can’t clean a vomit using just your hands, of course. You will need few things for this.

When you want to clean, you must have the equipment to do it rightly.

You’ll be needing an old rag or paper towels. Your gloves, mask, and other good scented oils if you wish.

A plate or bowl (disposable), a mild detergent to avoid harsh contact on the skin, alcohol (disinfect), baking soda, and white vinegar.

You might be curious if where and how you will use these. Just wait and see until the magic happens.


Step #2. Scoop out the vomit

Right exactly where your family, friend throw up, scoop it using the paper plate or paper cup you have, your gloves, and mask to avoid getting disgusted.

Throw it in the garbage bin immediately and wash your hands right after.


Step #3. Remove all the cover

It is vital to remove all the bed and pillow covers.

Why? It may be just in your beddings or mattress, but how sure are you that it did not reach the other stuff in your bed?

Bacteria spreads fast. It is better to be sure. Remove the covers of everything that is on your bed.


Step #4. Wash the sheets

After removing all the sheets, all you have to do is put them in a washing machine.

It is essential to use a good-smelling but mild soap. It will affect your skin later on.

Make sure to get it soaked and cleaned very much.

It is the most important thing since it is the top layer of where you will be lying down.


Step #5. Cleaning the mattress

Right after you wash your sheets and your mattress is left bare, start spot cleaning it.

Have a detergent and water mixture and slight dub it in the area where your mattress is stained.

Use your rug to do this and gently pat or rub the mattress.

Make sure you are not putting a lot of the mixture on it.


Step #6. Use a vinegar solution

Prepare a vinegar solution having 1 / 4 water and 3 / 4 vinegar in your solution.

It will help deodorize the stain and the smell left in your mattress.

Use a sprayer to control the amount of it getting through the mattress.

Use another rug to do this step. Dub it in the area where there are stains and remaining odor.

Repeat steps until odor and stain are no longer visible. Do not worry about the smell because you should eliminate it once the mixture is dry.


Step #7. Disinfect to make sure

It is important to be sure of something. Indeed spraying rubbing alcohol could be at least one right way to secure that all the bacteria was gone.

It is important to spray it, covering all the areas that you stained earlier.

Please wait for it to dry, or you can use your blow drier and fan to help you dry it faster.


Step #8. Put back your sheets

You do not have an extra set of sheets and covers.

You can put those washed pieces you got earlier if it is already dried. That’s the only thing you could do at the moment.

Be patient and remember everything so that you don’t need to panic the next time this happens.



Having fun is always one of our wants in life.

Sometimes, we get to enjoy it too much that we couldn’t control what will happen right after it.

Too much food or liquor could turn your stomach upside down. Worse if you already in your bed wanting to rest but you started throwing up.

Good thing we have answered the question “How to clean vomit from mattress?”

At least you have ideas and knowledge on how to clean the mess you made or your family and friends made after having so much fun.

I hope that with these steps, you can maintain the quality of your mattress.