How To Clean Under The Fridge? 4 Best Methods!

Does your fridge has a stinky smell from underneath and pondered, “how to clean under the fridge?” The most basic method to clean underneath your fridge is to move it away from its position first. Then, clean up the dirt and dust that accumulated on the floor where you placed the refrigerator.

When you cannot move the fridge, use a stick, broom, or vacuum cleaner to get the waste out under the refrigerator. Every time you clean your fridge, you forget to clean under it most of the time.

how to clean under the fridge

Different kinds of trash gather underneath, which may attract pests to your fridge, leading you to another problem. Leaving this area unclean for a long time may also cause some issues with your fridge. However, if you think of what methods to use in accessing underneath the refrigerator, keep reading as we discuss the effective techniques!


Methods To Clean Under The Fridge

You could use several methods to clean up the dirt underneath the fridge quickly. Dirt and dust accumulate under the fridge if left unclean for a long time, so start washing off the trash as soon as possible. It is recommended to clean beneath your fridge at least once every three months to minimize the build-up of dirt. With that, here are the four effective methods on how to clean under the fridge.


Method #1. Using a long stick

There are times that you cannot move the fridge away from its place, so you have to settle with using other materials to clean the garbage under it. For the first method, you need to get yourself a stick, which is long enough to reach the end part of the area where the fridge is placed. Using this stick, slide it across the floor to wipe off the trash beneath the refrigerator.


Method #2. Using a broom

One of the materials you can use to clean off the dust under the fridge is a broom. It is more challenging for you to access the area underneath the refrigerator but way easier to remove the dust gathered below when you use the broom. Like how you used the stick to remove the dirt, insert the broom in the tiny space between the fridge and the floor, and slide it outwards.


Method #3. Using a vacuum cleaner

When you want to clean beneath the fridge more quickly and conveniently, you may use a vacuum cleaner to remove the trash. You may or may not move the refrigerator when using a vacuum cleaner. However, it is recommended to pull out the fridge to ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the area under it. If you choose not to move the refrigerator, vacuum the floor through the gap between the floor and fridge.


Method #4. Cleaning a fridge with grills

There are some models of refrigerators that have grills on the base, which let the air flow in and out to keep the coil running and in good condition. Since the grills do not allow you to access the floor below the fridge, you have to remove this first before cleaning the area, only if you cannot move the refrigerator away from its position.

Moreover, if you can pull out the fridge from its place, you may clean the floor where you placed the refrigerator first before removing the grills.

To start with, unplug the refrigerator from any power to avoid unnecessary injuries. Next, open the fridge door to remove the base grill using both of your hands. Once you removed it, use a brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt and dust trapped underneath the fridge. Afterward, use a vacuum to clean up the remaining dust thoroughly.

You may also try to slide a wrapping paper tube on the vacuum cleaner. Set some holes on the sides of the tube and insert them into the vacuum cleaner tool. Next, slide the vacuum under the fridge so you can remove the dirt from the coils. Then, use a soft-bristled brush and clean up the remaining dirt and dust.

After cleaning the coils under the fridge, start washing the base grille. Next, apply a cleaning solution while scrubbing the base grill to ensure that you thoroughly get rid of the dust. Once you have cleaned it, dry it up and place it back in the fridge.

Now that you have finished cleaning the base grill, you may vacuum the floor where you placed the fridge. Then, return the refrigerator to its original position and clean off any dirt left on the area where you cleaned the grills. Plug the fridge back, and you are all set!


Final Words

And those are the four effective methods on how to clean under the fridge! Even though you clean your kitchen regularly, there is always one area that is left unclean. Cleaning under the fridge could take much work, but it is necessary to maintain your refrigerator and avoid other parts from getting damaged. Furthermore, regularly cleaning beneath the fridge could get rid of roaches from getting into your fridge.

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