How To Clean The LG Waveforce Washer? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you planning to clean your LG washer but do not know how to clean the LG waveforce washer? This article will get you through some simple steps so you can clean your LG washer quickly and effortlessly.

LG washing machines are well-liked by buyers. Therefore, they are created to last, but they also perform a wide range of functions.

how to clean the LG waveforce washer

LG WaveForce is a simple way to increase drum movement and high-pressure water jets to provide excellent washing and cleaning performance while remaining gentle on garments. Cleaning the tub every month with a tub clean function can help minimize the chances of bad smells, washing powder, and residue buildup and maximize washing operating efficiency. Learn more about cleaning the LG washer by reading this article.


Steps To Clean A LG Waveforce Washer

Here are some easy steps on how to clean the LG waveforce washer: 


Step #1. Tub cleaning

Perform the following maintenance procedures before starting the tub cleaning cycle. First, remove the dispenser and thoroughly clean it, then use bleach and water to clean the gasket around the tub’s opening and inside the tub. After that, manually drain the pump filter. When you’ve completed all of these steps, you’re ready to begin the cleaning cycle. To use the clean tub feature, first, you must buy a tub cleaner which is commonly liquid bleach or powder clean, and tablet cleaner.

Depending on the type of cleaning solution, each of these tub cleaners is used differently. In all these cases, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Load liquid bleach into a compartment labeled “liquid bleach.” Lift out and set aside the liquid detergent cup and tray and the dry powder cleaner in the main compartment of the washing machine for the powder cleaner. Put the tablet instantly into the washer to purify it; do not insert the tablet cleaner in the dispenser holder. Ensure the washer tub is unoccupied before beginning the cleaning process. To start your washing machine, press the power button. To clean the tub:

  1. Turn the cycle switch handle or push the tub wash cycle button to start the indicator.
  2. Click the start button after closing the lid or tray. The tub wash indicator will remain, and TCL will be shown on the monitor screen.
  3. To eliminate any traces, wipe the gate clean after every tub cleanup and washing cycle, including inside the door shield.
  4. Leave the door wide open to enable the inside of the washer to dry to help avoid odors. Laundry must not be filled while the tub clean is being used, and if you start noticing a repeated smell, run the tub clean two times and once per week for three weeks.

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Step #2. Clean the dispenser

Lift the dispenser forward until it comes to a halt. Discover the depressed tab that is located in between bleach and fabric conditioner compartments. Pull the washing powder tray out of the laundry basket while pressing down the tab. Look inside the chamber after discarding the dispenser tray to see if anything is blocking the movement of liquid into the container. After removing the liquid soap dispenser, separate the adapters from the dish and wash each attachment with hot water and a small gentle brush. Clean the tray thoroughly, such as the bottom. Next, clean the inside of the dispenser thoroughly while the tray is removed. After washing and rinsing the cleanser dispenser, reattach the fittings and replace the dispenser with the washing machine.


Step #3. Clean the inlet filters 

Turn off the power at the wall fitting. To switch off the washer, press the power button and disconnect it before washing. Switch off both water nozzles entirely. Disassemble the cold and hot water paths from the washer’s back. There would be some water left in the hydrants after turning off the water system. Place a bowl beneath the hoses to catch any excess water. With simple suggestions, lift the filtration out of the nozzle valves with needle-nose hand tools or another gripping tool. Soak those in white vinegar or a lemon scale cleanser for a few minutes. Take better care not to harm the water intake. Thoroughly wash in hot water until all traces of buildup have been removed.


Step #4. Clean the surface of the washer

For exterior cleaning, use warm water, non-abrasive detergent, and clean the exterior using any soft piece of cloth. Be careful and not use any methylated spirits or similar products such as steel wool, as they can cause damage to the outer part of the machine. It’s best to also know why does my washer stink.


It’s A Wrap! 

This article provides you with a complete procedure on how to clean the LG waveforce washer; after going through all the steps stated above, if there is still a smell or the washer is not clean as per the requirement, please call the LG customer service for help. It can be a fault that needs to be resolved immediately. You may also want to read about what is mildew, really? the difference between mold and mildew.

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