How To Clean Tempur Pedic Pillow. 3 Best Ways

There are three techniques to know how to clean Tempur Pedic pillow correctly. You need to know what to do when there are stains and spills on your pillow, if it has a smell, and how to wash it. This article will discuss all three ways to help you keep your Tempur Pedic pillow clean and pristine. 

You are probably familiar with how to break in a Tempur Pedic pillow, but caring for this product does not stop upon its arrival. Over time, you need to clean it to lengthen its lifespan and effectiveness. Furthermore, pillow hygiene is necessary for good sleep health. 


Everything You Need To Know How To Clean Tempur Pedic Pillow

Before anything else, you should know that Tempurpedic noted that it’s best not to wash the Tempur material. Instead, you can freshen your Tempur Pedic pillow by removing the cover and pillowcase and then roll and unroll the pillow in both directions. This will invite air inside the material and keep the pillow fresh. 


Stain and spill removal

What should you do if you have stains or accidentally spilled on your Tempur Pedic pillow? Do not worry because you can still recover your pillow. It’s best to dry the pillow immediately to keep it from getting damp and developing mold. 

Start by absorbing the moisture with a clean towel to prevent the liquid from seeping deeper. Then, place the pillow somewhere ventilated. This should allow the Tempur Pedic pillow to dry completely, but you can also hang it outside on a sunny day or add a fan in the room to hasten drying. 

For stains, use a cloth submerged in a mixture of mild detergent and cold water. Pat the stain out of the pillow with a dabbing motion until the stain is eliminated. Then, use another dry towel to get rid of the moisture before drying it as instructed above. 



If you want to deodorize your Tempur Pedic pillow, you can aerate it outside. As mentioned earlier, you can roll and unroll the pillow on both sides to introduce air inside the material. Then, you can place it outside and let the sun eliminate the odor. 

You don’t want to use the dryer to aerate or fluff the Tempur Pedic pillows because the material can get damaged. It can deform the pillow, and you’ll lose the malleability of the material. You shouldn’t also use a chemical cleaner because it might be too harsh. 

Instead, sprinkle baking soda over the pillow and let it sit for a day or shorter. Then, vacuum the baking soda off. If the odor still lingers, you can mist the pillow with a solution of vinegar and water, let it soak for some hours, and then dry with a towel. 



You can’t wash the pillow itself because the Tempur material can get damaged from moisture. Instead, check the pillow label and wash the pillow cover as instructed. You can usually use the washing machine to clean your pillow cover. 

Select the cold temperature setting and then air dry the cover before use. You can also use a cool setting to dry the cover in the dryer but never select a high heat setting. Furthermore, avoid using chlorine and other harsh cleaners even on the cover. 


What Is A Tempur Pedic Pillow?

Perhaps you’re wondering what makes the Tempur Pedic pillow unique that you have to remember the cleaning guidelines above. The quick answer is because this product uses the so-called Tempur material. This unique memory foam is excellent in relieving pressure, supporting the body, and conforming to the user. 

Each pillow provides various firmness and materials to accommodate different sleepers, sleep positions, and comfort needs. But much like any memory foam pillow, Tempur pillows can get damaged from moisture, extreme heat, harsh handling, and chemicals. To keep your pillow in its best state, follow the care guidelines above. 


Types of Tempur Pedic pillows

Tempurpedic offers different rectangular pillows in various sizes, such as standard or travel pillows in different firmness and shapes. However, you can also get their contoured pillows with a unique ergonomic shape to support different body regions. Furthermore, you can divide the pillows into those that only use the Tempur material or those mixed with other materials to enhance the feel and experience during use.



Keeping our pillows clean is crucial for our sleep quality, health, and longevity of the pillows themselves. However, you need to know how to clean Tempur Pedic pillow correctly because they might get damaged from specific materials and practices. Never wash the pillow itself and avoid using harsh detergents and heat on the pillow cover. 

To remove spills, use a cloth to absorb them and let the pillow dry outside. You can also soak a cloth in water and detergent to dab the stain off. On the other hand, aerating the pillow outside or letting the baking soda sit on the surface should eliminate odors. 

Overall, keeping your Tempur Pedic pillow clean is relatively easy as long as you follow the guidelines discussed. More so, use the appropriate pillow cover that you can wash instead of the pillow itself. This way, you can always feel secure using a clean pillow while also protecting the material to help it last longer.