How To Clean Stainless Steel Stove? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean stainless steel stove? It’s best to disinfect and shine stainless steel appliances to show them their full potential. In three easy ways, you can, and these things you will learn as you delve into this article further.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to fail to maintain the cleanliness of the stove despite our best efforts.

how to clean stainless steel stove

If not appropriately treated, despite their name, stainless steel stoves can be difficult to keep clean. When cleaning a stainless steel cooktop, you must use extreme care to avoid scratching or discoloring the surface. Use common household materials to create a homemade cleaning solution. With this straightforward approach, you may have your natural cleanser to clean tough stains like grease, burnt-on dirt, and rust with ease. There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so read further!


What Are The Things Needed?

  • White vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • A sponge
  • Any soft cloth


Steps To Clean Stainless Steel Stove

You should clean stainless steel surfaces by wiping the metal grain’s opposite direction to remove fingerprints. Always work with the grain of the wood while cleaning, wiping, or polishing. This aids in surface cleaning while yet preserving the natural appearance. Here are the steps on how to clean stainless steel stove:


Step #1. Clean the stove with a damp cloth

Wipe away any stray food particles that fell to the bottom of the pan while cooking on a gas stove. White vinegar, half-filled in a spray bottle, may be used to disinfect and clean various surfaces. Because of its acidity, vinegar is an excellent cleaning and lubricant. Before moving on to the next stage, let the vinegar do its thing for around five up to10 minutes.


Step #2. Top the vinegar with bicarb soda

Both the cooktop and oven are inappropriate places to prepare this dish. Use only a few drops of dish soap at a time while cleaning dishes by hand. Cleaning will commence once you’ve pre-soaked a sponge in water for several minutes. If you want to prevent scratching your stove, wipe it using the softer sponge side.


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Step #3. Wipe the stove to dry

Use a damp towel to wipe off the entire stove after removing all of the oil and dirt. Then, finally, use a soft, dry towel to clean up the spot. Avoid these cleaning blunders to keep your stove looking new. Here are the secrets to making your stove and oven look like new again.


Alternative Way Of Cleaning Stainless Steel Stove

If you’re just getting started, mix baking soda and water first. Depending on the size of your stovetop, you may need a more or less cleaning solution, but you should only use a cup or two. To make a thick paste, combine baking soda with water in a small dish and stir until combined.

Even though baking soda works just as well on its own, it’s sure to adhere to the stovetop’s surface, enhancing its ability to remove tough stains.

To get it ready, cover your stovetop with the paste and spread it out evenly. Then, apply it on your stovetop with a wall paintbrush. Keep your stove’s inside in excellent condition by leaving the gas exit openings exposed during cleaning. Before you can move on to the next cleaning step, you need time for the baking soda to solidify. Using a spray bottle, apply vinegar to the cooktop. The stubborn grime and grease on your stovetop will keep on melting as a result of the sizzling response.

On the stovetop, sprinkle some vinegar and baking soda to see how they react. Then, use a fresh cloth to wipe the stovetop clean. Once the mixture serves its purpose, all that’s left to do is wipe the stove clean. Even if the stains don’t come out the second time, try the method again. If you’re pressed for time, use a kitchen degreaser or multipurpose cleaner to shine it up quickly. You may also read how to clean stainless steel stovetop.


What To Avoid When Cleaning Stainless Steel Stove?

Even though stainless steel is challenging and durable material, improper cleaning chemicals might rust prematurely. So when cleaning it, stay away from the following items:

  • Stainless steel should never be exposed to bleach since it contains chlorine, which will corrode the metal.
  • Do not use any cleaning products that include chloride. Make this a rule of thumb. Use plenty of water to clean any chlorine residue from the stainless steel stove as soon as possible.
  • The steel’s protective coating may be damaged if you use harsh cleaning agents and cleaning cloths with ammonia, ethanol, or hard water.
  • Always use softer sponges and towels while cleaning.


What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Stovetop Regularly?

After each usage, wipe your stove off with a moist microfiber towel to keep it looking new. Remember that if it is not well-maintained, it will necessitate more frequent cleaning. Clean your equipment correctly after each use to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. You’ll save time and effort by cleaning your kitchen equipment because it’s less dirty due to more regular wiping. If you’re renting, especially, make sure your stove is in working order before you move in.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to clean stainless steel stove. You have to take care not to scratch it when cleaning it. Stay away from items that include chlorine and abrasive cleaning pads. Keep your stove clean by wiping it down after each use to save time and effort. It may be a good idea to read related articles; understand how to clean burnt stove top and how to clean stove top elements.

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