How To Clean Silk Sofa: Complete Maintenance Guide

It’s easy to learn how to clean silk sofa because the process is only three steps. You start with vacuuming the couch, giving it a quick clean with a damp cloth, and then drying the upholstery. However, staining can occur if some practices are done haphazardly. 

We recommend you to continue reading below regarding the dos and don’ts of silk sofa maintenance. It’s also worth noting that we’ve written another guide for cleaning a velvet sofa if you have such material. After all, both silk and velvet are luxurious to touch and look at, but proper maintenance is critical. 

How To Clean Silk Sofa


How To Clean Silk Sofa Upholstery Correctly


Step 1. Vacuum the sofa

  • The best way to clean a silk couch is by vacuuming it 
  • Install the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner to help you reach the tight spaces throughout the sofa
  • Vacuum one section at a time and ensure that you’re also cleaning the cracks between the seat cushions and backrest and the space between the cushions and armrests 
  • Consider vacuuming the silk furniture every week as part of maintenance and prevent the build-up of dirt and dust that might stain and cause odors

Step 2. Clean the upholstery with a damp cloth

  • Find the care tag on your silk sofa, typically underneath the cushion covers
  • Follow the upholstery cleaning code of the manufacturer for the specific type of silk and materials you have on the sofa
  • Code W means water-based cleaning is recommended, code S requires the use of solvents, and code X furniture is best vacuum-cleaned only
  • Most types of silk materials on sofas are safe to be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Make a cleaning solution from mild laundry detergent and cold water and soak a soft cloth in the mixture
  • Squeeze out the excess liquid and wipe the whole sofa
  • If unsure about the compatible products with your silk sofa, test the damp cloth on a small spot first and wait for any reactions after a minute or two

Step 3. Allow the sofa to dry

  • After wiping the silk sofa with a damp cloth, allow it to air-dry
  • Do not oversaturate the silk sofa with any liquids and if possible, place it somewhere well-ventilated
  • If you can’t bring the couch outside, open the doors and windows in the room to allow air circulation
  • Do not place the silk sofa in direct sunlight or any source of heat like vents and blow dryers as it can get damaged and shrinkage

Is It Okay To Get Silk Wet?

It should be okay to get silk wet, especially if the manufacturer’s care tag allows it. However, there are different types of silk fabric, and some are more fragile when it comes to getting wet. For example, silk materials can soften, bleed, shrink, or even stain when they get wet. 

Therefore, if you need to clean the silk upholstery deeply, it should be handled with care and not soaked with water. If the sofa also uses a silk fabric that’s not pre-shrunk, then it’s prone to shrinkage when wet. Furthermore, dye transfer is possible, or you might need to remove water stains on the sofa if the material is incompatible with water-based cleaning. 


How Do You Get Stains Out Of Silk?

  1. Address spills and stains as soon as possible because they will be trickier to remove after setting deeply into the silk fibers
  2. Use a cloth to soak up the excess liquid, but do not rub or press hard on the material as it can spread the mess more
  3. Test the silk upholstery if it will bleed by pressing a damp white cloth on a small area and checking for color transfer
  4. Check the silk’s label for the recommended cleaning products
  5. Some stained silk fabrics are best spot treated with white vinegar diluted in lukewarm water at equal parts because using soapy water will require more dabbing and rinsing water that can damage the material
  6. For removing grease stains on the sofa, soak up the oils first with cornstarch or baking soda to make removal easier
  7. After removing the stains, allow the silk to dry, but don’t expose it to heat and high temperatures

How Do You Restore Shine To Silk?

  1. Read the silk material’s care tag for any special indications 
  2. Create a mixture of vinegar and warm water where every gallon of water is equal to ¼ cup of white vinegar
  3. Test the silk with the solution by spraying a cloth with it and dabbing it on the material
  4. If there is no color transfer or change in the texture, proceed
  5. Remove the silk covers and soak them in the vinegar solution
  6. Rinse with clean water and lay flat over a towel
  7. Place another towel on top and press to remove the excess liquid
  8. Hang dry the silk


An eye-catching piece of furniture to have in the living room is silk. First, however, you must understand how to clean silk sofa to maintain its luxurious feel and look. In general, vacuuming is enough, but you can also use water and mild detergent. 

The emphasis is necessary on checking the sofa’s cleaning code because some silk upholstery types might be better dry cleaned only. And that’s it. We hope this guide helped you decide if maintaining a silk couch is something you can manage. 


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