How To Clean Siding Without Pressure Washer? 6 Awesome Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean siding without pressure washer? If your pressure washer is to be repaired or doesn’t function well, this article will guide you to clean your siding at home without using a pressure washer. Read and follow the easy steps!

There are different types of house siding, so if you are planning to clean it today or before the day of the event at home, apply these steps and tips that I have picked for you.

how to clean siding without pressure washer

First, you have to do is to identify what kind of siding you have a home. As there are various types of siding, you might hesitate on how and where to start. It will help you determine the proper steps in cleaning. Aside from that, incorrect cleaning of sidings may damage it or your wall. There is so much more to learn about this topic, so read further!


Tips To Clean Siding Without Pressure Washer

Before cleaning your slides, you must ensure that the appliances, electric outlets, windows, and others are good to go. Water may cause electric accidents. Follow these few tips to protect the electric devices or furniture inside the house and avoid any damages! Here are the tips on how to clean siding without pressure washer:


#1. Unplug wires and cover the outlets

Make sure that you unplug all the wires inside. Homeowners installed some electric outlets near the window, which is prone to water while cleaning. It is best to cover the appliances, electric outlets, and furniture with plastic. Clothes quickly absorb the water and couldn’t protect it from getting damp or wet.


#2.  Close windows

Close the windows and lock them tightly. Loose or open windows may cause water to overflow inside the house, which is not a good idea. So, make sure that the windows are tightly closed.


#3. Cover landscape features

If you have installed landscape features outside, you can cover them with a tarp. It will prevent them from soaking with water and damages. It will protect your landscape as well as save your energy from rearrangements or cleaning it too.


#4. Remove obstacles

Check the siding around the house. Remove all the obstacles leaning or reclining into the siding and place them in the storage room or space. Place it far from your siding wall. Clear all possible bushes that may hinder you from cleaning. 


#5. Check your siding 

There are various kinds of siding such as vinyl, insulated, fiber cement, wood, and clean wood. The vinyl and insulated siding must be cleaned with soap and water and shouldn’t wash with a pressure washer. Suing pressure washers in both sidings will likely cause them to break, crack or tear. Therefore, knowing the capabilities of your siding is very important. If you know what kind of siding you have at home, you can search for the manufacturer’s website and how to clean their products correctly.

You must also check for any holes or damages that hide or unnoticed. To achieve a better looking, cleaned, and protect your siding from creating further damage to your wood wall, then you must practice cleaning all the dust and dirt that builds up.


#6. Test your solution or detergent

Cleaning is not the only goal you have to set, but also protecting your siding. There are numerous brands of solutions or detergents that you can use. Unfortunately, not all of them are applicable. If this is your first time to clean and purchase, test your solution or product first. Clean a small area, and identify the changes it makes. For example, does the detergent affect the paint or color of the siding, or does it look stunning? If you notice unwelcomed effects, buy other products. You may also want to read about how to clean metal roof with pressure washer and how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer.


Steps In Cleaning Siding Without Pressure Washer

By using a pressure washer, cleaning a siding is fast and easy. Because of the water pressure, you can easily detach the dirt and dust from the siding. But, what if you have not purchased pressure water or broken? Then, you won’t have any other choice but to clean it and brush it manually.


Step #1. Remove cob webs and dirt

First, remove the dirt and dust by using a broomstick, cloth, or brush. Scratch it and apply the cleaning solution. You can use a cleaning wand for the higher area. If you have no cleaning wand, you can use a brush and attach it to a broomstick or any solid and long stick to reach out to several areas. Aside from this, you can also use a latter to reach. Know how to get rid of dust cobswebs at home.


Step #2. Scrub with a wire brush

You can use a standard brush in stain areas in the siding that are hard to remove. Then, use a wire brush to scratch it out. It can also remove tough mildew on fiber cement siding.


Step #3. Rinse

After you brush all the stains, molds, or mildews, rinse it off. It is the last step but, in some events, rinsing leads to a disaster. In some cases, they forgot to avoid damaged sidings or walls. Sometimes, water enters the house through holes.


It’s A Wrap!

Cleaning the siding with your bare hands is tiring. After seeing that you cleaned it well and removed all the dirt is a fulfillment. Upon cleaning the siding without using a pressure washer, you must also take precautions to avoid accidents. Now you know on how to clean siding without pressure washer.

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