How To Clean Sidewalk Without A Pressure Washer? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean sidewalk without a pressure washer? Gather the tools, mix the cleaning solution, inspect & remove the large debris, spray the sidewalk with water, and scrub using a cleaner.

First, scrub the tricky areas or stains where mildew grows. Someone should hold the ladder for you while you stand on it. Next, rinse the hose until the sidewalk dries up completely. Repeat the same process when needed. Finally, return the items and press the power back on.

how to clean sidewalk without a pressure washer

Clean the sidewalk even with no pressure washer so that it will look clean outside. It then increases the curb appeal and enhances the value of your home. In addition, bug infestation and mold growth decrease further. Even without a pressure washer, you can still achieve a cleaner sidewalk with household items. Well, if you want to know these things in detail, then read further!


Steps To Clean Sidewalk Without A Pressure Washer

So, you want to know how to clean sidewalk without a pressure washer? Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Preparation

Prepare a brush and trisodium phosphate, which you can buy in hardware stores. Include water, a hose, a bucket, a ladder, and elbow grease. Scrub the entire home exterior with your hand, although it requires more effort. But yes, many believe that you still get good results with the use of a pressure washer. However, it may give more damage to the sidewalk with the help of the machine.


Step #2. Combine the cleaning solution

Take time to read the directions on the trisodium phosphate and then combine it with water. Use the mixture for cleaning. Add in a mildewcide if there is mildew on the sidewalk. Then, set the mixture aside. Give the sidewalk again a brush over before cleaning it.


Step #3. Examine and eliminate large debris

Choose one side and clean it in a day, be it in thirds or halves. This way, you will not overdo it, and you will not injure yourself. Next, climb up on the siding that you will be working on after you climb the latter. Check the sidewalk for some possible damages. Scrub it lightly using a wire brush that helps clear off loose dirt and debris that stick to the sidewalk.


Step #4. Spray water and scrub the sidewalk with cleaner

Spray one section of the sidewalk with a garden hose. Spray it in a downward motion that avoids water under the sidewalk, resulting in rot and damage. Then, use a scrub brush and water cleaner or TSP when scrubbing the sidewalk. Use a hose when you rinse the sidewalk and repeat the cleaning with a fresh cleansing solution. Do the same process on every wall section. Continue onto the next wall. While this is never easy, this can still give you the best results.


Tips To Clean Sidewalk Without A Pressure Washer

Here are some of the best tips to follow on cleaning the sidewalk without a pressure washer.

  • Clean the sidewalk but use a cleaning solution that won’t harm it. Consider the kind of sidewalk that you have, like wood material. The cleaning solution to use should do better with wood, too.
  • Clean one section at a time. If you clean the entire house altogether, it will surely be a daunting task. Instead, continue into other sections that you think are more manageable.
  • Spray a dirty sidewalk twice before you use a cleaning solution. Thus, you’ll get cleaner siding after. Next, remove dirt beginning the rinsing stage.
  • Never make use of a thorny bristle brush, as it only leaves scratches on your siding. And, it might make your house even worse than before.
  • Never perform the cleaning task in the middle of the day. Or else, it might get the cleaning solution quickly dried, especially on high heat. Thus, it’s going to be difficult rinsing it off for that promising result.
  • Use multiple ladders that will save time in moving ladders consistently while you continue cleaning. For one, this ladder-type will provide safe access to different heights.


The Causes Of A Dirty Siding And The Solutions For Them

Clean your sidewalk to help avoid scratches on the sealant or paint. For one, it keeps mold from reaching your home and eventually rotting the drywall, framing, and insulation. Take care of your home so that it takes good care of you, too. The same is true when you do it for your home’s exterior.


#1. Pollen, dirt, and particles

Pollen, dirt, and other particles often cover the sidewalk. Cars driving by your house, wind storms, and mowing lawn cause these particles to leave your sidewalk dirty. Dirt will then collect on the surface. Get rid of this dirt on your sidewalk to remove particles and brighten the exterior. Brush down the sidewalk with a hose and non-abrasive material. Use a soft cloth to move through the siding’s planks.  Move from one side to another if the sidewalk is stucco, stone, or brick.


#2. Mold and mildew

Moisture is still a cause for the mold and mildew that stays on the exterior. This moisture also comes from the sugars or dirt from plants and trees. Humidity, rain, & other moisture cause the exterior sidewalk to get in contact with the water. Mix bleach and water to spray or douse onto the affected surface. Bleach can kill a mold that cleans the surface. Use a sponge or non-abrasive brush when scrubbing the residue. Extra work can bring a clean brick, stone, or wood. Be meticulous when you clean them out. Know how to use a pressure washer to remove mold and mildew


#3. Grease or oil

Grilling with family can make a sidewalk appear dirty. The use of oil, grease and other items that splatter onto the sidewalk make it look neglected. Prepare warm water with dish soap and vinegar when you remove the grease. Scrub its area using a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse off the area after.


It’s A Wrap!

Keep these tips in mind on how to clean sidewalk without a pressure washer that should be part of your routine cleaning as a significant part of preventative maintenance of the home exterior. Keep the sidewalk fresh and looking clean. Make it look significant, beautiful, and long-lasting! You may also want to read about how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer and how to clean concrete without pressure washer.

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