How To Clean Pressure Washer Nozzle? 6 Easy Steps!

While deep cleaning your pressure washer, you must be thinking about how to clean pressure washer nozzle? The dust and debris accumulated inside the nozzle might not be visible, but it causes your pressure washer to stop working.  

A pressure washer is an essential appliance required for cleaning large areas like the exterior of the house driveways, patio, sidewalk, fence, and many more. To clean your house, you will need a good functioning pressure washer.  

how to clean pressure washer nozzle

A dirty or damaged pressure washer will fail to do its job. The nozzle is an essential component of the pressure washer. It creates pressure in the water flow that hits the cleaning surfaces. There are five different types of nozzles. All the nozzles create different degrees of pressure. Therefore, you will have to be careful while selecting nozzle for cleaning surfaces. It is essential to understand the cleaning procedure of the nozzle. Not knowing the steps can damage the component.  


Types Of Pressure Washer Nozzle 

Before cleaning the nozzle, you must understand the types of nozzles you have. Typically, the pressure washer comes with five types of nozzles. The zero-degree nozzle is represented; by red color. This nozzle releases the direct and single stream of water with the highest pressure. The zero-degree nozzle is used for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete or metal. 

The fifteen-degree nozzle is yellow. It sprays water at a fifteen-degree angle. Therefore, reducing pressure. This is used for cleaning the concrete floor, drains, and roof of the house.  

The twenty-five-degree nozzle is used for everyday cleaning purposes. It is represented by green color. You can use this nozzle to wash the patio, sidewalks, deck, and outdoor furniture.  

The forty-degree nozzle is white. It is used for cleaning delicate surfaces like windows and glass. It is also used for rinsing off the detergent from the surface. Lastly, the sixty-five-degree nozzle, represented by black color. This nozzle is used for spraying detergent on surfaces.  

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Steps To Clean Pressure Washer Nozzle 

You need to understand how to clean pressure washer nozzle. The most common cause of your pressure washer stopping working is a clogged nozzle. The clean and unclogged nozzle is the main requirement for the proper functioning of the pressure washer.  

Remember that nozzle comes in various sizes, as mentioned above. Therefore, the cleaning procedure might differ for each size. Some nozzles have bigger holes and, the other has small holes. The equipment required for cleaning the nozzles comes in a pressure washer cleaning kit. You will require a nozzle cleaner for clearing big nozzles. Additionally, you will need a thick wire to clear the debris. The clogged dust and debris from the nozzle can be removed by following the steps given below.  


Step #1. Remove the nozzle 

To clear out all the accumulated dust and debris, you will have to remove the nozzle. Cleaning the nozzle when attached to the pressure washer might worsen the problem. You might need a wrench to lose the nozzle from the pressure washer. Once the nozzle is loosened enough, rotate and remove it.  

Inspect the nozzle, you might be able to see some accumulated gunk in there. Sometimes the pebble might be jabbed inside the nozzle. Shake the nozzle a few times to remove it. To remove the debris from the hose, start the pressure washer and let it run for a few minutes. It will eliminate the gunk and the trapped air from the hose and the tip.  


Step #2. Switch off the pressure washer 

After flushing the hose and the tip, switch off the pressure washer and turn off the water supply. 


Step #3. Use cleaner to clean the nozzle 

To remove all the accumulated gunk from the nozzle, you will have to clean it. You can wash the nozzle with simple clean water. But to clean it completely use a cleaner. You can make the cleaner by using things available at home. Take two cups of warm water to add one cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid to it. Soak the nozzles in this cleaner for fifteen minutes. The vinegar will soften all the accumulated gunk inside the nozzle. The vinegar will also help in removing the rust from the nozzle. Here are 5 incredibly simple DIY RV cleaner recipes.


Step #4. Use wire to remove the gunk

Grab the nozzle cleaning tool and the wire. Using the nozzle cleaning tool clean the nozzle from the inside. You can easily clean the big nozzle with the cleaning tool.  For a smaller nozzle, you will require a piece of wire. Poke the wire from the nozzle holes. Go in a back-and-forth motion. It will remove build-up debris from the nozzle holes. Use a stiff brush to clean the exterior of the nozzle. This will give your nozzle a new shiny look. 


Step #5. Rinse the nozzle 

To rinse the nozzle soak it in one cup of warm water and add two tablespoons of baking soda to it. Let it sit for five minutes then wash it off with clean water. 


Step #6. Check the nozzle 

Connect the nozzle to the pressure washer and check the flow. If the nozzle is still not working properly, it can be damaged. You will have to replace the damaged nozzle. 


It’s A Wrap!

At this point, you must know how to clean pressure washer nozzle. It is an uncomplicated and simple task. The storage and maintenance of a pressure washer are necessary. Good maintenance will increase the lifetime of the appliance. It may also be a good idea to read about how to use detergent with pressure washer and how to use soap with pressure washer.

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