How To Clean Playpen Mattress

Playpens are great to have for babies, but do you know how to clean  playpen mattress? This can be tricky because the material is unique. Some things that work well on regular mattresses don’t work as well on these mats.

We will go over how you can keep your mat looking new and fresh with some simple cleaning tips in this blog post.

How To Clean Playpen Mattress


Steps on How To Clean Playpen Mattress

If your child has grown too big for their playpen, you can continue to use it as a safe place for them to sleep.

However, the mattress of the playpen will need regular cleaning and maintenance if you want it to stay hygienic. Here are some suggestions on how best to clean a mesh or spring mattress so that it stays fresh and more importantly bacteria-free:

Step 1. Remove any removable coverings from the mattress by unzipping them carefully Wash these covers in warm water with detergent at least once every week.

Step 2. Once they have been washed thoroughly rinse off all soap using cold water before leaving them out to dry naturally. If there is no removable covering place a sheet over each side of the base material when your child is sleeping.

Step 3. You can also replace the mattress with a new one, but make sure that this has been washed and dried thoroughly before it is used for your baby to sleep on

The base of the playpen should be wiped down after each use using either warm water or a mild soap. This will help remove any dirt, bacteria, and dust from the mattress surface.

Step 4. Make sure you clean both sides of the mesh material as these may get dirty even if they are not in contact with your child’s skin when they are lying there. If possible wipe over all surfaces with an antibacterial spray at least once every week so that harmful germs do not spread onto your children’s hands and face while inside their pen.

Allowing your kids to play in a dirty area is asking for trouble. If you are using the mattress with your baby, change it completely every six months. This will give their skin time to breathe and be less likely to suffer from irritation or eczema if they have sensitive skin.

You can replace older mattresses without an issue as long as you clean them thoroughly before use. Any bacteria that could still be present on old surfaces may cause problems when used by your child’s delicate new pores so make sure all traces of grime are removed first.


How Do You Deep Clean A Playpen?

It is important to deep clean your playpen, especially if you have children. The playpen can get quite dirty and should be cleaned on a regular basis.

You will need disinfectant wipes (for the mat), a lint roller (to remove hair from mesh panels), soft cloths or towels for drying off wet areas of the pen, a hand vacuum cleaner with crevice tool attachment, cleaning solution made up of water and spray bottle filled with white vinegar and essential oil mixture such as tea tree oil.

Be sure to take apart any removable parts before wiping down each area piece by piece. Cleaning supplies are available at local supermarkets near the home care products section in the grocery aisle or online through retailers like Amazon where can find green cleaners that work and fit the budget.


Can You Wash A Playpen Mat?

They are generally machine washable, but you still want to check the washing instructions on your specific mat. You also have to use a gentle cycle with cold water, so it is likely that they may not hold up as well in the washer and dryer.

It would be best if you could hand-wash them instead of putting them through this process repeatedly over time. If you simply must put them into the washing machine then just make sure that they are free from crevices or any plastic parts where dirt can get stuck inside.

Some people find success by putting their playpen mats inside mesh laundry bags before throwing them into the washer for easier cleaning.


How Do I Clean My Angelbliss Playpen?

To clean your Angelbliss playpen, you will need a soft cloth and warm water. Be sure to wipe it down once per week for best use! You can also take apart the removable panels if needed. Remember not to submerge or leave in standing water as this may lead to damage over time.


How Do You Get Smoke Smell Out Of A Pack N Play?

A great way to get the smoke smell out of a pack n play is by using dryer sheets. This works especially well if you have used the pack n play for your baby’s clothing or blankets since these are also likely to be smelling like smoke.

You can place several in different areas of the pack n play and let them sit overnight so they can do their work while you sleep. 

Because there is no need to actually wash anything, this method will save time as well. For an even more rapid fix, use essential oils that purify air naturally with lavender oil being one example.

Simply add around three drops onto each dryer sheet before placing it into the crib. The next morning when you open up everything inside it will smell great.


How Do I Clean A Porta Crib?

What You Need

A spray bottle with a disinfectant and cold water, some sponges or paper towels, and an old toothbrush.


Put some of your chosen cleaning solutions into the spray bottle and fill it up halfway with cold water. Shake well to mix the contents together before using it on your porta crib mattress cover (if applicable). Spray down both sides of the fabric thoroughly; make sure you get every nook and cranny.

If there are any stained areas on either side that won’t come off easily with just spraying them once or twice, use a sponge dampened in soapy water to scrub these spots until they disappear completely. Let everything dry overnight then put away for storage until next time.

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