6 Fast And Easy Steps On How To Clean Plastic Lawn Chair

In this article, we will offer you easy steps on how to clean plastic lawn chair. We will talk about the fastest and safest way to remove remaining dirt and stains from your plastic lawn chair as long as you follow the procedure correctly.


What Are The Materials Needed?

Before cleaning your plastic chair, you need to gather the following materials. If you have the complete materials, you are good to go!

  1. Sponge cloth
  2. Hose
  3. Liquid dish soap
  4. Bucket
  5. Gentle brush such as a soft toothbrush


Cleaning Your Plastic Lawn Chairs


Step #1. Mix hot water and liquid dish soap

In this step, with a gallon of water in your bucket, you need to pour the water and use three to four squeezes of soap to create some suds or bubbles when you scrub your plastic lawn chair.


Step #2. Wipe down the plastic lawn chair using a rag or sponge

You will use the right amount of cleaning solution to soak the plastic lawn chair. Next, use a piece of cloth to scrub a plastic lawn chair for a few minutes when your seat has dirt or leaves clamped to the object.


Step #3. Allow the chair to soak for 10 to 15 minutes if the dirt does not come off that easily

Let the cleaning solution that you used soak into your chair. It will help loosen the stain and dirt that is stuck on your plastic lawn chair.


Step #4. Rinse the chair with the use of a water hose

With a water hose, spray the water off to the plastic lawn chair to rinse off the dirt and soap from the seat. Use extra water pressure to make sure that you have gotten your chair clean.


Step #5. Repeat as needed if there is any dirt remaining or staining

In this step, you have to use a gentle brush like a toothbrush to clean any stuck dirt or soap from small openings or edges of the plastic lawn chair.

Note: You should also consider a thick scrub when you plan to clean your plastic lawn chair. This can also remove the dirt from the chair, especially if it is made of plastic.


Step #6. Place the chair upside down and allow them to dry

When you dry the plastic lawn chair, dry it with a clean towel. If you do not have any clean towels, it would be best to use paper towels on your chair.

It may not be the best option to dry up your chair since the paper towel is prone to breakage when it is in contact with something wet. However, you can still use this if you have no options left while you are cleaning your chair.

Note: If you intend to use your plastic lawn chair right away, you have to apply this method. When you use this method, you do not have to let your chair dry under the sun for a couple of minutes.


Tips When Cleaning A Plastic Lawn Chair


Avoid using chlorine and bleach

When you’re cleaning a plastic lawn chair, avoid using chlorine and bleach on the white plastic lawn chair. If you do not have any idea why you should not use this cleaning solution, it is because these could eat away the chair’s material.


Avoid using abrasives such as steel wool

Please do not use any steel wool material. When you scrub it on your plastic lawn chair, it will scratch up your seat. It would be best to use a smooth cloth when cleaning your lawn chair to maintain its “brand new” look.


Keep the chair inside when it is not used

If you will not use your plastic lawn chair, it is better to keep them or store them inside your house. It is a better way to avoid them getting weathered and dirty. However, if you do not have any room inside, you can use a tarp or a blanket to cover the chair and keep them clean.


Keep your plastic lawn chair away from oxidation

The oxidation that happens to your plastic chair outside of your house is basically like rusting metal. If you’re still not familiar with this process, this is a chemical reaction when there is too much exposure to air and sunlight.

The plastic chair’s purpose will slowly be useless since the compounds of the object will lose electrons while it’s oxidizing. Also, plastic contains chemicals that make it react with the oxygen from the environment.

In addition, UV radiation that comes from the sun causes photo-oxidation. Other plastic chairs are presumed to be immune from oxidation, but these materials only slow down the overall process.



You have reached the end of the article on how to clean plastic lawn chair. Although having a plastic chair is a cheap purchase, it still requires proper maintenance with the right materials and methods. Just remember the tips and things to avoid while cleaning your seat, and it will last for long.

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