How To Clean Office Chair In 2 Easy Steps

If you’ve been searching for “how to clean office chair” on the internet, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our step-by-step guide in cleaning different types of office chairs!

It’s odd how few of us pay attention to our office chairs or other things we use regularly. Food crumbs, coffee spills, and ink from pens can all build up, leaving you with a filthy or stained chair that needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

how to clean office chair

Office chairs can easily become a breeding ground for dirt, dust, allergens, and germs. We don’t usually realize the damage until our office chairs have worn out or are on the verge of breaking. Here are some guidelines for cleaning office chairs.


Cleaning Various Kinds of Office Chairs


Mesh office chairs

Mesh chairs are becoming extremely popular as a result of their numerous advantages and contemporary designs. Some people, though, avoid them because cleaning them appears to be a challenging job.

These chairs have better ventilation than upholstered or leather chairs, ensuring that you don’t sweat. So, how do we clean mesh office chairs?


Step #1. Vacuum in mild suction

Vacuum all dust, lint, fur, and other debris from the top of the chair to the wheels. If you can’t reach those areas with your vacuum, use a duster or a can of compressed air to clean out the room.


Step #2. Clean the rest with a damp cloth

A cleaning rag and dishwashing soap will manage the rest of the job. You can use cotton swabs to meet the chair’s inner curves. Once you’ve finished washing your chair, wipe it down with a dry cloth.


Upholstered office chairs

Nowadays, chairs with fabric upholstery are popular. They keep you in the best possible comfort while sticking within your budget.

Fabric, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of attracting dirt quickly. You can easily find even the tiniest amount of dust on its surface.

How do we clean fabric office chairs?


Step #1. Vacuum up dirt and dust 

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean an upholstered office chair is the first move. We’ll say you’re not trying to wipe up coffee spills, but rather everyday dirt.


Step #2. Scrub with cleaning foam

Using some cleaning foam is now the perfect way to clean your office chair. Cover the entire fabric with foam and leave it in place.

After a few minutes, you must clean all of the dirt from your office chair using a brush. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, keep the chair in the same place to allow it to dry.


Leather office chairs

Everyone’s favorite executive chair is the standard model. Even for the long sitting shifts, these leather chairs are very comfortable and relaxing.

Make sure you read the manual before you begin cleaning them. These are high-priced pieces that come with safety precautions to prevent damage to your chair.


Step #1. Vacuum and dust off

In most cases, experts recommend a vacuum cleaner for your office leather chair. Maintain a mild suction with a soft bristle.


Step #2. Wipe with a clean cloth or leather wipes

Leather collects dirt more quickly than other fabrics. Cleaning them with a clean cloth, on the other hand, is easy. The best cleaning will be done daily, with a weekly change in your routine with soap water.


How to maintain a clean office chair?

To maintain a clean office chair means it’s best not to eat your lunch at your desk. Spills should be cleaned up right away. Dab (not rub) the spill with a wet cloth as soon as possible to prevent staining.


How to disinfect a smelly office chair?

Your best bet if your chair is old and smelly is to contact a skilled cleaner to get it dry cleaned. This method of waterless cleaning can aid in the battle against odor-causing bacteria.


How to clean other parts of your chair?

In cleaning other parts of your chair, it requires the removal of the wheels and getting rid of the hair wrapped around them. Cleaning the bolts and screws on your office chair by simply wiping it is also necessary.


How to remove stubborn stains?

An alcohol-based cleaner would be able to raise any stains if the dish-soap solution fails to remove them. If alcohol doesn’t fully remove the stain, try a different agent. Stains such as mustard, chocolate, ink, and coffee can all be removed with a thorough stain removal process.



Even with routine cleaning and repairs, your office chair will need to be replaced. According to one study, an office chair has a life expectancy of seven to fifteen years. If your office chair has been damaged or deteriorated beyond repair, it is time to replace it.

Remember to follow these cleaning tips after purchasing a new office chair. It will be protected from premature failure if you do so.

A well-maintained office chair can provide you with superior levels of comfort when working. Maybe that’s the end of your question on “how to clean office chair”.

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