How to Clean my Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is a stylish and functional bassinet for your baby. But how do you disassemble it? This article will show how to take this bassinet apart so that you can clean the fabric, remove stains from the mattress, or just enjoy some more space in your home.


Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Steps on Cleaning Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Step 1. Unzip the sheet around the mattress of your Graco bassinet – Remove cords from power adapter by pulling them out with one hand while holding onto each plug with another hand – Pull each side of bedding off of Velcro strips once they are disconnected at all four corners – Fold down both sides of sheet.

Step 2. Disconnect all straps from the mattress – Remove mattress from bassinet. Wash bedding in washing machine on gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Do not bleach or use fabric softener and do not dry clean, as it can damage your sleep surface.

Step 3. Reassemble bassinet by reversing steps listed above: connect Velcro strips to each other first before attaching them back onto their original location on the sides of the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet.


Steps on How to Clean an old Wicker Bassinet

What you’ll need: Wicker bassinet Bugaboo Fox Bassinet Cleaning brush Vacuum cleaner Zip ties for reassembly Spray bottle Hose and scrubby Swiffer mop or old towel.

Step One: Remove the mattress from the wicker bassinette. If it is stuck, use a flat head screwdriver to separate any glued pieces of fabric on either side of where the mesh meets.

Some older models will have screws holding down these sections instead. Once you’ve separated everything, pull out your vacuum and suck up all leftover debris inside (especially if there was anything left in the crevices). Then wipe down with a wet rag using warm water and mild soap .

Step Two: Take the bassinet completely apart.

Step Three: Use a rag and scrub it down to get rid of any additional grime. If you notice any yellowing on your mattress, add some white vinegar to warm water in a spray bottle and lightly mist over top before wiping with a clean rag. 

Let dry overnight or baking soda will work too! Place back into a wicker bassinet frame making sure all edges snap together securely (remove dirt from crevices using toothpick) . Reassemble by tightening screws if needed using a screwdriver for older models. Now you’re ready to go again!


How do you Wash Ingenuity Dreams Grow Bassinet?

Remove screws under fabric cover – Unzip and remove mattress – Use vacuum to clean up dirt Steps on how to remove bassinet : Find all hidden screws Lift off cover as if you were taking it off like pillowcase .

There will be snaps holding it together, but they should easily come apart after removing each screw. Machine was cold with similar colors. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry at room temperature away from heating elements or direct sunlight.


Steps on How to Attach a Co-sleeper Bassinet to bed

Step One: Attach the adaptor rail to your bed.

Step Two: Place the Bugaboo Fox co-sleeper on top of it. Be sure that there is no gap between them. The co-sleeper should be placed with its back against the mattress and facing away from you. It will look like a small “L” shape when looking at it straight on! Do not add any extra pillows or blankets underneath, as this can cause fatal suffocation in your baby!

Step Three: Now attach one side of the bassinet’s frame to the bed using two clips found on either side of where you laid down previously (one clip per side).

Step Four: The next step is to attach the other end of the frame. To do this, pull down on both sides until you hear a click and see that it’s attached!


How to Clean Fisher-price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Flip the mattress pad over and remove. Remove all items. Wash plastic parts with warm, soapy water. Dry metal frame pieces before reassembling bassinet. 


How to Take a Graco Pack n Play Mattress Pad Off

Make sure there are no twists or buckles that will prevent you from putting it back on. Place your hand under each side of bassinet frame with a corner in each palm   . Lift up the cover and pull fabric out from under the mattress 


How do I change the fabric cover?

If it’s a two layer mattress, then that means there is no problem at all; just order replacement mattresses only for that second layer and you’re good to go.

If my fox has one layer of mesh and another made out of canvas: in this case we recommend removing both layers before installing new ones so they will not get scratched or damaged during disassembly process .


How do I wash my bassinet cover without ruining it?

If your Fox is an older model with only one padding on top (mesh + foam) then we recommend removing both pads before washing them separately because if their combined would be too heavy for machine , they might get ripped apart and this will render your bassinet useless,


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