2 Easy Steps On How To Clean Mold Off Natural Stone Shower

There are two methods on how to clean mold off natural stone shower. You can use a mildew remover or a degreaser. You will learn more about that in this article, along with the tips for maintaining your natural stone showers!


how to clean mold off natural stone shower

Mold On Stone

Mold on stone may sound unusual, but it isn’t that uncommon. The shower is one of the common areas where mold grows due to the presence of water.

Apart from that, natural stones like limestone or marble are porous. That means they can absorb moisture. Unattended moisture leads to mold growth, so that’s how mold grows on natural stone.


How To Detect Mold In Natural Stone Showers

There are two ways to detect mold in showers, wherein you’re only required to use your senses. One is looking for mold growth. Here is an article on what the different colors of mold look like. 

You can typically find mold on the corners of your shower. The area where you see mold will tell you the possible causes of mold contamination.

Another way to detect mold is with the smell. The scent of it is hard to miss, especially when your shower is not well-ventilated.

You can also use moisture meters or buy a mold inspector’s kit to test your shower for mold. However, natural stones tend to provide false positives due to their material.

If the mold damage is severe, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional. If it is manageable, continue reading this article to find out the steps in cleaning the mold.


Causes of mold growth in the shower

As mentioned above, the spot where you find the mold will tell you what could have caused it. Or, it will tell you which part of your shower is water-damaged.

There are two categories where mold grows in the shower. The first is on the surface, and the second is on the surrounding parts.

Under the surface category, mold can grow in three areas. It can grow on the stone itself, on the caulk, or the grout.

There are also three causes of mold damage on the surrounding parts. It may be due to leaks of supply lines, cracked tile, or vapor drive. 


What are the effects of mold growth in the shower?

There aren’t any alarming health hazards of mold growth in the shower if it’s inside the wall cavity. However, surface mold may be dangerous when inhaled.

Mold spores are another issue. Hence, here is an article about killing mold spores that may help. 


Steps On Cleaning Mold Off Natural Stone Shower

Unattended mold growth in the shower may lead to severe contamination. It is crucial to remove the mold before it becomes too severe. Here is an easy solution for mild mold in the shower. 


Step #1. Protect

Mold may have adverse effects on you, so it is best to protect yourself when you’re handling it. Put on protective gear, like long rubber gloves, goggles, and a mask.

Apart from yourself, protect the other surfaces as well. Products that remove mold may be too harsh, so do a spot test on a hidden surface first.


Step #2. Spray

Look into mildew removers for natural stone to find out which one works best for you. After you’ve purchased your mildew remover, spray it on the affected areas about two to four inches above the surface.

Let the spray sit on the mold stains for at least five minutes. After that, rinse the area with cool water. Repeat this step after thirty minutes. 

If you do not want to go out to buy a mildew remover, you can use a degreaser. Mix one part degreaser and ten parts hot water. Do a spot test first, then proceed if it is safe. 

Then, dip a plastic-bristles scrub brush on the mixture. After that, scrub the mold stains on the stone. 


Ways to prevent mold growth on natural stone shower

One of the fool-proof ways to prevent mold on a natural stone shower is to keep it dry. However, not many of us have time to dry our bathrooms after showers. So, here are other ways to prevent mold growth on your natural stone shower.


1. Ventilate

Ventilation is crucial in maintaining your shower’s humidity levels to keep out mold. Open your windows and your door to keep the air flowing in and out of the bathroom. Fans are also a great way to ventilate your bathroom, so invest in a good one. 


2. Keep the surfaces soap-free

If you cannot dry your bathroom, at least keep it clean and well-rinsed. Letting soap dry on your shower’s surfaces is a sure-fire way of attracting mold. 


3. Set a cleaning day

Regularly maintain your caulk and grout by cleaning them at least once a week. Moreover, after cleaning, make sure to dry your shower this time.

Another tip of maintaining your caulk and grout is by sealing them. When you clean caulk and grout, inspect if they need a new seal. If so, caulk them properly. 



Learning how to clean mold off a natural stone shower is easy. However, the tips on maintaining it may be time-consuming. Despite this, we recommend you follow through to prevent severe mold contamination.

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