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How To Clean Mold Off Mattress? 7 Best Easy Methods!

How to clean mold off mattress? What is worse than a stinky mattress? Molds!

They’re disgusting and a tremendous eyesore, especially when they already start to stain your mattress.

They also give off a foul odor that makes your bed stinky and gross to look at, and that’s a big no!

I know how difficult cleaning these stains off might seem, but it is very easy to do, according to my research.

There are six best cleaning mold methods off a mattress: sun exposure, a vacuum, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, lemon mixture, and mattress cleaning solution.

Want to know how to clean that grime on your mattress effectively? Keep on scrolling to learn more!


How to clean mold off mattress

Steps To Clean Mold Off Mattress

Are you wondering how to clean mold off mattress?

Here are seven methods that are the most effective in cleaning mold off mattress:


Method #1. Sun exposure

What better way to eliminate mold than to use nature’s anti-microbial source, the sun; the sun is equipped with UV and heat rays to kill mold and mildew on exposed surfaces effectively.

You could fix your moldy problem by putting your mattress in broad daylight for an extended period.

It allows the rays to penetrate the mattress deeply to kill any microbial buildup.

Moreover, exposing your mattress to the sunlight can help dry the beddings when doing some of the next methods that involve the use of liquid substances to remove mold further.

Here is a guide on how to dry a mattress.


Method #2. Vacuuming

Do you have a vacuum in your home? You can use that to get rid of those nasty molds!

Identify the location of these moldy sections of your mattress.

Afterward, use your vacuum device to suck along with the beddings and remove any mold or dirt sticking out or prominent along the surface.

Remember to immediately dispose of the collected garbage/vacuum filter to prevent any further mold growth.


Method #3. Rubbing alcohol

Using a ratio of one part water and one part rubbing alcohol, you can remove any mold that’s hanging on your beddings.

Rubbing alcohol also disinfects and further sanitizes your mattresses from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

You can increase its efficiency by applying the solution after vacuuming and letting it dry under the sun outside for an extended period.

These procedures enable the alcohol to penetrate deeper and be more effective.


Method #4. Hydrogen peroxide

This chemical isn’t only good at cleaning up wounds! It also helps in brightening and sanitizing your mattress.

Hydrogen peroxide could be a perfect mold remover at any time.

Measure three parts of warm water and one part of hydrogen peroxide to lose its effectiveness.

Scrub off the mold and let the beddings dry outside, preferably under the bright sun.

Keep on repeating the said process if the mold hasn’t been removed yet.


Method #5. Baking soda

You can find this ingredient in almost everyone’s kitchen, and it is an excellent mattress cleaner, too!

Baking soda is made of sodium bicarbonate that can effectively remove stubborn stains when formed into a thick paste.

The paste can be created by mixing warm water and baking soda.

Then, the paste should be directly applied to the affected area and scrubbed until there is no visible dirt. Wash the area off and leave it outside to dry.


Method #6. Lemon mixture

Do you want to opt for something more natural and organic? Remember that you can choose to use a lemon mixture for the mold removal process.

Lemons are equipped with natural anti-microbial properties that could efficiently remove molds from any surface.

Moreover, it also provides you a good night’s sleep since the entire room’s scent will be affected by the citrus scent of lemon.

You can make a lemon mattress cleaner mixture by combining lemon juice with a small amount of lukewarm water to dilute its acidity.

Put the solution inside a spray bottle and evenly apply it to the affected area.

Nylon brushes are useful for brushing these moldy sections and tidying them up even further.

After the said processes, immediately put the beddings outside and let them dry up under the sun.


Method #7. Mattress cleaning solution

Did the options stated did not work out for you? If so, this final option is made for you as your very last resort.

Mattress cleaning solutions are available at various stores, and these substances are specifically designed and formulated for the effective cleaning of mattresses.

You can choose among a wide array of different brands and scents that suit your preference.

Apply these cleaning solutions to the affected area and use a soft brush to remove all of the mold and grime found within the mattress’s stated section.

Let the beddings dry by exposing them to the outdoors and intense sunlight to remove any remaining mold or mildew.


Can these methods also remove mildew on a mattress?

Mildew belongs to the same species as mold. Therefore, the stated techniques can be pretty effective towards these stains as well.


Final Words

There are seven best methods on how to clean mold off mattress: sun exposure, vacuuming, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, lemon mixture, and mattress cleaning solution.

Picking what’s fit for your budget and your mattress is something that you should always consider.

Always try to opt for cheaper yet effective methods like the ones stated in this article. Good luck!

What is a short queen mattress

What Is A Short Queen Mattress? 3 Best Reasons To Buy This!

What is a short queen mattress? It’s mainly known for three things: convenience, comfort, and hypoallergenic; these traits make this mattress one of the best options out there.

Yes, I know for a fact that you are familiar with queen mattresses.

But do you have any idea about a short queen mattress?

You cannot commonly see this among mattress stores not unless you are specifically looking for this.

Some people opt to get this for particular purposes.

Now to answer the question lingering in your mind, a short queen mattress, as per its name, is also a queen-sized mattress.

It’s only that this one is slightly shorter than a standard queen mattress.

If we go into the specific measurements, the standard queen measures 60 inches in width and 80 inches in height.

Whereas a short queen is also 60 inches wide but only measures 75 inches tall.

So yes, we are only talking about the five-inch difference here.

Maybe the difference only seems irrelevant to you and would never matter for some – depending on their height.

But for people that make a lot of movement in bed or what we call active sleepers, or even for tall sleepers, such a slight difference could mean great.


Reasons Why People Like Short Queen Mattress

The primary reason people want to get a short queen mattress is to use it in an RV.

There are a lot of reasons why RV mattresses are made shorter. Size and weight are the major ones.

As we all know, there is only a maximum of weight that a vehicle can pull when towing an RV.

Everything inside it contributes to the total weight, and that includes the mattress.

For that particular reason, RV manufacturers intentionally cut the weight wherever possible.

Just imagine a memory foam-type queen mattress that can weigh up to a hundred pounds. That’s quite heavy.

And since mattresses belong to those that are pretty heavy, they are included in those cut-offs.

Talking about cutting corners, the RVs are made tight and narrow with all their space efficiently utilized to maximize their capacity.

You can use the five-inch space provided by the mattress being cut off to expand the bathroom or the kitchen.

So even if the short queen looks like something that is a tight fit, at times, this type of mattress is just what you need.


Is It Comfortable To Sleep In A Short Queen Mattress?

Of course! Sleeping on a short queen mattress is completely as comfortable as the standard queen mattress.

That is especially true if you know what to buy.

Some RVs come with a subpar mattress that cannot offer you a good night’s sleep, but you may choose to switch it into a short queen mattress.

You might want those memory foam that NASA invents for astronauts.

They are intentionally made to minimize pain caused by strenuous travel.

So, if you wonder how, the memory foam eases the pressure points by cradling your body.

It conforms to your body, so the mattress equally cushioned, starting from your hips towards your shoulder and neck.

However, too snug-fitting memory foam can sometimes lead to overheating.

It happens when the mattress overly absorbs the shape of your body.

That is precisely the reason why people opt to get memory foam.

The gel beads integrated into the memory foam can diffuse heat, thereby taking away the sweaty feeling and providing you a good night’s sleep.


3 Advantages Of Buying A Short Queen Mattress

As mentioned earlier, there are specific reasons why people opt for this type of mattress.

Why is it good to get a short queen mattress? It can also be the reason why you wanted to get one. What is a short queen mattress?

Here is the list of advantages.


Reason #1. Convenience

Short queen mattresses are specially engineered to fit on limited spaces, just like in your RV.

Despite being made five-inch shorter than a regular queen mattress, it can still provide you with maximum comfort all the same.

Much more, this is a better option than air mattresses, especially when you intend to use them as a travel companion.

That is because this type of mattress can perforate or deflate as the altitude changes.


Reason #2. Comfort

Most travelers like to have a short queen mattress in their recreational vehicle.

Why so?

It can give them the comfort they need after traveling or camping for the entire day.

Short queen mattresses are specially designed to provide you a relaxed night by providing pressure relief and support.


Reason #3. Hypoallergenic

Your RV or trailer can be exposed to debris, mold, bugs, and dust when camping. All of these can significantly impact your health.

Luckily, short queen mattresses are made hypoallergenic.

This type of mattress prevents mites, dust, mildew, and other allergens that often infect your sleeping area.

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Regardless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

What is a short queen mattress?

A short queen mattress, commonly known as an RV mattress, is manufactured mainly to fit recreational vehicles, campers, and trailers.

People purchase this primarily due to its convenience, comfort, and size.

It measures sixty inches wide like the regular queen mattress but is five inches shorter in length at about 75 inches only.

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