How To Clean Mold From Washer Gasket? 5 Easy Steps & More!

How to clean mold from washer gasket? You will need to clean the gasket, next is the dispenser, and run it at a cleaning cycle. After which, you must repeat it and seek expert help if the smell does not come off after a repeated wash.

These steps can help clean mold, but still, an expert will handle the situation very well.

How to clean mold from washer gasket

What’s more, they know more about the disassembly of the parts. They even know what to inspect in the areas affected by the mold. Let the experts check the sections of the house contaminated by mold. This article will help you more regarding mold removal of washer gaskets. So, let’s read further to know more!


Steps To Follow When Checking The Washer Gasket

Here are the steps to follow when you need to check the washer gasket.


Step #1. Prepare for the door gasket

Turn off the front-loader washer and empty it. Turn its rubber in an outward position so that you check it. Click it down, so you remove items that stay there, such as leftover detergent and socks. Scrutinize the gasket for some possible mold. There is discoloration inside the washer gasket.


Step #2. Get the gasket disinfected

If there is a stain, clean the washer gasket. Wear some rubber gloves and prepare a solution of bleach and water. Then, dip a cloth on the solution, pat the gasket down and continue the inside and outside. After that, leave the mixture on the gasket for ten minutes.


Step #3. Let it dry

Grab some clean cloth to wipe the cleaning solution down the gasket. Open the door of the washer and allow the insides to get dry. If it is still musty from the washer, it means there is still some mold.


Steps To Clean Mold From Washer Gasket

Clean the mold in the washer that stinks. If not, you will put it at risk for more molds into your clothes. So, here are the steps on how to clean mold from washer gasket:

Step #1. Get ready to clean the washer gasket

Prepare hot and soapy water and a rag when you clean the washer gasket. Dip the cloth on a soapy water mixture and wipe it onto the door gasket. Wipe it around thoroughly and also below the gasket. Change the fabric you use if there is too much slime and gunk. Check the washer gasket to follow cleaning instructions.


Step #2. Clean the dispenser

Sud residue occurs from the detergents leading to mold growth. Thus, clean the dispenser right away. Remove these residues and clean them thoroughly. Clean with the use of pipe cleaners that reach the areas at the back.


Step #3. Run it at its cleaning cycle

Set the washer at a cleaning cycle after you clean the dispenser. Place it at the hottest and longest water setting. Add some bleach in a cup, and add baking soda in a cup. Or, if you want, add a cup of Cascade complete in half a cup. Moreover, add some commercial washer cleaner that busts some residues.


Step #4. Repeat the process

A smell that does not come off like a mold requires repeating the cycle. Do the same thing if the odor is not detectable anymore.


Step #5. Seek some expert help

Seek help coming from an expert. The washer may still have mold in areas you have no idea they will stay like the drum. This situation is better left off to an expert if mold still contaminates the house.


Other Tips To Follow To Stop Mold Growth

Do you want to know the tips to remove mold from washing machines? Here are more valuable tips to follow for you to stop the growth of mold: 


#1. Remove the laundry

Never allow the gasket to continue its exposure to too much moisture for a long time. Then, remove the laundry after you wash it.


#2. Use only HE laundry detergent

Suds can cause mold that will help use the HE laundry that washes it away with less water. Chances are, residues do not stay on the machine. Never use a liquid fabric softener as it only leaves residues. You may want to know why does my washer smell like mildew


#3. Do proper disinfection

Disinfect to clean the washer gasket regularly. Look closely at the recommendations of manufacturers. Follow the instructions and clean the gasket. Disinfect the dispenser, too, so no residue should be left there.


#4. Provide it with proper ventilation

Leave the washer door open if you will not use it, as this is like giving it proper ventilation that maintains the humidity levels in the machine. The growth of mold does not occur more likely. Keep the door closed if there are pets and children around.


#5. Dry the wet parts and seals after every use

When done using the washer, wipe down its wet parts like the drum, lid, door, gasket, & detergent dispenser with an old towel. Dry the other parts of the washer and the seals, too. Mold tends to contaminate in a washer-like in a HE front-load washer. Thus, wash the seals and gaskets regularly. Remove crumpled paper, pet hair, and dirt in the washer immediately.  You may also want to read about how to clean mold from the front load washer gasket.


It’s A Wrap!

So, now you know how to clean mold from washer gasket. Molds grow fast, so you should keep in mind how to clean mold from the washer gasket, as mentioned above. Prevent them firsthand if they occur. Keep the information in this article so that you can manage it.

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