How To Clean Mildew From Bimini Top In 5 Easy DIY Steps

Are you a boat owner who wonders how to clean mildew from bimini top? Well, don’t worry because this article is coming to your rescue.

Bimini top is a part of a boat that protects the passengers from the heat of the scorching sun. Unfortunately, due to its unique texture, it fails to protect itself from mildew, mold, and other types of dirt and stain. 

how to clean mildew from bimini top


5 Steps To Clean Bimini Tops

Cleaning a bimini top will not take as long as you think especially if you are working on a smaller one. These five simple steps won’t take more than an hour or two to accomplish.


Step #1. Take the bimini top from the frame

This step is pretty simple. You just have to remove the bimini tops from the frame and dust it off to get rid of any loose debris.

It is essential to be careful in doing this step as some bimini tops may not be durable enough to avoid sudden tears or rips.


Step #2. Lay it on a flat surface

Once you have successfully removed the bimini tops from the frame, find a flat surface to lay it out. It is also the perfect time to dust off your hands for any clumps of dirt or dust.

You can also use a gentle brush to get rid of any debris left on the bimini top. Keep in mind to avoid using hard and harsh brushes to avoid creating damage to the material.


Step #3. Use a pressure washer

Before proceeding to this step, you might want to put some weight on the edges of the bimini top like rocks, dumbbells, or just anything that is enough to hold the material together as you use the pressure water.

Also, don’t forget to wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, and work overalls. Now, set up the pressure washer and start working from the uppermost, outermost edges all the way down.

Then, return to the top, move to the next section, and work the pressure down. With a few strokes, you will be able to see the dirt and debris flowing off your bimini top.

There are solutions you can use alongside for better cleaning. Here’s an article that will answer “what is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer?” that you can read.


Step #4. Let the bimini top dry

Once you are satisfied with how your bimini top looks, you can now hang it dry for the sun to dry it. It would need at least a few hours or a whole to completely dry, depending on its size.


Step #5. Apply an all-purpose protectant

To avoid future stains, you may apply an all-purpose protectant. It will keep your bimini top safe from possible stains and will also give it protection against UV rays preventing discoloration over time.


Cleaning mildew from bimini tops

If you successfully followed the previous process, chances are you have already removed up to 90% of the mildew in your bimini top. However, if there are still visible stains, you can just repeat the process.

You can also use a solution of mild soap and water to more effectively get rid of the stains. Use a soft cloth to apply it on the stained areas and let it sit for a few minutes before you blast them off with your pressure washer.

While bleach and brush are known to be the most effective when it comes to dealing with mildew stains, we don’t recommend them. The harsh cleaning method of using them may create damage to the material of your bimini top which we doubt you would like to happen.

Treating mildew is best done with regular cleaning. Spot treatment is also fine as long as you avoid using harsh methods.


How to properly take care of bimini tops

Replacing bimini tops may be pricey but having good and regular maintenance will help you save your money. When cleaning, it is best that you resort to using warm water and mild dishwashing gel for marine application.

It is also recommended to avoid using hard and harsh brushes and instead use a soft cloth when applying fabric cleaners. After washing, make sure to thoroughly dry the material so as to avoid mold and mildew build-up.

For cleaning the hardware, you can use a spray to apply cleaners or just directly wipe it up using a soft cloth. The key to good maintenance is to do it regularly and to avoid as much damage as possible.

For more prevention tips, you can check out this article on how to prevent mildew on boat seats.



It must be really nice for a boat owner like you to finally get to know how to clean mildew from bimini top as well as how to protect it. A clean and fresh bimini top and boat, in general, will attract more passengers and will give you much more confidence.

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