How To Clean Maytag Washer Filter? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you searching for tips on how to clean Maytag washer filter? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will tell you how to clean out the debris and lint from the front and top load washing machines.

According to a survey, Maytag is the second most used washer brand in the USA. The company offers different varieties and models of all-electric devices, including washers. Their high-quality appliances raise the bar of quality.

how to clean Maytag washer filter

Yet, to keep the machines in good shape for years, you need to regularly clean and maintain them. The first and foremost maintenance component is to keep the filter clean and lint-free. If a top load washing machine is in your usage, it must have caught a large quantity of lint from heavy loads of laundry. There are two methods to clean the Maytag top load washing machines. Choose the suitable one depending on your washer model. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Clean The Maytag Centennial Washing Filter

Maytag centennial washing machine’s filter is beneath the pulsator or wash plate in the center of the washing drum. Put out the pulsator first and then clean it. Now, here are the steps on how to clean Maytag washer filter:


Step #1. Remove the pulsator

Open the lid of the washer. You will find a round-shaped thing inside with holes on it. This thing is named a pulsator or wash plate, and you have to remove all the lint underneath it.


Step #2. Wash the pulsator

Open the bolt on the top of the pulsator. Then put a pointed thing in any of its holes to lift it. Put out the wash plate. Check for lint underside. Remove it out with your hands. Wash the pulsator with water.


Step #3. Place the wash plate back

Place the wash plate back in its place. Fix the bolt, and you got a clean and germ-free washer.


Steps To Clean A Maytag Bravos Washer Filter

If you have a Bravos model of a Maytag top load washer, there must be an agitator tube inside it. And to find out how to clean the Maytag top load washer filter, follow this step-by-step guide.


Step #1. Switch the washer off

Turn off the switch of the washer. Then, open the lid of the washing drum.


Step #2. Remove the agitator tube

You have to remove the agitator tube to clean it. First, remove the fabric softener dispenser and dust cap from the top of the agitator tube. Then take a ratchet with an extension and a 7/16 inches socket to open the bolt. 


Step #3. Clean the agitator

Pull out the agitator tube. Remove the lint inside. Wash the line with a mixture of warm water and any liquid cleaner. Wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel. Place the agitator again in the drum by fixing the bolt and putting back the dust cap and fabric softener dispenser.


Ways To Clean The Maytag Front Load Washer Filter

Here are the ways in cleaning your Maytag front load washer filter:


Method #1. Open the front panel to clean a washer

In the newer models of Maytag front load washers, you can access the filter by opening a panel in the front bottom of the washer. To clear this filter, you have to put in less effort and less time. Open the two screws on both sides of the front panel using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the panel. Find the filter inside. Place a bowl or bucket in front of the filter to avoid water spilling. Open the filter cap by rotating it counterclockwise. Put out the filter from its housing and remove all the lint and foreign objects like pins, coins, etc. Insert the filter again. Turn it clockwise and make sure to tighten it firmly. 


Method #2. Detach the rear of the washer

If you are using an older version of the Maytag washer, there might not be a front panel to access the filter. In this case, you have to open the back part of the washer.

Remove the back part of the washer by pulling out the plastic bolt caps. After removing the four caps, open the bolts and put the back panel out. Next, locate the filter and clean it by removing all the lint and objects like coins, pins. Place the filter back and tighten it by rotating it clockwise. You may also be interested to know about how to open a washing machine’s casing.


Cleaning Schedule Of The Lint Filter

A clogged filter causes drain, spin issues, and foul odors in your washing machine. Therefore, it is better to clean the filter every three months or three or four times a year.


Few Easy Tips To Keep Washer Filter Clean

  • Always brush out the lint from fluffy jackets and coats before putting them in the washer.
  • Do not try to wash rugs in the washer.
  • Before doing laundry, remove all the foreign objects and empty the pockets.


It’s A Wrap!

Maybe your life is a mess in this crazy world. But your clothes should not. And to keep your clothes shiny and bright, your machine’s filter needs to be wiped out. A pleasing appearance boosts your energy to perform better and impress others with your overall look. A classy appearance comes with clean clothes, and clean clothes come from a washing machine whose filter is cleaned.  So what are you waiting for? Find your Maytag washer filter location and wash it. Now, you know how to clean Maytag washer filter.  how do I reset my Maytag washer and how to take apart a Maytag washer

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