How To Clean Italian Leather Sofa Plus Care Tips

We have two steps, and you’ll understand how to clean Italian leather sofa. The procedure is relatively straightforward, where you only need to get out the debris and then wipe the couch. We will also discuss homemade Italian leather cleaners.

But before we begin, is Italian leather even the ideal material for you? Check this leather sofa buying guide to know what to look for. It will also help you maintain the material if you understand some terminologies regarding the leather furniture. 

how to clean italian leather sofa


How To Clean Italian Leather Sofa Correctly


Step 1. Vacuum the Italian leather couch

Start by installing the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and use it throughout the Italian leather couch. Work in sections and make sure to reach the cracks and crevices between the cushions, backrests, and armrests. Generally speaking, the best cleaning practice for Italian leather furniture is vacuuming because you don’t need to clean it heavily often. 

Remember that Italian leather uses a full-grain hide, so treat the Italian leather sofa like you’re cleaning a full-grain sofa. But because it underwent vegetable tanning, the leather will be softer. Regular vacuuming will remove debris and dust build-up on the surface that might scratch the couch. 


Step 2. Wipe off the Italian leather completely

If your Italian leather sofa needs a deeper cleaning, you can use warm water and mild soap like you’re cleaning other leather types. It’s also best that you check your sofa’s care tag for any particular indications. For example, the manufacturer might recommend a specific product for the type of upholstery they used, considering not all Italian leather are the same.

For deep cleaning, mix warm water and mild soap for dampening a soft microfiber cloth. Next, wipe the leather upholstery all over and remove the residue with a dry cloth. Then, condition the Italian leather with the right product and allow it to dry. 

However, please remember that some Italian leather sofa manufacturers recommend avoiding using any leather conditioner on furniture that uses grade 40 and grade 50 leather. Instead, always check the type of leather you have, even when using specially formulated leather products. 


What Is The Best Leather Cleaner For Italian Leather?

The best cleaner for Italian leather furniture will be the brand’s recommendation, or if it doesn’t have any, is a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Nonetheless, always test the damp cloth on a small spot before using it all over the sofa. Also, avoid harsh cleaners that can dry and fade the material, and never oversaturate the Italian leather when cleaning with liquid. 


Products to avoid with Italian leather

Despite the multiple DIY cleaning solutions that leather owners swear by, you don’t want to use solvents, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, strong detergents, and even saddle soap. Instead, your manufacturer should include the ideal practices and products in the sofa’s care tag to keep your Italian leather in the best condition. Even if it’s one of the most durable materials, avoid cleaning it without research. 


How Do You Care For Italian Leather?


Removing stains on Italian leather

Address any spillage on the Italian leather couch as soon as possible. Remember that leather is derived from animal skin, and it will be hard to treat a set stain onto the porous surface. Therefore, dab the excess liquid with paper towels but do not press hard or wipe it off to prevent it from spreading. 

Then, make a soapy solution and treat the stain from the outside going in. Dab the surface immediately with another dry cloth, then allow the Italian leather couch to air dry. Do not expose it to sunlight or hairdryer to hasten to dry because high temperatures can fade the material. 

If you’re dealing with tricky stains such as grease, you will need another approach to remove the couch’s oil stains. It would also be best to bring your Italian leather furniture to a leather specialist if you can’t remove the stain than risk damaging it further.


Maintaining Italian leather

Keep your Italian leather couch somewhere that’s not highly humid, moist, or hot. These conditions can deteriorate the material and cause issues like discoloration, odor, or even mold. You can vacuum the sofa weekly to remove dust and check what leather conditioner is recommended for maintenance. 

Conditioning leather products is crucial to keep them from drying and losing their signature look. However, some Italian leather sofas only recommend conditioning twice a year if they use grade 25 and 38 leather. Furthermore, only use the proper conditioner and not DIY recipes made of plant oils. 


How Long Does Italian Leather Sofa Last?

The expected lifespan of leather furniture is between 5 to 25 years. Because Italian leather uses the best type, full-grain leather, it should last for more than ten years. However, the durability of your sofa will depend on the type of Italian leather it has, your usage, and overall maintenance. 



One of the best materials to indulge into for furniture upholstery is Italian leather. First, however, we hope you remembered our tips and tricks on how to clean Italian leather sofa. Vacuuming should suffice, and you can use mild soap and warm water for deeper cleaning. 

The emphasis is necessary on never exposing the couch to high temperatures and harsh cleaners. As long as you always read the care tag, you have nothing to worry about maintaining an Italian leather sofa. We hope this helps, and don’t forget to read our other guides regarding the leather furniture. 


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