6 Basic DIY Steps On How To Clean Heated Blanket

The washing machine is the best way on how to clean heated blanket. They have been designed to withstand this method since the late 1990s. It’s an excellent way to maintain the shape and wiring in your blanket. 


Have you ever experienced a freezing Winter night? If you have, then you will know what relief weighted blankets and heated blankets are.


They keep you cozy under the covers and ensure you will have a good night’s sleep. That is why you must take care of these sheets.


Heated blankets run on electricity, so it is essential to be careful when you wash them. 


how to clean heated blanket

How To Safely Wash A Heated Blanket

When you wash an electric blanket, the primary thing to remember is to keep the linings and the wiring safe. Here is what you need to remember to clean it effectively.


Step-By-Step Process How To Clean Heated Blanket

Remember to remove all the cords before you stick it in the washing machine. You wouldn’t want yourself getting electrocuted, would you? 


Step #1. Prepare your blanket

Shake out all loose debris that could be stuck on your sheet.


Step #2. Place the blanket in the washing machine

Make sure it is spread loosely and evenly. You can wash it with other towels or sheets, as long as they don’t produce lint


Step #3. Adjust the water temperature and place the detergent

Wash your electric blanket in cool to warm water. Use regular detergent, and don’t add fabric softener or chlorine bleach because they can damage the blanket’s interior.


Step #4. Set the washer cycle

Use a gentle cycle setting when washing your heated blanket. Reduce the final spin speed to the lowest setting.


Wash the blanket quickly for two to three minutes and let things flow from there.


Step #5. Switch the machine to the rinse cycle 

After the quick wash, skip to the rinse cycle. Immediately remove the blanket


Step #6. Dry the blanket

Adjust the settings of the dryer to “cool” or “air-only”. Leave it in for 20 minutes, so it is only partially dry.


Continue to air-dry it on a drying rack or clothesline.


There you have it! It’s pretty simple, don’t you think?


How Often Should You Wash A Heated Blanket?

Clothes and blankets take longer to dry during the cold season, so a machine wash once a month is just right.


You may alternate machine-drying and air-drying to preserve the interior of your blanket longer.


During warmer weather, you may wash the blanket every two weeks or as needed.


Can You Machine Dry An Electric Blanket?

Yes, an electric blanket can go in the dryer. Just remember to set it to the lowest possible temperature. Air-drying is the ideal method for this type of blanket. 


Remember to avoid dry cleaning since the chemicals used here can damage the blanket’s wiring and insulation. 


Can You Hand-Wash An Electric Blanket?

What if your washing machine isn’t big enough to hold the blanket or doesn’t have the proper settings? What if you don’t have a washing machine at all? 


You can hand-wash an electric blanket in a bathtub or a huge basin. Just follow the guidelines for machine washing; cool water, regular detergent, and no squeezing. 


Your blanket will be just fine with these tips.


How To Remove Stains From An Electric Blanket

We’ve all been there. You’re munching on snacks in bed, and a bit makes a stain on your sheet.


It’s not big enough to pop your blanket in the wash, but you also don’t want to leave it on there. 


What should you do? Luckily, removing stains is easy as one, two, three. 


  • Step #1. Unplug the blanket, blot it with a towel and remove any excess substance from the fabric. 


  • Step #2. Put a little detergent, remove it with a damp cloth, and leave it to air dry. 


See? Good as new! 


Can You Iron A Heated Blanket? 

Let’s say after the wash, you see the blanket is wrinkled. Should you iron it? 


It’s essential to remember that you should never iron an electric blanket because the heat can damage the wiring’s insulation.


Just hang the blanket from a rod; gravity will straighten it out. 


How To Store An Electric Blanket

Now, your blanket is all dry and ready for storage. How do you keep it safely? 


First, check if all the wires are in good condition. If you find any damages, then do the needed repairs. 


Next, roll the blanket. Don’t fold it as the sharp bending can damage the inner wires. 


Finally, loosely coil the wires for storage. Make sure not to fold them and keep them in a plastic bag to protect them from dust. 


When you have everything organized, keep it in a dry, rodent-free space. 



An electric blanket is a convenient thing to have at home. You can keep it in tip-top shape if you know how to clean heated blanket.


This way, you will always have it ready for cold nights.

how to soften acrylic yarn blanket

8 Easy Home DIY Steps On How To Soften Acrylic Yarn Blanket

There is a simple method on how to soften acrylic yarn blanket.


There is no need for you to buy expensive yarns to be able to make soft projects.


While it is true that acrylic yarn is not the softest yarn, you can soften it up with a few standard home products!


How To Soften Acrylic Yarn Blanket?

Acrylic yarns are fun to work with.


Aside from being readily available, it comes in a myriad of bold, bright, and appealing colors that can give birth to the most creative projects.


Furthermore, it is affordable for most.


One pesky downside to acrylic yarns is their tendency to be stiff and scratchy. This con puts this yarn on most people’s ‘to avoid’ list.


Fortunately, there is an easy method that can make even the stiffest acrylic blanket turn soft!


  • Step #1. Fill the sink or tub with enough water that can cover up the entire blanket.


  • Step #2. Using the shampoo, hand wash the blanket in the water. Rinse it at least twice to remove excess shampoo.


  • Step #3. Saturate the blanket with plenty of conditioner. Let the acrylic sit and settle for about ten minutes.


  • Step #4. Refill the tub or sink with fresh, clean water. Let the acrylic blanket soak and sit for an hour.


  • Step #5. Rinse it a few times. Make sure that all of the conditioner is washed out.


  • Step #6. It will be your choice whether you want to block or air dry it. You may also run it through the wash. Just make sure that the machine is in the lightest possible setting.


You may use only a small amount of detergent. Fabric softener is also advisable.


  • Step #7. After washing, transfer it to the dryer. Set the machine on either low or medium heat.


  • Step #8. Let it dry either by blocking or air drying it.


How Can You Soften The Acrylic Yarn In A Skein?

There is also a way to soften acrylic yarn still in a skein or ball.


This method is for the benefit of crocheters or knitters who do not like working with stiff yarn or find it harder to work with them.


Softening the yarn up is an excellent way to prepare them for the actual knitting or crocheting process.


  • Step #1. Remove the labels and loosen the skein a bit to give the yarn some room to soften up. Don’t unravel the skein. Only loose it up using your fingers.


  • Step #2. Place it inside a lingerie bag and throw it in the wash for a regular cycle.


  • Step #3. With the yarn still in the lingerie bag, put it in the dryer. Set the machine on either low or medium heat.


  • Step #4. Start creating!


Does Washing Acrylic Yarn Make it Softer?

In the long run, the yarn would become softer the more washes they go through.


As yarn turns softer, it loses stiffness, making it much more comfortable to cuddle with.


You do not need to undergo the whole softening process every time you wash them.


Almost any type of yarn becomes softer the more they are washed. This applies to acrylic yarn as well.


The more it is washed regularly, the faster it softens.


The procedure above only makes the entire softening process faster.


This method is for the benefit of those who want instant, soft acrylic projects they can cuddle and sleep with.


Do You Need To Soften The Yarn Before Or After You Knit/Crochet Them?

It depends on the crocheter or knitter.


Some prefer to do the softening process before doing the project, so they are soft in their hands. Others prefer to do finished-project softening.


There is no strict rule nor guide to this. It only comes down to the comfort of the project creator. It won’t reflect on you as a crafter.


Does Acrylic Yarn Shrink?

You might be one of those wondering whether acrylic yarn shrinks or not. The answer is yes.


Although, once it is turned into a blanket, garment, etc., it instead stretches when washed using warm or hot water.


Though, that does not in any way mean that acrylic yarn will not melt. It still needs to be washed at recommended heat levels.


The reason why it shrinks has to do with the shape and size of the fibers.


If it is too continuous, too long, or perhaps even short, the material may shrink due to the fibers not being strong enough to handle and withstand the laundry process.


If shrinking the acrylic is your actual goal, projects made of pure acrylic need to be washed for longer periods.


If the acrylic project is blended with wool or other fabrics, it will require a shorter time to shrink.


Place the acrylic project in the dryer. Then turn off any ‘soft heat’ or ‘shrink guard’ options it has. Time it to 50-60 minutes, then viola!



While the acrylic yarn is interesting to work with, the biggest deal-breaker for most is its stiffness.


Fortunately, there is an almost guaranteed method on how to soften acrylic yarn blanket.


With a few simple steps, your acrylic blanket will surely be ready for a cuddle session.

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