How To Clean Garage Floor Without Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean garage floor without pressure washer? You only need to follow these six significant steps. Remove that unwanted dirt and grimes, clean it thoroughly, and make it better.

A garage is built for the car or vehicles to protect them from different weather conditions, but some house owners place tools for mechanical and stuff there, which is very common. Sometimes, mechanics use this location to do auto repairs. So, it is essential to keep it organized and clean. 

how to clean garage floor without pressure washer

But, how can you remove those grimes and other stains on the garage floor? What are the procedures and methods you can use? Thankfully, nowadays, there are several cleaning solutions manufacturers for their uses. You wouldn’t mind spilling too much or applying too little. Don’t worry, even with various garage flooring, as you can clean them with the proper procedure. This cleaning method is applicable on vinyl or tiles too.


Why Cleaning Garage Is A Must?

Cleaning is a way of refreshing, reorganizing, and of course, removing all the dirt, grimes, and unusable materials out. Maybe, this cleaning will take a few hours, but surely, you’ll be delighted. It will also be good if you choose to clean the garage on a bright day, as you need to put all the things you have outside while cleaning to access all the surfaces.

The floor plays a significant role in our safety. An uncleaned surface can cause mildews and molds, causing it to be slippery, leading to accidents. Other than that, removing the dirt will allow you to move freely. 


Steps To Clean A Garage Floor

If you don’t want to use or have no pressure washer and have a concrete garage floor, you can still do the job. But before anything else, you need to wear cleaning gloves to prevent allergic skin reactions and old clothes. Always remember to apply safety precautions. It would be best to prepare some cleaning tools to help your cleaning easier. Follow these steps on how to clean garage floor without pressure washer and achieve your goal in a day!


Step #1. Choose a cleaning solution or concentrate

Unlike using a pressure washer, you can clean the dust and hard stains with water alone. But, as we do not have a pressure washer or prefer cleaning it manually, you must choose suitable cleaning agents. Selecting the proper will rely on the materials used in your garage. Suppose you have a vinyl floor and purchased a concrete floor cleaner; it seems okay but might damage your floor. It’s way better, to be sure.

Vinegar and baking soda as a cleaner, but some people didn’t believe though. But yes, you can use any vinegar to remove dirt, mildews, and molds. If you have a more oversized garage, vinegar alone might not be a good option. It is because it needs a lot of time and has a bad smell.

Baking soda is more effective if it’s mixed with vinegar. Add the baking soda into the vinegar. Add two parts of vinegar and one piece of baking soda. Due to the concern on how the smell of this cleaner might go, you can add one to two pieces of lemon. It can be a great choice too. After all, it’s an eco-friendly home cleaner.


Step #2. Clean the surface 

After you’ve placed your vehicle outside and other things, clean the floor by using a broom or brush to remove dirt and grimes. If you have electric outlets close to the floor, seal or wrap them to avoid water getting in. You should also check if there are no open wires and treat them if you find some. Then, check the water drainage system. 


Step #3. Wet the surface

Some people get confused about whether they need to wet the surface or apply cleaner. But, most people rinse off the area before applying the cleaner, mainly if they use a product cleaner. Some cleaning agents are not advisable to dry on the surface, as it can cause white spots or leave white marks. 


Step #4. Apply the cleaner solutions

Now that you have wet the surface, apply your cleaning solutions. You can use a garden sprinkler to spread it thoroughly. If you do not have a garden sprinkler that you can use, you can make a DIY by using an empty plastic bottle and make at least 5 to 6 holes. 


Step #5. Scrub the surface

If you find some hard-to-remove stains, soften them by scrubbing with a brush. Apply cleaning solution if needed. Leave the solution for at least 5 minutes. If you prefer the vinegar and baking soda mixture, you need to let it sit for 10 minutes.


Step #6. Rinse off with water

Use a garden hose to rinse off the cleaning solutions. It is way better than using a dipper. The process will be quicker and more efficient. Upon rinsing off the cleaner solutions, you need to be careful not to splash water on sealed or wrapped electrical outlets and wires.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you’ve learned how to clean garage floor without pressure washer, you feel troubled again. Cleaning is not complicated anymore without the pressure washer. You can clear the molds, mildews, and stains out. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to use soap with pressure washer and how to put soap in pressure washer.

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