How To Clean Fridge With Baking Soda? 4 Diverse But Effective Ways!

Do you want to know how to clean fridge with baking soda? There are four ways to use baking soda as a cleaning or odor removal agent in your fridge. The product can efficiently remove growing molds and other contaminants in your appliance. And you’re going to witness its effectiveness later once you try using it for cleaning.

Note that we’re dealing with a storage compartment designed for food and other produce. So, we’re not going to risk our health by digesting toxic chemicals from household products. Instead, we will use organic cleaning agents.

how to clean fridge with baking soda

But is it just as effective as other cleaning products? Well, these different natural cleaning agents have properties that make them well-known as home remedies. Now, we’ll deal with baking soda and how to use it. So, read on!


Methods On How To Clean Your Fridge With Baking Soda

Baking soda is like a multi-purpose product! You can use it for baking, cleaning, teeth whitener, deodorant alternative, and many more. Some people would even sprinkle some of it on your shoes to remove all stinky odors.

If you’re also a homeowner who avoids using harmful chemicals and contributing to greenhouse gases, baking soda will be your go-to product. You can use it in cleaning your bathroom floors, sinks, and appliances such as your refrigerators. Say goodbye to molds in no time!

Before applying the product, you need to prepare your fridge. Start by turning off your central unit through the controls and unplug the cable. It will enable you to save money by lowering your energy usage. You can also turn off your water supply if you wish to clean the dispensers.

Then, to make access easier, remove all of your products and meat from the refrigerator. Also, dismantle any shelves or compartments that you can. It would be best if you wouldn’t force it since you could break it. Let’s now tackle the different ways on how to clean fridge with baking soda.


Method #1. Sprinkling the powder

This way can be helpful to eliminate the moldy areas in the flat surfaces. For example, the powder won’t stick to the walls of your fridge. You can also sprinkle the powder in the pieces that you removed earlier.

Regardless, you have to let it settle for a couple of minutes and wait for the magic to work. The chemicals or properties of the baking soda will dissolve those contaminants and remove their odor. Rinse the powder using water and wipe with a damp cloth.


Method #2. Water as your solvent

In a quarter cup of hot water, dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda. This mixture of both hot and acidic will remove crusty remnants in the surfaces of your fridge. It can also dissolve all growing molds effectively. But it would be best to use a cloth and soak it in the warm mixture rather than placing it in a spray.

With this, you can apply pressure together with the properties of your solution. It can decrease your time and effort consumption in cleaning. You also don’t need to rinse it since it won’t leave a toxic scent for the food to absorb. Instead, baking soda can remove unpleasant smells lingering inside your fridge.


Method #3. Partner with vinegar

Use the ratio 3:1 in making your vinegar and baking soda solution. Both of these ingredients are acidic already as individuals. So, it can dissolve any contaminants such as molds and make your fridge safe for storing food.

In a spray bottle, mix three tablespoons of baking soda and a quarter cup of vinegar. Some say that it’s dangerous to combine them both, but nothing happens once you ingest it. Don’t drink the mixture!

The solution will form fizz and bubbles, which shows a high level of acidity. After mixing, spray onto all sides and edges of your fridge. You can also pour the mixture through the waterline of your dispenser and leave it for a couple of minutes,

After a short period:

  • Cleanse it with a warm water-soaked cloth;
  • Wipe all sides thoroughly. If you don’t rinse it, the acidic smell might penetrate your food inside the unit; and
  • Don’t forget to dispense and rinse all the mixture from the pipes of your water supply.


Method #4. Placing the box inside

Even though you’re not cleaning, you can practice this method every day. To get started, open a package of baking soda and its inner packaging. This product has the property to blend in with the atmosphere and start sucking off all the disturbing odor.

The box can remain open at all times. This approach is not a standard cleaning procedure, but it can help eliminate unwanted scents and keep them from permeating your food.


Closing Insights

And that is how to clean fridge with baking soda. Note that you can practice all of these methods, but they are effective individually. You can then scrub the surfaces using a sponge or cloth to ensure no remaining contaminants.

The rinsing method depends on how you choose to maintain your fridge clean and look like a brand new appliance. We hope you’ll witness the magic and power of baking soda and its properties.

And trust me, once you start using baking soda in your everyday chores, you’ll never stop using it.

That’s how effective baking soda is! You might want to learn about how to clean leather sofa with baking soda then go visit the article. Regardless, thank you, and have a great day!

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