How To Clean Electric Water Heater? 5 Easy Ways!

How to clean electric water heater? Disconnect the general electricity panel first and avoid flooding as you close the bathroom shutter and the available meter. Empty the bathroom plumbing as you open the sanitary naps such as the tub, sink, and more.

Now, you have to remove the cover underneath and unscrew all those bolts with a wrench. Also, it’s best to remove the plastic cover and disconnect electrical wires with a screwdriver. Check its resistance as well covered with limestone. Clean it and replace it if it is damaged. These are just an overview, my friends, so read the article further to clean it properly and extend the heater tank’s life.

How to clean electric water heater


Ways To Clean Electric Water Heater

The cleaning of an electric water heater is never an easy process. It requires some skills to disassemble the technology. Here are the following ways on how to clean electric water heater:


#1. Preparing the things needed

Firstly, prepare the water heater and other essential tools like spanner, slot and cross screwdriver, screwdriver, sandpaper, and cleaning agent. Look through the case and see if the contamination accumulates next to the heater. Wash the faucet’s garbage and drain the dirty water. With dirt on the walls, remove and disassemble the body and clean other elements.


#2. Cleaning the tank effectively

Remove the electric water heater’s body and remove the pollution in the shower. Use a sponge to rub with a small plaque and mucus. Do not use abrasive substances and stiff brushes that may damage the case enamel. Remove substantial plaque with lemon acid, vinegar essence, and vinegar. Then, spread some 50-grams of lemon acid for each water liter. Prepare two teaspoons of vinegar, and five tablespoons of vinegar for every liter.

Pour the product into the tank and let it stay there overnight. Next, merge the contents and wash the walls using warm water. Leave 1/3 of water inside the device and transfer the solution. Afterward, set the temperature from 90 to 95 degrees heating temperature, leave it for about five to seven hours and drain it to rinse the tank thoroughly.


#3. Getting rid of the unpleasant odors

A foul smell in water from the electric water heater requires cleaning. It happens with the following:

  • Water has many sulfate ingredients that contact the magnesium anode; thus, hydrogen sulfide is released. Remove the reaction as you remove the magnesium rod, too.
  • The stagnant water accumulates more bacteria making it a breeding ground. If you do not use the electric water heater for months, achieve a high-temperature setting. Then, warm the contents up wholly.
  • Check the water in the SES for further analysis that knows the real cause of the issue.


#4. Draining the water correctly

Follow the tips below on how to drain water electric water heater:

  • Turn the device off coming into the network. Twist the TEN if you see it above the bathroom to empty it after. Release the tank right away if TEN pulls out from it.
  • Cover the apartment and the water in it.
  • Cover its cold valve next to the boiler and allow the hot one to stay open, and wait for the liquid to drain, so you set the container beforehand.
  • Plug the water heater hose through the choice as you lower it after in the drain sink.
  • Drain the water if you are not happy with the situation until the safety valve. Remove it to allow the water to drain.
  • Guide When Assembling The Equipment After Cleaning It
  • Examine first the details before assembling the boiler in a reverse sequence.
  • Install a new rubber seal if it gets worn already. Grease the rubber seal’s surface and the rest of the rubber elements using a sealant.
  • Look at the TEN and observe if it is worn or damaged.
  • Replace the so-called magnesium anode that safeguards the body against rust.
  • Secure the bolts and install the flank and connect it to the pipeline.
  • Supply is first with hot water and cold water.
  • Please wait until the device is complete before you turn it on.
  • Look if there is a possible leak in the surface.
  • Place the device at the right temperature after you set the thermoregulator and you connect already to the network.


#5. Operating the water heater after cleaning it

Extend the electric water heater’s life despite following a regular cleaning routine. Use the recommendations below:

Install the reagent filters with cartridges containing substances to soften water. Replace the cartridges to improve the water quality best. The sodium filters are so far more effective than releasing the reagent filters. They give off salt particles and a solid magnetic field without settling on the surface. The products are indeed more expensive. Much more, focus on the RNA material when you buy reagent filters. The black and galvanized metal is so far the fastest to rust.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean electric water heater with the steps mentioned. Keep in mind how to clean the tank, drain water, and assemble it after cleaning. All these results in the proper functioning of the device. You may want to read related articles; know how to wire electric baseboard heater and how to install electric baseboard heater.

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