How To Clean Dryer Vent Without Going On Roof? 8 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean dryer vent without going on roof? Get the materials prepared, and next is to clean the vent inside, continue to climb over the building’s roof, remove other obstructions and caulking in a vent guard, unscrew the cover or guard, start to clean after opening the vent cover, and close the guard opening.

Cleaning the roof dryer vents offers immense benefits like quick drying time, enhanced durability, and lowered electricity bills. Never leave the dryer vent unmaintained with the many risks it might have exposed itself.

how to clean dryer vent without going on roof

These risks are likewise preventable by cleaning the roof’s dryer vents. Seek help from a professional who can readily respond to your issues, as this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Steps To Clean Dryer Vent Without Going On Roof

Below are the steps needed in getting the materials ready.


Step #1. Preparing the materials

Before doing some clean-up, assemble first the dryer vent using some effective cleaning equipment. The list needed includes a flexible rod alongside a rotating brush, ladder, lint brush, screwdriver, rubber gloves, crevice tool, vent vacuum, power drill, non-skid boots and helmet, and nest removal equipment. Use a long and flexible rod when cleaning up a roof dryer vent, with one rod’s end consisting of a tiny rotating brush that dislodges the dirt. Plus, it eliminates fluff or lint to the conduit. 

The flexible rod helps navigate the corners and curves with the nylon rod’s versatility, thereby attaching various brushes to the lint removal. Attach the lint brush when cleaning up the lint from a vent. The rotating brush would have small rollers collecting lint in the pathway. Grab some longer rods for basements and tall buildings, thus, reaching all corners.


Step #2. Cleaning the dryer vent inside

Clean the vent first before climbing up a roof, right through your house. Pull the machine from a wall while unscrewing the locks, connecting the exhaust pipe to a duct. Next, attach the lint brush with attachment continuing to the vacuum cleaner. Remove the surface’s debris in a dryer duct while lowering the vacuum tube of the vent. Afterward, switch the power, triggering the vent brush or rotating brush. Enable the machine to remove the debris and the lint.


Step #3. Climbing over the building’s roof

After you clean the dryer vent inside, climb onto the roof as you remove the lint’s buildup in a vent outlet and grab some safety equipment like non-skid boots and a helmet for precautionary measures. When cleaning up the area with a more extended vent, search for a longer rod. The cleaner kit for the dryer vent can clean up the vent in a roof, making it a total package, with everything provided as needed. 

Good thing that there are cleaning tools for a dryer vent when wanting to achieve sophisticated cleaning. The thing about a nylon rod is its convenience and flexibility provided, thus, cleaning up the roof’s vent. It can bend following the vent’s shape. Nonetheless, it has an attachment that can fasten to a power drill or air compressor for quick cleaning results. You may also be interested to know about the common dryer vent problems.


Step #4. Removing other obstructions and caulking in a vent guard

Remove objects after inspecting a vent guard obstructing them. But then, you will discover the cover attached tightly with caulk. Carefully remove the caulking with no further damage to the roof, so seek professional help when handling this task as it demands special equipment and tools.


Step #5. Unscrewing the cover or vent guard

Use a flat screwdriver when wanting to release screws but never throw them away because they can still be used re-attaching the cover. Use some power drill when attaching nails or attaching screws, thus achieving optimum results. It’s even more valuable to secure duct brushes to the unit.


Step #6. Opening the cover and starting the cleaning process

Clean the surface after opening the cover and starting the clean-up. Excessive lint can build up in the vent’s opening. Insert a vent brush afterward; twist it over an extended time for clearing off some lint. Do the same procedure again until you see lint no more in the bristles. Push the rod through the vent’s interior with a rotating brush that whisks the lint in the compressor’s strong gust of air. While it pushes downwardly inside the duct, it makes the lint achieve spotless cleaning.


Step #7. Closing the cover opening

Get the cover back in a dryer vent’s roof opening, and screw it again. Replace it again if it is not in good working condition. Contact a professional in this case, or seal it tightly to avoid moisture or water infiltration.


Step #8. Cleaning the vent beginning inside

Clean beginning on the inside if there’s more lint blocking the system as one way how to clean dryer vent without going on roof. Indeed, it is a complicated task requiring specialized services involving disassembling the appliance inside.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean dryer vent without going on roof. You’re on your way to going with the steps, and if you cannot fix it by yourself, you need to call for professional help! You may also want to read about what amp breaker for dryer and why would a dryer leak water.

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