How To Clean Dryer Vent On Roof? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean dryer vent on roof? You must clean the vent interior first, following locating the vent, cleaning the vent after, and sealing the cover so that water will not stay in the dryer vent.

Clean and inspect the dryer vent on the roof once a year; if you think it’s longer or more than a year since the last time you did it, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a professional cleaner.

how to clean dryer vent on roof

They are ready to assist you with dryer and air duct cleaning needs, so plan the work, friends; there are more things you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Steps To Clean Dryer Vent On Roof

Below are the steps to clean the dryer vent on the roof that you must consider:


Step #1. Cleaning the vent interior

Get the dryer disconnected if you will clean the dryer vent venting on the roof that will be cleaning the vent’s interior; good thing; commercial vacuums help suck up debris and lint inside. When it’s over, vent cleaning continues up until the roof.


Step #2. Locating the vent

Locate the vent first before cleaning up the dryer vent, which can be tricky; this is why hiring a professional to remove dirt in a dryer vent is essential. Detach the cover as you remove the caulking; this might damage your roofing materials. The expert’s help will search for the vent and remove the body perfectly, preventing further damage.


Step #3. Cleaning up the vent

After removing the cover in the vent, you need to clean it up. The commercialized vacuum can help eliminate lint and residue away from the flue; you can also utilize another suction form once the commercial vacuum is not brought onto the roof. Use a wet cloth to wipe the vent down and remove any other residue and dust after lint is removed.


Step #4. Sealing the cover of the vent

Put the cover on the roof again, and seal it correctly after cleaning the vent as moisture and rain can go underneath when this is not done accurately. The staff’s help can be essential in completing the step, ensuring that the water moves out of the dryer vent.


Guide To Working Onto The Roof Safely

Remember that you should work on safely doing the roof; falling from it could result in serious injury. For a tile roofing or slate, it’s better to ask for help from a professional; walking and falling through entirely can hurt you other than the roof damage. The most crucial tip to reaching up the roof is doing it on a clear day, wherein the snow or rain makes falling or slipping more likely.

The last thing you avoid is that anyone will get hurt, as the strong winds could compromise the balance and shake a ladder while climbing upwards. So, ensure the ladder remains leveled and solid, as the cause of injury is when you climb the roof, and the ladder is never stable and is not balanced. The soft or slanted ground would mean a ladder is slipping or tipping out underneath the footing, thus, causing a nasty fall. You may also be interested to know about common dryer vent problems.


Safety Equipment Makes A Good Friend

DIY projects help save money, and it’s also wholly understandable. In this regard, you must never compromise safety or the presence of safety equipment. Have soft-soled boots and a helmet to offer much better traction while you traverse on a roof. Get serious about your safety and invest in a safety harness, as they’re 300-dollars but still cheaper when compared to the hospital bill. The safety harness makes investment and your time worthwhile, so do anything to improve your safety while you’re on the roof.

But more than that, you must hire professionals to avoid risky situations and employ an expert cleaning company to best safeguard a home against fires. Thus, you can save money on huge energy bills; the thing about cleaning a dryer vent on the roof is that it’s safe and straightforward. You will not be climbing on top. There’s no need to go outside so that you can remove dirt from a dryer vent.

Ensure your safety when cleaning the roof’s dryer vent and wear a cleaning rod and non-skid boots and hire an expert when you cannot perform it well. But, clean any dirt in a duct using a hose, brush, and vacuum cleaner as much as possible, removing the lint. Always keep safety equipment in mind as it’s indeed a good friend to consider, as this is somehow a simple briefing on how to clean dryer vent on roof that you should never forget considering.


It’s A Wrap!                                                                      

Now you learn how to clean dryer vent on roof so follow the steps carefully, thus, leading you to solve the problem that it makes sense to share this information with friends! This way, they’ll understand the best course of cleaning! It’s easier doing the cleaning than if you could not do it; hire a professional and schedule an appointment! For sure, cleaning the dryer vent on the roof is now easier than ever! You may also want to read about how to vent a gas dryer indoor and how to hide dryer vent hose.

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