How To Clean Dryer Lint Trap Slot? 7 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to clean dryer lint trap slot? It would help if you cleaned this dryer section deeply once every month to avoid buildup, which makes it less efficient or might cause a house fire.

If your clothes dry slowly or unevenly, it is better to clean the lint trap slot thoroughly. Good thing, there are tricks and tips to consider when scouring the lint trap.

how to clean dryer lint trap slot

But always be in the habit of removing excessive lint from a dryer and between the laundry loads. It’s something of your responsibility not to be neglected. Regular cleaning helps prolong its life as a dryer and dry the clothes efficiently, thus lowering your energy bills; this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Ways To Clean Dryer Lint Trap Slot

Below are methods you can consider how to clean dryer lint trap slot.


#1. Conduct a water test

Remove the lint screen to check how it is soiled while running it under the sink. Observe if the water accumulates in the blockage of a screen hole. Items such as dryer sheets and fabric softener can emit sticky buildup right through a dryer screen later. The water that struggles to flow requires a complete screen cleaning following the steps.


#2. Use a brush or vacuum

Pull the dryer lint trap slot out inside the lint trap and remove any lint in excess using your hand. Afterward, use a vacuum alongside a skinny and long crevice tool to remove any additional lint in the screen and trap. Devise crevice equipment by taping a plastic tube or cardboard toward the vacuum’s end rather than use a vacuum; better to try some unique cleaning brush that removes the lint in a trap area.


#3. Soak it in a dishwasher or hot water

Soak the dryer lint trap slot inside a bucket or sink with hot water for twenty minutes. Be ready to clean some appliance parts, and run anything under a dishwasher that loosens up the debris.


#4. Remove tough spots using a cleaning agent

Sprinkle a baking soda when you want to remove harsh residues through the screen, and drizzle vinegar onto a screen. Next, please clean up the lint screen using vinegar or soak it in hot water. This time, add some denture cleanser tablets for fifteen minutes and keep the denture tablets for some cleaning projects.


#5. Add scrub and soap

Apply some dish soap that fights off grease and scrub a screen using an old toothbrush or scrub brush. This brushing action helps break the dryer lint into small, suitable to fit on the net. Rinse off the screen entirely on two sides and observe as the water flows freely. Check as well all stains and spots that should be gone.


#6. Leave it out to completely dry

Dry out the lint screen entirely before going back to the dryer to avoid dryer or rust issues. Get the lint screen rested using a soft towel above the dryer. This way, you’ll keep in mind putting it back.


#7. Check for some possible replacement

Check for some replacement screen when all else fails in cleaning a dryer lint trap slot.


Other Version Of Cleaning Dryer Lint Trap Slot

Clean the dryer lint trap slot in your dryer so that it must never be neglected. Below is the other version of cleaning the dryer lint trap slot.


#1. Emptying a lint trap in each load

Check the dryer’s lint trap each time you use your dryer. The same is also a requirement when you will remove clothes inside the dryer. So, check the lint trap as much as possible. Please get in the habit as you check the lint trap every time you use it, ensuring it will not be left empty. Clean dirt from a lint trap and pull the lint screen of any lint and throw them in the garbage bin. You may also be interested to know about find hidden lint clog.


#2. Deep cleaning the lint trap

Deep cleaning the screen and lint trap is also an essential requirement, so care to get the lint screen removed. Utilize the hose attachment when removing any leftover lint. Scrub a dish soap onto a lint screen while you warm the water with a dish brush. Lay the lint screen out on a paper towel until it gets dry. Wait until the lint trap completely dries, and use the vacuum when cleaning the dryer lint trap slot. Use the skinniest and most prolonged vacuum attachment when removing lint in excess. Lastly, replace the dryer lint trap screen after it gets scorched.


Things That Could Happen When You Leave Lint Trap Unclean

A dryer lint trap slot can stop the heat and air as it moves from a dryer and outside. But with zero ventilation, heat coming off a dryer can continue to increase. Also, heat in excess can cause a fire in a dryer as the lint trap will not permit lint from passing in a dryer vent that slowly builds up in the dryer. It then results in a decrease in efficiency, overheating, and increased energy bills. The lint removed in a dryer lint trap slot helps prolong the dryer vent life and improves efficiency and performance. It is, therefore, essential to learning the ways mentioned when cleaning the dryer lint trap slot.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean dryer lint trap slot. Please conduct a water test with a brush or vacuum, soaking it in a dishwasher or hot water, removing tough spots, adding a scrub and soap, and leaving it completely dry. Follow the other version as you decide to clean the section. You may also want to read about the laundromat dryer how long and how long does dryer take to dry clothes.

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