How To Clean Convertible Top With Mildew? Easy 6-Step Guide

This post consists of a six-step guide on how to clean convertible top with mildew in just six easy steps. Grab your brush, water, and cleaning solutions now as we are about to begin!

Cleaning a mildewed convertible top is a challenging task. It is somehow costly, too, since you’ll be needing different cleaning solutions to make this possible. 

how to clean convertible top with mildew

Before anything else, you should first learn what a convertible top is and its materials. Then, you can proceed with doing the six easy steps in removing mildew in convertible tops. 

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What Is A Convertible Top?

Convertible tops are just easy to distinguish. It refers to a passenger car where a person can drive it with or without the car roof. 

This kind of vehicle allows the riders to enjoy the fresh air while driving it without the top roof. On the other hand, it can also provide safety when necessary. 


What Materials Does Convertible Top Make of?

Typically, convertible tops are made of cloth or canvas; however, some manufacturers also use vinyl. Keep on reading to check the difference between the two!


Cloth convertible top

As mentioned above, cloth is the most usual material for a convertible top. Many fabrics or canvas convertible tops are built using butyl rubber, cotton drill lining layer, and acrylic square-weave.

Since these are cloth, they require higher maintenance than the other material. It is prone to mildew because the fabric is not water-resistant. 


Vinyl convertible top

Unlike cloth material, vinyl is distinguishable because of its glossiness. This material is favorable to the convertible top owners because it is easy to maintain and clean.

Nevertheless, mildew can also grow in this vinyl convertible top. When dirt and dust piled up, and you did not address it adequately, expect now mildew. 

Learn more about the difference between vinyl and cloth used in convertible tops, don’t hesitate to click the link!

As promised, here are the six easy steps in removing mildew in a convertible top. 


Removing Mildew In Convertible Top

Even though convertible tops are made of two different materials, the mildew removal process is almost identical. 


Step #1. Spray water

Wet the convertible top using a water hose and then let it dry again. Keep the water hose distant to the convertible top to avoid damages, primarily made of cloth material. 

Note for vinyl convertible top owner: Apply a vinyl conditioner as protection after drying. 


Step #2. Apply bleach and water mixture

Mix an equal portion of water and bleach, then apply it in the mildewed area. Let the mixture stay for around 30 minutes for effectiveness.

Once done, rinse it with water and wipe it using a clean towel to make it dry. Rinsing and drying are essential in this process of removing mildew. 


Step #3. Apply ammonia and water 

Put a mixture of ammonia and water in the area where there is mildew. The mixture must sit on the convertible top for 30 seconds.

A crucial part of the process is about to happen: brushing the mildewed area. Use a soft brush because it might cause different damages depending on the used material if you don’t. 

In a cloth convertible top, a soft brush is needed to make sure that it won’t cause holes. On the other hand, using a soft brush on the vinyl top will avoid scratches.

The last part of this step is to rinse the convertible top again with water and dry it using a soft clean towel. 


Step #4. Apply vinegar and baking soda

Pour vinegar and sprinkle baking soda on the convertible top. Rinse it again and let it dry after four hours. 


Step #5. Apply all-purpose commercial cleaner

Put an all-purpose cleaner on the convertible top. Let it soak for about 10 minutes, and then using a soft cloth, wipe the area thoroughly. 


Step #6. Apply a car shampoo

Do this to make sure that the convertible top will be safe from other bacteria and other mildew growth. Wash the car using the shampoo and then rinse it. 

Again, leave an ample distance to the water house and to the convertible top when rinsing it. Do not leave it in a moist condition, and make sure to apply a vinyl conditioner if you own a convertible top made in the said material, 



From knowing what a convertible top is and the material it was made of to answering your question about how to clean convertible top with mildew, we hope this guide helped you.

Just a quick reminder, follow the six-step guide accordingly and accurately. Do not mind the exhaustion because of this long mildew removing process.

At the end of the process, you’ll realize that your exhaustion is worth it when compared to the damage that mildew can cause in your convertible top!

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