How To Clean Concrete Steps Without Pressure Washer?4 Easy Steps!

Do your concrete steps look dirty and want to learn how to clean concrete steps without pressure washer? Read this article, and you will discover the two effective methods that can save you from your worries! Clean it by yourself and save money as you don’t need to pay for cleaning service fees. Dirty concrete steps at home and need cleanings? You can try some of the proven to be effective procedures.

As the weather changes, molds and mildews likely occur, and muds harden on the holes. Small amounts of these unwanted stains can slippery concrete steps as days pass. So, it is better to clean your concrete steps every three months to avoid massive build-up.

how to clean concrete steps without pressure washer

If you have plants near your concrete steps, you should use an eco-friendly cleaner to protect them from harsh chemicals. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!

Cleaning Methods 

There are different types of home cleaners intended for wood, vinyl, and concrete that you can find in any store. But, if you want to use a home cleaner that you can find at home, you can use a detergent or dish soap mixed with hot water. The hot water will help the detergent or dish soap soften the hard stains on the surface. You can either use a home mixture cleaner-detergent, dish soap with hot water, or a concrete cleaner. 

Cleaning these concrete steps with a pressure washer is acceptable. Still, as it only occupies small spaces, you can quickly finish the job after a few scrubs, unlike patios and driveways. If you do not plan to clean other vast areas in your house, it’s better if you handwash. If you need to clean your concrete steps in a rush, you can use a detergent or dish soap substitute for the concrete cleaner. You don’t need to go outside the yard and line on the counter to pay. This method is manageable, but you must be extra careful in dealing with hot water. 

You’ll be needing a bucket to make a mixture of the detergent or dish soap and hot water. If you have a water sprinkler or spray, you can also use it instead of the bucket, as it will be more accessible for you to apply later. For sprays, pour enough mixture on the bottle. 

Here’s what you should know when cleaning your concrete patio.


Steps To Clean Concrete Steps Without Pressure Washer

Here are the steps on how to clean concrete steps without pressure washer using detergent or dish soap: 


Step #1. Sweep the surface

Removing all leaves, dust, and grimes on every concrete’s steps before applying the mixture is essential. It will allow the mixture to get into all surfaces. You can use a broom or a leaf blower. 


Step #2. Prepare the mixture and apply on the surface

After your concrete steps are free of dirt, dust, and grimes, proceed to make the mixture. Pour one part of hot water, be at least 40.5 degrees Celsius into the water sprinkler or plastic bucket, and add two-part dish soap or detergent. Then, add one part of vinegar, if you prefer. Mix them well. 

But, if you are using a concrete cleaner, mix it on water based on the manufacturer’s instruction at the back of the product’s packaging. After your mixture is good to go, apply it gradually on the surface. It is more efficient if your use a water sprinkler or bottle sprays. But, if you have no water sprinkler or sprayer available, you can use a dipper to the bucket when applying the mixture to the surface. 


Step #3. Let it sit and scrub 

After applying the mixture to all surfaces, let it sit for at least 10 minutes or more. The time will vary and depend on what cleaner you use. It will give the cleaning agents more time to soften the hard stains on the surface. Then, scrub the areas you think can’t be handled by the cleaner alone.


Step #4. Rinse off with water

The last and final step, rinse off all remaining cleaning solutions on the surface. Some people usually say that not well-rinsed concrete creates white lines or spots after an air dry. If you are not satisfied with to appearance of your concrete steps after this method, you might try acid washing. Acid washing will get those stains removed and white marks due to pressure washing. If you decide to proceed with acid washing, please be careful in handling acid. 


Why It’s Not Good To Use Pressure Washer? 

If you’re an expert in using the pressure washer (electric and gas-powered), you can easily find a way to clean the concrete steps at ease. But, if you’re not familiar with using a pressure washer, it’s more helpful to apply the methods mentioned on how to clean your concrete steps without pressure washer. Though pressure washing is a shortcut method in cleaning any part of the house, such as the exterior walls, wood decks, and others, you may get injuries or, worst, damage the surfaces.


It’s A Wrap!

You have learned how to clean concrete steps without pressure washer. You will be ready to apply your newly discovered cleaning methods—no need to rely on a pressure washer and clean whenever you want. You can also do the same strategy for your concrete wall or floors.

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